What we think doesn’t matter, Johnson is going no where.

Let’s be clear here, the SNP can call on Boris Johnson to go all they want Boris Johnson will only be gone if the Tory Party decide he is a liability and until they decide that he is as safe as they come. The simple fact is his approval ratings are 46% for 46% against but the key is a slight majority in England believe he makes a better Prime Minister than Keir Starmer would so it really doesn’t matter what voters in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland think does it so screaming he should go adds no pressure what so ever to him.

Johnson can be bathing in sleaze it just makes no difference, the Conservative and Unionist Party drink sleaze for breakfast and the other parties have enough baggage around their own necks that they need to be careful in case the Tory press decide to turn on them, think about that for a second if you support the SNP. If the Tory media suddenly decided that the missing referendum money was worth a look at, if Nicola Sturgeon’s performance before the harassment enquiry was worth a look at, if they decided the fixed selection process was worth looking at, those who were successful in topping their list and how they got where they are was worth looking at. If they decided let’s have a real look at Scotland and the Scottish Government, that press that Sturgeon gave millions to, that press that give the SNP an easy time could put as much pressure on Sturgeon as they like as soon as they decide she is an actual threat to the union the same as once Johnson becomes a threat to the Tory Party he will be gone, end of. Imagine if the BBC / STV etc decided to treat an interview with Nicola Sturgeon the way they treat an interview with Alex Salmond, how well do you think she would do, not as well as Salmond does that is for sure.

If Johnson gets through the next couple of weeks then he will go when the Tory Party decide he has to, as long as he is useful he is fine I suspect given past history. There is no General Election on the horizon, Labour are a mess, the rest are insignificant and there is no one in the Tory Wings waiting to step into the mess the UK is in any time soon. Paul Goodman wrote today that,

We are nowhere near a leadership challenge, most Conservative MPs are reassured by the polls, and until or unless these change, or next month’s local election results are unexpectedly poor, they will take most of the current allegations with a pinch of salt.

Furthermore, they don’t rate Keir Starmer, as a rule; believe that Labour is still alienated from much of its core constituency – and are feel a morale-boosting effect from Britain’s vaccine success.

If I were the SNP I would shut it and keep my head down, there is enough sleaze in the SNP according to some that should the media decide, no matter what the Courts have said, that this is now the story then certain people will have no where to hide.


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10 Responses to What we think doesn’t matter, Johnson is going no where.

  1. duncanio says:

    “Boris Johnson will only be gone if the Tory Party decide he is a liability and until they decide that he is as safe as they come.”

    The assertion would also hold if you substituted ‘Nicola Sturgeon’ for ‘Boris Johnson’ and ‘Scottish MSM’ for ‘Tory Party’.

    • Duncanio

      Totally and if I were the SNP I would keep my mouth shut as the media might decide that Johnson is more important than Sturgeon and turn on her, what information would that release to the public would be an eye opener for sure.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. duncanio says:

    “If I were the SNP I would shut it and keep my head down, there is enough sleaze in the SNP according to some that should the media decide”

    I agree, this does seem a bit like the pot calling the kettle black:

    There’s the personal stuff around Derek Mackay (now gone after his admissions) and current allegations against both Patrick Grady and Patricia Grady.

    And then there’s the political stuff around the Sturgeon/Sturgeon Government investigations – the FM was found to have misled the Scottish Parliament by the parliamentary inquiry and the separate independent inquiry agreed that the information given to parliament regarding meeting dates was incorrect (even if the conclusion was that this was unintentional or understandable). In addition there is the obstruction of the release of evidence to the said committee during its investigations, the involvement of the Crown Office/Crown Agent and the massive police trawl through Alex Salmond’s entire life.

    None of this has gone away … and no doubt the full details are being held back for a reason.

    • Duncanio

      It totally is being held back from what I have heard and it can only be because they think the union is safe with Sturgeon or they are being told to hold fire in case there is a referendum, it must be one or the other, who knows maybe both, but the truth will out and while I don’t know much of it from what I have heard it would be enough to maybe bring Sturgeon down in the eyes of the public. We live in interesting times and I really hope it does all come out given what they have and continue to put Alex Salmond through, he deserves the truth at the very least.

      Thanks for commenting.



  3. Step21 says:

    You have to laugh when the leader of a party who was found not to have broken the ministerial code because her story was not impossible cast aspertions at anyone else.

    You have to laugh when the SNP leader at Westminster calls out Tory corruption when he is up to his neck in covering up sexual allegations against 2 MP’s.

    Everyone is laughing at the SNP because this is merely the tip of the sleaze. Not a good idea to invite scrutiny. But I do hope some journalists start to take an interest. Seems unlikely when you have a Foote in their camp.

    • Step21

      What becomes clearer every day is that Sturgeon and the SNP have no shame and don’t do irony at all. If I were them I would be keeping my head well and truly down because the media in this country, and I hope they do, can turn in a minute and the moment they decide Sturgeon is a bigger risk to the union she will be struggling and stuff will come out. It also doesn’t matter what we think either way, the Tory Party financers will decide when it is time for Bris Johnson to go and nothing we think matters either way.

      Thans for commenting.



  4. 100%Yes says:

    If there was a election tomorrow Boris Johnston would be re-elected PM the next day he would have smaller majority but the Tories would still have a majority, England is a far right country and that’s a fact and Scotland isn’t suited at being part of the UK and needs to make progress at removing Scotland and rejoining the EU straight away after May 6TH. A bit of good news for you Bruce a Panelbase carried out for ScotGoesPop, predicts Alba Party will get 8 seats here’s hoping.

    • 100%YES

      Totally agree, Johnson is going nowhere until he becomes a liability and right now voters in England are happy to keep him so we are all stuck with him. What would be interesting is if there is a GE next year, if one is forced, is how well the SNP would do as I have heard a few people say that May is the last time they vote SNP so we really need Alba to get established I think as we will need them, and those people who are finished with the SNP after May, need an alternative place to go. I think though that Johnson rides this one out for the time being and if he can hold on for two weeks, he will be fine and over the worst. Just shows how far the UK(England) has went to the right as you say that this level of corruption and contempt is now acceptable.

      Thanks for commenting.



  5. Scrandoonyeah says:

    There will be no escape for Sturgeon…..eventually. My intuition tells me the dam will burst upon Sturgeon and she will do a runner just before the shit comes for her, although there will be people close to her that she will sacrifice first. She will be gone between 6 to 9 months after the election.

    • Scran

      I know a few people who think she will be gone soon, I’m not so sure but I hope so as I have seen the real Sturgeon the last 4 years and I have no faith in her at all. I think she is a liar and tried to destroy Alex Salmond and even now smears at every opportunity, she is a poison now in Scottish Politics and should go and take her weird husband with her.

      Thanks for commenting.

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