Despite the best efforts of Nicola Sturgeon

Despite the best efforts of Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP, SNP members, the unionist media it appears, if the latest poll is correct, the Alba Party stand to gain 8 list seats in the Holyrood Elections in May. Given the constant smearing by Nicola Sturgeon, the total media black out of the Alba Party, the constant lies of both votes SNP, the constant abuse from some SNP members on social media, the lack of Alba in the so called leadership debates the party appears to maybe have a chance of getting a foot in the door. If that comes about it will be down to the excellent candidates, a common sense manifesto, brilliant activists, the new media, esp the likes of Grouse Beater,  Barrheadboy, Yours for Scotland, Scot Goes Pop, Wings Over Scotland, and a good deal of common sense on the part of those of us who actually want independence as soon as possible.

If this poll bears fruit Alba would have one seat in every list area and it would also see Alex Salmond potentially return to front line politics and I can’t say enough how much I think we need that to happen if we really want independence. The poll also shows what most of us with half a brain knows, the SNP will win no seats on the list, think about that and the both votes rubbish. Tell me who wants independence as badly as many of us do, it is not Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP that is for sure.

In this poll the SNP are down 2%, Labour up 2%, Tories down 3%, the Liberals up 2% and Alba on 6% which would be enough to win 8 seats and that would be a brilliant result if it turns out that way in my opinion, I have always thought between 1 and 3 seats was a good start to build on. Pro independence parties would have 80 seats and pro union parties 49 but that is not the most important thing for me it is the fact that there would be voices in Holyrood to hold Nicola Sturgeon to account and that is the most important thing as we move towards 2026 and the fact the chances are we are still in the United Kingdom and will not have held a referendum.

Now I know this is just a poll and an interesting bit of information but I seriously hope that is what transpires in the election as the actions of Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP elected representatives, and members of the Nicola says deluded bunch in continuing to smear Alex Salmond have disgusted me for the last two years to the extent that I want Sturgeon to go as soon as possible and anything that brings that closer is fine with me, I also can’t wait to see if she had to face Alex Salmond at FMQs, her easy ride would be well and truly over and more people will see what many of us have come to see.

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21 Responses to Despite the best efforts of Nicola Sturgeon

  1. 100%Yes says:

    Truly fantastic news for all of Scotland and its citizens, we have been on hold since Sturgeon took over and now we have the chance for a real political party and leader to stand up for Scotland something that has been missing in Scottish politics for 7yrs, pleased for the Scots and Alec wee need this.

    • 100%YES

      I know it is only a poll and not the election result but it is some positive news for all those who are out there working so hard to get Alba a foot hold in the face of an onslaught that the SNP don’t even give the unionists, so fingers crossed it translates into seats and we can have some faith again that at least Sturgeon will be held to account and not get that easy ride she is so used to now because when under scrutiny she loses it and the real Sturgeon comes out.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. robertalcock says:

    Hi, have you got a link to the poll results?

  3. marconatrix says:

    Sorry to keep harping on the same old string, but if I’ve read the figures correctly, 36% of voters are projected to vote SNP on the regional lists in exchange for NIL seats. So over a third of list votes will be simply thrown away, that’s probably more than half the list votes for pro-Indy parties. Please folks, choose another pro-Indy party on the list, that’s if you really want to see a free Scotland before WM closes down the options, if not HR entirely. Wake up and smell the coffee and then do the sums, please!

    • Marconatrix

      You are spot on; we need to keep getting the message out there that both votes SNP is a false promise and a lie. If we can get Alba some seats then that is exactly what is needed, I know this is just a poll and many will have already voted via postal votes but we really need an independence party in Holyrood that will hold Sturgeon and the SNP to account.

      Thanks for commenting.



    • panda paws says:

      Marconatrix as a fellow Munguinite I don’t need to tell you that too many pro indy supporters are really pro SNP or pro Nicola and will tribally vote SNP on the list regardless. I stood up for Alex over at MNR when certain posters were quite defamatory towards him and I don’t get anywhere near the same likes or replies for my comments I used to.

      Tris is very fair – this is absolutely not about him. But there is a lot of hate for Alba unfortunately, I see it over at the Guardian too. I’ve stopped commenting much on politics posts and moved here and to Iain Lawson’s which are pro Alba.

  4. duncanio says:

    Well it does seem to be a harbinger of good news.

    However, a word of caution: as you are probably aware it is only Panelbase that has ever had ALBA on 6% vote share for this election. All the other survey firms register ALBA polling on 1%, 2% or 3% (although if the votes are concentrated enough in particular regions that would still be enough to win one or two seats). That said, Panelbase have now posted ALBA on 6% on 3 separate occasions. I wonder what it is about this firm’s sample construction and/or weighting process that is resulting in more favourable results for ALBA?

    All that said, there is one thing for sure. You really can’t keep AS and his cohorts down. I am no hero-worshiper but I do admire Mr Salmond. If the Scottish population in general had a fraction of his determination and resilience we would have restored Scotland’s full self government long ago.

    • Step21 says:

      From my limited understanding of online polling it seems that panelbase put Alba as a voting choice with the other main parties on the same page. Other polling companies lump Alba in with “others” on a subpage where others are broken down into their parties.

      A lot of the answers thrown up by polls can be affected by the human response to how a question is framed or poll design.

      As Alba is so new and you are not polling a wide cross section of the public the answers from all these polls are very questionable.

      The panelbase poll shows resilience in the Alba vote after the constant onslaught from every corner of the media. I’d take that as a positive. Also, I saw people referring to bookies odds that showed Alba on shorter odds for winning seats than the Greens or Lib Dems. I’m optimistic that Alba will improve on 6% but whether we can get to the next threshold of 12-15% for more seats is going to be key.

      • duncanio says:


        Thanks for that – a highly plausible theory.

        I also think that it is important for the actual poll on 6th May, especially for the waverers/floaters, when voters see ALBA at the top of the ballot paper on the List dimension (even if ALBA were debarred from having their logos and slogans beside their name due to the, ahem, incompetence of the Electoral Commission).

        I agree that ~12% is required to garner 2 seats per region, although (of course) there are some small variations around this.

    • Duncanio

      It is only a poll, totally accept that, and I am not one who gets carried away by them but this is some positive news to report that might just get some of the both votes crowd to think about it a but more if they have not already voted and that can only be a good thing. I think Panelbase tend to be the most accurate though according to James Kelly so we can put a bit more faith into their methodology but at the end of the day only the election result matters.

      Thanks for commenting.



  5. Willie Hogg says:

    I was wondering about the differences between panelbase and others and it seems that they include Alba as one of the main choices whereas others require the individual to choose from a sub list of others.

    • Willie

      That appears to the case so it can be assumed it is more representative and honest but it will still be the election result that will tell us what has happened. However, given the nonstop onslaught from the SNP, Sturgeon and some of her cult it is good news and might get some to think about their list vote before they make it.

      Thanks for commenting.



  6. panda paws says:

    “If this poll bears fruit Alba would have one seat in every list area”

    No that might not be the case. They could have multiples in some list areas and none in others. I don’t know how it breaks down. But it is good news. Another good thing is that if Panelbase records them higher because they show Alba separately, it might be closer to the true picture. After all it’s one list paper, not two with “the others” separated. Plus Alba is near the top and the only one without a logo so it stands out.

    But as you say, we’ll find out when the votes are counted.

    • Panda Paws

      James Kelly is indicating one seat in each area but we will just have to wait until the result which is the only one that matters but at least this is some positive news against a back drop of smears and being kept out of the debate. I think Panelbase has shown in the past to be more accurate because they ask the question in pretty much the same way as a ballot paper so people answer more truthfully but fingers crossed this is a chance for the party to get some foot hold in the parliament which can only hope moving forward.

      Thanks for commenting.



  7. Willie John says:

    Personally I feel that the constant sniping from the SNP and the negativity from everywhere else may actually be helping ALBA by keeping them in the public eye. If so, isn’t karma wonderful!

    • Willie

      You could be right, I didn’t watch the debate last night but seemingly Sturgeon was at it again and I saw some SNP members now starting to say she needs to give it a rest. She needs to go now as she is a liability, Sturgeon and those around her are poison now.

      Thanks for commenting.



  8. scrandoonyeah says:

    If we get ten……Sturgeon is toast

    • Scran

      10 would be amazing but I would take anything from 1, Alba need a foot in the door to build going forward to 2024 GE and 2026 Holyrood elections.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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