For both votes SNP supporters, think about it! just a wee reminder of one fictional point of view of what it means to be Scottish, it won’t cheer many up but both votes SNP in my opinion is a vote for the Tories and a vote for the Union, and no I don’t think all English people are wankers before the both votes woke crowd call me a racist. I would just ask everyone considering both votes SNP to have a serious think about that, many of you who say you want independence will put misguided hatred of Alex Salmond or the lies of Nicola Sturgeon ahead of that goal, don’t call me a unionist for correctly informing you of what both votes SNP means, it means a vote for the Tories.

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4 Responses to For both votes SNP supporters, think about it!

  1. marconatrix says:

    How to get the message through to yer average FPTP-conditioned voter, that a list vote for the SNP will likely be heavily diluted by the system in probably nearly every region, and so carry only a fraction of the weight for Indy of an Alba vote? You’d almost think the system had been rigged by the unionists … perish the thought!

    • Marconatrix

      Good question, I have no idea anymore how to get through to some of them, they are lost in SNP bullshit. I know a few people who really think that Sturgeon is a plant and always has been, I don’t go that far but you have to wonder what the unionists have on her.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. I note that a poll today shows 50% support for the SNP in the constituency ballot. Meaning that the divided opposition parties will share the other 50%. Anybody who is at all numerate will see that barring the odd regional variation, the SNP is guarantied to get a huge majority of constituency seats. Which means that the 35% support the SNP has on the regional ballot by the same poll is utterly useless and will count for exactly fuck all. Evidently the wokerati are more concerned with protecting their precious identities and making sure they never suffer the ignominy of being offended than with basic arithmetic.

    • Duncan

      Totally, I have sent people the maths for my area and for the others and shown them that if they go with both votes SNP they are electing a unionist and most likely a Tory and they still say shite like Nicola says this Nicola says that and they say they are not a cult. You just can’t make this up anymore and they are exactly the people that are being spoken about in the clip. I don’t go with the supermajority as being a way to guarantee anything but at the very least we should all want as few unionists in parliament as possible but when Sturgeon says we are cheating by using the system the unionists designed you have to wonder what her priorities are.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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