This is actually chilling

I was having more debates with voters yesterday about the both votes SNP strategy and the Greens who hide their opinions around things like GRA and Independence very well and some people still don’t get it, the result of this stupidity and ignorance will be exactly what the National are reporting if there is not a huge YES representation at Holyrood after May to protect what we have right now. The latest polls, and I appreciate these are just a snapshot, show that unionists could win 51 seats against 78 pro independence parties, that is all the English Government will need to at the least think about what right wing undemocratic plank Adam Tomkins suggests in his Spectator article this week, it should also scare every single one of us, we should all be very afraid for lot’s of reasons.

Tomkins is suggesting that “something more robust than consent” should hold the UK together. Tomkins even relates his opinion to the example of Catalonia where the Spanish Government sent in their brutal and aggressive Police to beat, abuse and arrest Catalonians who want independence and even going as far as jailing politicians who fought for it. If anyone thinks the UK Government would never send in the Police to attack protesters should only look at any number of films on YouTube showing the miners strikes in the 80’s when the UK Police showed levels of violence that would have even put the Spanish Police to shame, don’t think for one minute it can’t happen here.

Just have a look at what this Tory is suggesting, have a look and a serious think about that, it really is chilling to think that Scotland could be trapped in the UK forever and what would we do about it, rely on the likes of Ian Blackford at Westminster, a man who gets humiliated week after week by Boris Johnson in the English Parliament. Would we look to Pete ‘Comfy Slippers’ Wishart to defend us or ‘her or she’ Nicola Sturgeon to stand up for Scotland, really. Tomkins suggests that the English Parliament should give legal definition to “not now”. He goes on to say the following which is just as bad and as frightening.

Are you willing to accept MPs representing England dictating what our colonial status is even more than they do now, is that really what you are willing to put up with because let’s be clear here, if the English Parliament was to legislate in the manner Tomkins would like to see independence is over, Scotland is over, again have a serious think about that before you vote. Would you rather Alex Salmond and Kenny MacAskill fight for Scotland or would you prefer Angus Robertson and Patrick Harvie, just think about that for one second, seriously think about it. This election in May is not just about an independence referendum, it is about our very future and I for one do not believe that the SNP and the Greens will stand up for Scotland, will fight for Scotland, will get down and dirty for Scotland and by the time people wake up it could be too late, we will wake up a few months from now and it will all be over, the dream of independence will be over and we might as well dissolve Holyrood and accept that Scotland no longer exists.

When I was reading Tomkins words last night it was actually chilling to be honest, I read it and I actually gave a little shiver because I know that too many in Scotland, too many so called YES both votes advocates would just accept this if it happens and keep falling for all the shit that ‘her or she’ Nicola Sturgeon churns out on a daily basis, we wait on her to deliver a referendum and I might as well just give up now it ain’t going to happen if there are not genuine people in Holyrood willing to hold the bomb scare SNP to account. People please look into this yourselves, please think about it when you go to vote in May and do not give both votes to the SNP, you might and probably will be dooming us all to English Government rule for the rest of our lives. 

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14 Responses to This is actually chilling

  1. Willie John says:

    What he doesn’t understand is that if England went down that road they may, just may, create a situation similar to that that existed in Ireland. I hope to god or any other deity you like that that does not happen but I’m old enough to remember that there was a fledging SLA, does he really want that to happen?

    • mooritcheviot says:

      They probably want that to happen.

      So they can heroically come to the rescue by sending in the troops. The public will be fed a narrative of anti-social Scots troublemakers, and switch off. Then the UK can get away with anything here.

      And partition won’t be off their agenda either. Shetland, Orkney, and the South. Gives them the oil and makes Scotland struggle.

      • Moor

        People should take this very seriously in my opinion, this is the most right-wing Tory Government in my lifetime and they really believe they are untouchable and can get away with anything and do enough Scots have the fight in them to resist this. Sturgeon and Harvie are not the answer and the both votes cultists better wake up soon before they blow it for generations come or even forever. If they do this, I will never forgive them but we have got to get shot of Sturgeon now before it is too late, she is betraying us all. We need a decent Alba representation more than ever now.

        Thanks for commenting. Bruce


    • Willie

      That would certainly be a worry but I am not sure that we have that in us right now whereas Ireland had a long history of insurrection but it could get very nasty and I really believe we need better people than Sturgeon fighting for Scotland and I just don’t think it her priority or that of too many in the SNP now. I feel like she has betrayed us all but this is chilling to the core and I would not put it past the current bunch of right wing unionists from all parties to take this line and be happy to. We really need to maximise the yes MSPs and they need to be Alba not SNP or Green.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. Willie Hogg says:

    I don’t know what ACT he is referring to, as there is none which does or could have created the UK. There is however a TREATY which is an agreement between the two parliaments. This Treaty can’t be changed unilaterally by either party.
    I can only think his qualifications are honorary as he doesn’t seem to understand international law.

    • Willie

      My reading of the treaty is that it can only be changed by Westminster but I am no expert and it would have to go to court, we really need a parliament that has the balls to declare UDI as the final option and right now we do not have that.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  3. 100%Yes says:

    This to me only adds to the fact that Sturgeon Is a poor and immature leader, both politically and at running a country when Covid is the only thing she can focus on. Her calling a section 30 order the “Gold Standard” and stating it was the only route to Scotland being an Independent country was both reckless and played into the UK governments hands, but I’m sure she know this. Alex Salmond is right, we need to on day one force the UK governments hand into agreeing to a referendum. If it wasn’t for the Alba Party then Sturgeon and the Greens would just let the UK government do what ever it wants, so she and the SNP can just blame the Tory’s, well that isn’t going to wash. The SNP need to stop pointing the finger and start taking action or maybe use one of their slogans Progress for Scotland. To be honest the first thing the SNP should do if they don’t get a majority is get rid of the Murrells, that in its self would be the biggest help to Scotland future. Sitting and waiting for the Sky to turn blue when we live in a rainy cloudy country is stupid and to be honest Tory threats should be taken seriously but it should stop us taking our own steps first, the only team Sturgeon wants to do something is when its already been done by someone else.

    • 100%YES

      I think the threats should be taken seriously also and Sturgeon knew exactly what she was doing when she said the Section 30 was the gold standard. I really am starting to have to consider that she has been got at and the SNP and the Greens are not the answer to this threat. We need people in Holyrood who will use the final option of UDI if need be as a last resort and right now we don’t have that, we have gender cultists and followers who have no clue as to the risk to the very existence of Scotland now as anything more than a council , I really do despise Sturgeon and what she has done to Scotland and I want her gone and really starting to believe we can’t wait another 6 years, this woman needs to be gone now or it will be too late.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  4. duncanio says:

    It is a pretty awful statement but we can’t say we haven’t been warned. Hopefully it’s just hot air for the rag’s audience – he is writing in the The Spectator after all.

    If not then he obviously doesn’t know his history of these islands with regards specifically to Ireland.

    In that dire situation “something more robust than consent” was used to make the likes of Mr Tomkins see things differently.

    • Duncanio

      I would take it seriously; we know that England without Scotland is nothing and they are going to do anything to make sure the staus quo stays that way. I don’t know if many Scots have a harder fight in them and I would never like to see an Ireland situation but we need people in Holyrood who would be willing to use the final option of UDI if need be and that is not the gender cultists Sturgeon or Harvie that is for sure, or Wishart or Blackford in the English parliament. I don’t think we can wait another 6 years to get shot of Sturgeon and her cultists and if we get trapped for generations to come in this non-union then I will never ever forgive those both votes clowns and I will never ever let them forget it either if they ruin this last chance.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


      • duncanio says:

        I understand and respect your stance also, Bruce.

        ALBA party representation in the new parliament, with the party under AS direction, is currently the only hope for the Cause.

        This will be my last vote of any kind for the SNP under the current leadership. Not that it will matter much in an case as if NS and her gang remain in control of the party any future elections in Scotland will be rendered meaningless as the British will have taken the intervening opportunity to outlaw the possibility for restoration of Scotland’s full self government.

        • Duncanio

          I totally agree but the SNP had my final vote the last time, I can’t vote for Sturgeon anymore and her agenda of gender politics where independence is way down the list of priorities for the party now, I have never actually seen a worse parliament than we have right now of non-entities to be honest and looking at some of the candidates it is actually scary, all in it for a career or so they don’t have to get a real job, they want the salary and the perks and will deliver nothing of any note to anyone. The system is broken and we mostly don’t elect real people anymore just drones who can be walked all over by the likes of Johnson and the scary things like Tomkins proposes can happen with zero resistance.

          Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  5. says:

    To think Tompkins advocated for Indy all those years ago the Union must suit his pay packet l guess .

    • Pauline

      I have always despised him; he is full of hate and some of his historic tweets are very sectarian in my opinion. People need to take these people seriously; the current Tories are the most right wing I have ever seen and they genuinely feel they are untouchable. The answer is not Sturgeon and Harvie that is for sure and people need to wake up to that fact asap, we are in trouble if they don’t and we can’t wait another 6 years for Sturgeon and her cult to go and a new party built. We really need Alba in Holyrood in as large numbers as we can or it is all over in my opinion. If the both votes cult ruin this I will never ever forgive them and I will remind them of what they have done at every opportunity.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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