I don’t hate the SNP, I just don’t like what they have become

Someone asked me why I now hate the SNP, I don’t hate the SNP, I don’t hate anyone, although some might come close but my feeling regarding the SNP now are about the betrayal I feel when I look at the party. I totally accept that the SNP have had some notable success over the last 10 years and more, I totally accept that there have been good policies like –

*No tuition fees.

*Baby boxes.

*Ending period poverty.

*Free prescriptions at the point of need.

*Removal of parking charges at some hospitals.

*A slightly more balanced tax system.

*Increase in social housing.

*Council tax freeze.

*The Forth Crossing and there are some more that we could list. All of this is all good governance by both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon over the years and I have never not noted the achievements where I believe they have happened. Certainly the Tories would never have taken the same approach, Labour and Liberals maybe in some ways.

But there have been notable failures also and these are what has made me question the party and leadership to the point where I honestly feel that Nicola Sturgeon should step down for the sake of the country and the sake of the party. We can look at areas such as

*Lack of reform of council tax.

*Police Scotland.

*Year on year local authority cuts.

*Curriculum for Excellence and the attainment gap.

*No publicly owned energy company.

*Scotland will not be taken out of the EU against it’s will.

*Gender Reform Act.

*Hate Crimes Bill.

*Lack of movement on Independence.

*Party democracy.

*Fixing selection. Again I could list more like land reform but by far the biggest two for me the lack of movement on independence and an Harassment Policy at work that no matter what the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon say was designed to ruin and potentially convict Alex Salmond of alleged crimes that he was not guilty of, that for me is unforgivable. What is also galling in all of this is the continued smearing from Nicola Sturgeon and the fact that for the many millions of pounds wasted, from the alleged witch hunt by Police Scotland and the Crown Office against Alex Salmond the only person to really suffer has been Alex Salmond, there has not been one sacking, one resignation and the election has allowed it all to be brushed under the carpet. That Leslie Evans and James Wolffe are still in jobs is beyond belief and that Peter Murrell is still the Chief Exec of the SNP with members having zero power to hold him to account is as undemocratic as you can get, even the Tories when caught don’t go that far.


Independence for Scotland; that is the restoration of Scottish national sovereignty by restoration of full powers to the Scottish Parliament, so that its authority is limited only by the sovereign power of the Scottish People to bind it with a written constitution and by such agreements as it may freely enter into with other nations or states or international organisations for the purpose of furthering international cooperation, world peace and the protection of the environment.

Where are we with that, where is the information to alleviate the concerns that voters had in 2014 and that resulted in our losing the referendum, where is the plan and campaign for independence, where is the date for the next referendum and where is the money raised to fight for it. The SNP and Nicola Sturgeon have not just broken the SNP with the fixing of candidate selection, with the consolidation of power at the very top, with the alleged bullying of MSPs and MPs, with a tainted NEC, missing money and again the disgusting way they tried to ruin Alex Salmond. Nicola Sturgeon has turned the SNP into the devolution and gender party of Scotland who are intolerant of anyone who gets in their way, members or non members, and anyone who questions their motives. That is what I don’t like and why I will not vote for the party in May, the SNP left me I did not leave them.

However, all is not lost. The SNP can be saved, although I doubt it will. The party need a time scale for Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell to step down, they are now tainted for me and have had their day, their time is past. The NEC needs to be returned solely by election, no place people from Nicola Sturgeon and a tainted leadership, power needs to be returned to members and the gender reform zealots need to be gone as well. There is a debate to be had around gender, that debate effects us all, not just a few in Scotland getting to decide over the opinion’s of the rest of society because no matter if Nicola Sturgeon likes it or not, the opinion of all Scottish voters and everyone who lives here matters. The party also needs to return to the fight for independence being the sole purpose of the party, good governance is just what we expect from the party of government but the main priority must always be independence, anything less is a betrayal. If the party changes it can win back my vote but as long as the likes of Sturgeon, Murrell, Blackford, Robertson, Wishart, Murrell, Dornan etc etc are involved then they won’t get my vote because these people don’t have independence as their cause, their cause is something else that is darker and it stinks.


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6 Responses to I don’t hate the SNP, I just don’t like what they have become

  1. marconatrix says:

    SNP > DAGPOS ??

  2. Sadly I don’t think the SNP CAN be saved. The rot is too deep. Clean out the Murrells and replace them with… er… people who sat back and kept their mouths shut while all this was going on? They’ll get re-elected but then even the most devout will start to question when there’s no movement on independence. And there’s still the spectre of Alex Salmond – he’ll be having the folk that’s wronged him, there’s no doubt about that.

    • David

      Yeah those are fair points, possibly it is over for the party in the longer term now destined to go the way of Scottish Labour. Sad how much the Murrells have betrayed everyone really as they have done some really good things and some not so good things and two really awful things but what can we do now other than hope Alba grows and becomes a party that stands in all elections. May will be interesting and I really hope Alba get at least 3 list seats and one being AS so they have something to build on.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  3. duncanio says:

    I agree with all that you say Bruce … except for your voting intention.

    I will be voting SNP on the constituency ballot and ALBA on the regional list.

    I am fortunate in that my local SNP candidate (for Edinburgh Southern) is Catriona MacDonald, an ex-staffer in Joanna Cherry’s office. She considers JC as her political mentor. So she has credibility. Furthermore, having been elected to the NEC in November 2020 she promptly stood down in January of this year when that body ignored legal advice regarding the fixing of the List candidates. So she has integrity too. I know this because I emailed her about the issue and she responded quickly, informing me personally what the situation was. So she also feels accountable to members (unlike the leadership of the SNP).

    (Kenny MacAskill is number one on ALBA’s list for Lothian, so that’s a no-brainer for me as well.)

    But even if my SNP constituency candidate was not to my liking I would still be marking my cross against the name of the person standing for that party.

    The reason being that it is self-defeating if you fail to elect SNP on the constituency as this just increases the chances of that party competing against ALBA on the List.

    The SNP in the constituency ballot is a ‘placeholder’ vote for me – the current leadership are merely custodians, they’re passing through, they won’t always be there and when they’ve gone maybe the SNP will remember the main purpose for their existence and voter support.

    So it’s the old one-two for me: SNP 1 / ALBA 2.

    • Duncanio

      Totally understand why you are voting the way you are I get that. I will vote for Alba on the list which for me is Alex Salmond so a no brainer really but it could be tight for him as it is the North East and Aberdeen is very Tory but Dundee very YES so fingers crossed. My local SNP candidate is Joe Fitzpatrick and seemingly a nice man but I can’t really think of anything he has achieved and given the party is going ahead with it’s policy agenda around certain issues it goes against my faith as well which makes a vote for them pretty much impossible now and that could apply to a lot of people in Dundee this time around but that is their fault, while Joe has just kept quiet which is not good enough to be honest, sitting on the fence and hiding is not on really anymore and he is all for Sturgeon and her cult so it has to be a no for me sadly as it is not a decision I take lightly because I take my vote very seriously.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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