Please don’t elect!

I was having a wee think about people I hope are not elected to Holyrood in May and one of those is Angus Robertson standing for the SNP in Edinburgh Central seat. Angus Robertson is everything that is wrong with our politicians over the years, just another drone who has a habit of milking the system and will add nothing to our national debate and the cause of independence. This is the man who was caught out in the expenses scandal where he bought a flat in London in 2006 pretty much using expenses to pay for it as it was his designated second home, promised to pay any profit from its sale (£60,000) to Charity and did the opposite. A man who bought a £2,300 leather sofa bed, he also purchased a £400 home cinema, an espresso maker, Sabatier knives and a £20 corkscrew. All essentials to be an MP and ok for poor people at the time to pay for it, yes I know this was in the past but it shows the measure of the man.

Robertson benefitted from the stitch up that barred Joanna Cherry standing for the seat and is married to Jennifer Dempsie who boasted of having a black book of contacts and allegedly used these links to access funding for T in the Park and recently Angus Robertson said that independence would benefit from the deaths of the elderly from the pandemic, yeah lets elect Angus Robertson. If I were voting in the seat I would go for Prince Bob he will achieve more than another drone in our parliament.

Another that will bring nothing but scorn to Holyrood is the increasingly unlikeable George Galloway. Galloway is leading the Alliance for Unity Party and is pretty much a poor mans Donald Trump these days. Galloway has made a series of controversial comments about rape, anti-Semitism, he questioned MSPs Scottishness, he intends to vote Tory like any good socialist does these days, and believes Scotland should remain a colony and that Orkney and Shetland should be kept by the British in the event of a future yes vote and that Dumfries and Galloway become part of England, while he brings comic value to the election Galloway brings nothing to the debate and really is never the answer to anything.

Murdon ” the Queens 11″ Fraser Tory MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife. Never won a proper election in his life and only ever been successful through the list vote, both votes SNP anyone. Fraser has in past called union members bigots, opposed same sex marriage and once said “How much longer will we tolerate the statue of the brutal tyrant and oppressor Charles II in Parliament Square. Fraser has cost around 2 million overall in his time in Holyrood and I cannot think of a single thing he has achieved other than offend Celtic fans. In November 2016 he said that only poorly educated people voted YES in the referendum, while being a member of the Orange Order made the comment he was shocked there were Roman Catholics who held to the Catholic Churches teachings. Yeah I think here is a politician we could well do without now, 18 years is 18 years too long.

Willie Rennie Liberal MSP and Leader adds nothing to the parliament now and you could add in Alex Cole Hamilton as well. His whole stance on asking permission to do stuff with Westminster is shocking to say the least. Talk about jockholme syndrome in the extreme. Willie Rennie is clear that he would not allow another referendum even if the majority wanted it and that is where the Liberal Democrat comes in I suppose. Rennie abstained in the vote of no confidence in Nicola Sturgeon which was interesting as well, what does he know that we don’t. But in all the years at Holyrood what has Rennie achieved, I just can’t think of a single things at all. Rennie was also pulled into the expenses scandal and is also involved in the whole friends of Israel rubbish, Rennie is not as he seems or comes across and his day is passed I think.

Annie Wells Tory MSP. Elected on just 8.6% of the list vote, both votes SNP anyone. Formally a Retail Manager with M and S. I actually thought when she was surprisingly elected that even though a Tory she might actually come from a different place from other Tories and have a better grasp of what life is actually like for most people out there, nope. She has been the subject of fun when she praised herself on twitter, has been banned from Parliament for leaking reports, has 1377 deleted tweets which must be a record by anyone’s standards. Annie is a gaff merchant and slated the SNP for not improving air quality in Glasgow only to learn that her Tory colleagues voted against the measures anyway. I think we can do without Annie Wells.

So just a few of the people I hope are not elected or re-elected. We can and must do better.

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13 Responses to Please don’t elect!

  1. Well you’ll be disappointed when it comes to Willie Rennie. Driving through the East Neuk on Saturday I didn’t see posters up for anyone other than him. That area has long been a Lib Dem stronghold. Don’t get it myself but somehow that’s where we are!

    • David

      He will win you’re correct but he just doesn’t bring anything to the parliament at all, not that I can see anyway, and he is all GRA and Hate Crime Bill and I have no time for any of that the way they are going about it. He is neither a Liberal or a Democrat to my mind and having met him he is not impressive in any way.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. says:

    Aye if Robertson is elected I’m sure he will find his present wife a suitable salary / job . Maybe special adviser to sex crimes ….

  3. panda paws says:

    I agree with your “hit list” but especially Angus Robertson. For the reasons stated and for those we can’t state. I would laugh my head off if he lost, I don’t care to whom.

    I once thought he was good and really wanted indy but turns out he’s just another glacial gradualist with a marriage that doesn’t bear too close an examination and is rumoured to be Sturgeon’s favoured successor.

  4. Anonymous says:

    interesting you only oppose the list when it goes agaisnt you.

    • Anon

      I am not talking about the list I am talking about the individuals that I hope are either not elected or re-elected. My thing with the list in this election would be the both votes SNP which elects unionists when yes supporters can use their perfectly legal vote within the system to maximize the yes representation, all within the rules so why not use them, I never made the system.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  5. scrandoonyeah says:

    I knew him a bit in the late 90’s and could never stand him. A man devoid of charm or empathy and only out for himself and boring with it. We used to have the same circle of friends and one weekend I was at party and I walked up to him and said ‘ you are an egotistical selfish bastard’ I can still see his face: a mixture of rage and embarrassment and totally and utterly speechless.
    The snp in his hands would be as bad if not worse than sturgeon

    ps and I wasn’t drunk, in fact stone cold sober

    • Scran

      I have never liked Robertson at all, saw him at a conference when I was a member and he was one the most insincere people I have ever heard, he just reminded me of Blair and Cameron, in politics for what they could get out of it and nothing will stick as they are made of Teflon. I really hope he doesn’t get elected as it will just demonstrate that we really are no better than anywhere else and we are non-thinking drones like those that get elected, has it ever been this bad before because I can’t think of a worse bunch of non-entities than we have right now.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  6. Scan

    I would as well if there was no Alba candidate.

    Thanks for commenting.

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