Action when it suits

So it seems that it is only when the SNP don’t like the actions of an MP or a former First Minister that they act, and only when the accusations are made by people they like. After the Sophie Ridge interview where our esteemed High Chancellor Nicola Sturgeon (High Chancellor from V for Vendetta) continued to smear Alex Salmond when she said on the possibility of a future tie-up with Alba, Ms Sturgeon said: “No. I am not going to work with Alex Salmond. Firstly I have concerns about his personal conduct that he hasn’t acknowledged or apologised for.” She just does not get it, or maybe she does, because every time she opens her mouth now more and more people are turned off her leadership of Scotland, is that the plan.

Anyway it appears the SNP worker has accused the party of “victim blaming” and “bullying” after he made sexual harassment allegations about two MPs. He claims to have been blocked by SNP parliamentarians on social media and side-lined at his Westminster job. The “victim blaming” charge is included in a separate complaint against SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford over his alleged role in handling one of the misconduct allegations.

The staffer says he was moved to a different post this year and claims to have been treated badly after lodging the complaint. “I’ve been given next to no work to do. I’ve written two letters and two press releases in the last two to three months. I have been cut out of the meetings I usually attend, including meetings with the SNP MPs,” he told the Record. “I have also noticed that MPs and other party people have started to unfollow me on social media, or block me. I can only assume it is to do with that.” (Daily Record)

The key part of the interview for me is this “My interests aren’t at the forefront of this – party interests are.” Nicola Sturgeon has nothing but concern “allegedly” for the complainants in the Alex Salmond not guilty case but it appears that when the shoe is on the other foot the policy is different. I am highlighting this because I cannot stand the hypocrisy of Nicola Sturgeon anymore, I get more sick of her leadership every day and I really just wish she would go now, she is holding Scotland back and becoming an embarrassment in my opinion.

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15 Responses to Action when it suits

  1. I’m waiting for some interviewer telling Sturgeon that AS was cleared of all charges and that if she’s aware of other things that the predominantly female jury and female judge didn’t hear then maybe she should be going to the police with them. I’ve challenged the nudge, nudge brigade on Twitter with this numerous times but never get an answer.

  2. duncanio says:


    It is only to be hoped that the fallout from either the a) Leslie Evans pending court case, b) Daily Record leak on-going police investigation or c) SNP accounts / missing ring-fenced referendum fund monies probe will result in an end to the leadership of the current incumbent.

    Of course, it is not to be forgotten that the SGHCC Parliamentary inquiry found that the FM had misled Holyrood. Then there is the potential for lawsuits into the FM’s continual defaming of Alex Salmond.

    Put all that together and you would think that something would have to give.

    • Duncanio

      Sturgeon is an embarrassment now and I just hope she loses her seat and loses out on the list as well to one her fixed candidates. A lot of people accuse her of hypocrisy now and they are not wrong are they. I have been convinced for a long time that the accusations against Alex Salmond were about ruining the man and the difference in the handling of the cases is stark, wonder of they will refer this one to the Police in England, doubt it because it is someone she likes. She is digging a big hole and I really hope that the truth comes out and she is gone before it is too late and takes the likes of Blackford with her, and please God Edinburgh Central don’t elect Angus Robertson.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  3. David

    I am so sick of her now, she is just full of nasty and hateful comments and is not fit to be First Minister of Scotland. I so hope she loses her seat to Anas Sarwar in May but she is also on the list and wouldn’t it be great if she lost that as well to one her fixed candidates. This story just highlights for me that the allegations against Alex Salmond were about ruining the man and nothing about sexual harassment, the hypocrisy is unreal.

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. Brian says:

    Everything she does now is designed to keep her in power. Not to especially achieve anything, just to maintain the support of her court. i realise now that she fears the challenge we would be facing once we become an independent country. In contrast, Alex Salmond relishes it.

    • Brian

      She is all about devolution and hypocrisy now that that is for sure, they all are. I just can’t believe they don’t see how this looks but maybe they do. I just a flyer from my local SNP candidate for the both votes SNP nonsense. Four pages and independence mentioned twice, really, is that it. This party are no longer serious about independence, you are right they have decided it is too difficult and there might be tough years ahead so why bother when they can just keep their cushy jobs for as long as possible.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  5. 100%Yes says:

    Like I said Bruce I wasn’t going to vote SNP but my wife made a comment about given Mrs Murrell a Supermajority and let Sturgeon and the SNP hang themselves over the next parliament with regards to Independence. We all know the SNP is on a downward spiral and the Messiah of Scottish politics will sooner or later have to face the music on Independence that’s the one subject she hoping to push down the road for as long as she can. Mrs Murrell must be going of her head when Alex mentions Independence after all he is trying to keep it about politics well done Alec.

    • That’s what I want too – her having to answer what progress she’s made every single week towards independence until even her most fervent disciples can see she’s a charlatan.

    • 100%YES

      I live in hope that ordinary voters will start to see through her hypocrisy to be honest but it is hard when the media give her an easy ride because they know the union is safe in her hands. I feel for this guy, probably thought he would get support seeing how her pals got support but low and behold the guy is as good as being summarily dismissed from his duties, what a disgusting party the SNP has become under Sturgeon, New Labour all the way. I totally understand why people are giving them this final chance, I totally get that and would never have a go at anyone for that. I just got a flyer for my local SNP candidate, 4 pages and independence mentioned twice, twice. They are a closed shop of a party now where they are happy with devolution and nothing more. I won’t be voting for them ever again that is for sure, the party left me in 2016.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  6. 100%Yes says:

    The one thing we know for certain is the SNP is going to be the next government after May election. I have a funny feeling that Sturgeon isn’t going to make any noise about Independence or referendum other than asking for a section 30 order because she’ll be honoring her mandate if she does and she knows it will be refused outright, then well here from her again just before a Westminster election and the story we’ll be told is we need as many SNP MP as possible to take the UK government to court for not granting a section 30 order this is the second part of her pledge to which she has no intention of doing or honoring and will make some excuse to get out of it, this is where I hope the Alba Party is still in business we need to put all our 1 vote Alba Party and none for the SNP because you have got to be stupid not to see what Sturgeon has done in the past and she’ll try the same in the future she just expects us all to follow blindly, I’m not that sort of guy Scotland is more important to me than the SNP or its leader, who I believe is a outright unionist.
    I will watch and record May election, but it’ll be the list vote I’m interested in that’s where my interest is with the only party wanting Independence because it inst the greens or the SNP.

    • 100%Yes

      You are probably correct. I am not expecting anything from Sturgeon she her anytime soon other than a request for more mandates and hopefully as you Alba will be established and stand in all elections so people have a credible alternative.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  7. Step21 says:

    It’s been abundantly clear that Sturgeon operates a dual sanctions policy. Those perceived to lack loyalty and the loyal. If you have time there is a very revealing interview with Neale Hanvey by Barrhead Boy which details the bullying tactics that Blackford and co engaged in to make his, Kenny MacAskill and Joanna Cherry’s life hell. He has suffered partial sight loss in one eye due to stress and Cherry is having to have a period of recuperation.

    There are MP’s within that group who many thought to be decent but sat and watched, acquiescing by their silence. I am absolutely disgusted with the whole damn lot of them. It seems that every day reveals a new low in what they would stoop to. But hey, pronouns. They must be virtuous. Rite thinking.

    • Step21

      Hopefully get a chance to listen tomorrow as the prism is a must listen. I think Sturgeon (her she) is just taking the piss now to be honest, she knows how unpopular her policies are and how unpopular she is with many who follow politics but can live easy as the media lover hat as a safe pair of hands to their beloved union. I really hope she is gone soon before she causes more damage.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Sent from my iPhone

  8. Bill says:

    Speaking of Alex Salmond having been cleared of all charges ….. I notice lately there are charges of quite a different kind being made. I know folk who have listened to the likes of the LBC interview with Alex and Ian Dale. Their accusations are based on the fact that when he was asked if he agreed with the general UK stance (that Russia was very likely responsible for the Salisbury poisonings), he avoided an outright answer and was non-commital on the subject. The charge now therefore is that he is a traitor to all those around the world who uphold human rights. His refusal to commit to agreeing that Russia was involved – and also the fact that he broadcasts his TV show on RT seems to have given his critics even more ammunition to use against him. Admittedly it’s not a good look in some ways, I’m not even sure how to really answer such folk.

    • Bill

      I have seen that also; they are just trying everything to stain him as he is the threat to the union not her she Nicola Sturgeon who I think has just lost the plot now. Her latest debate, I saw clips and she was like a demented rabbit, she was all over the place and looked like she has lost it. Her time is over now as far as I am concerned and the sooner she is gone the better I think for the country whatever happens in May.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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