Jaw Dropping eh right!

The SNP are only happy to go to Court when it suits them, take an innocent man to Court yeah support that, go to Court alongside the UK Government to fight against Forward as One which was the case to find out if the Scottish Government were able to hold an independence referendum, yeah we will do that one. The SNP will go to Court to stop the UK Government from the prorogation of the UK Parliament, yeah we will support that one. I also had to have a wee giggle when I saw that Nicola Sturgeon has described the challenge as “jaw dropping”. It wasn’t jaw dropping that people may have lied to put an innocent man in jail, wasn’t jaw dropping when the SNP Government acted against Martin Keatings to try and stop him asking the referendum question, wasn’t jaw dropping when the Courts and the Harassment Enquiry found against both the Scottish Government and Nicola Sturgeon herself . The missing referendum money from the SNP accounts, that’s not jaw dropping, no move on nothing to see here, not jaw dropping fixing list selection candidates, move on nothing to see here.

All this fake outrage just does nothing for me because of the hypocrisy of Sturgeon to be honest. Devolution has it’s limits, that is why there is an independence movement, so the UK (English) Government being willing to go to Court to protect their colonial rights actually does not bother me at all. The SNP have been in power since 2007, had a majority in 2011, they could have brought this legislation forward for many years so rather than play silly games I would much prefer the SNP get serious about independence. The SNP knew that Westminster would react against the passing of the European Charter of Local Self-Government and the  UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). This is just the usual UK political games they all play, the Westminster play book down to the wire and the SNP are all too happy to play that game.

Now I know the Scottish Government have to pass their legislation, the Parliament has to pass it’s legislation but the potential answer is right in front of the SNP. They could have made the May election a plebiscite election to give the voters the option of independence, they could be advocating the maximisation of the pro independence vote by not promoting the both votes strategy and smearing the Alba Party as much as they can, so please forgive if I am very cynical about all this shit. I don’t mean to play down the charter or the UNCRC but the charter has been around since 1985 and the UNCRC since 1989 so again forgive my cynicism with all of this. This is about protecting devolution and picking fights, not about moving the cause of independence forward, the SNP are the devolution party now and don’t fall for this rubbish that they suddenly care about children’s rights, good local governance, they only care when it suits them as we have seen with their attacks on women’s rights, the right to freedom of speech, they really do think we are all buttoned up the back.

I don’t want to have to highlight SNP and Sturgeon hypocrisy but they are no better than the Unionists now in every way to be honest, I want independence not more devolution with a woke SNP Party in perpetual power doing nothing to get that independence while sitting comfortably within never ending devolution because to be honest under the current limited set up it doesn’t matter who is in charge when the programme is not radical in any way. Sad but true. We need an SNP whose focus is on independence now as we know the powers of the Scottish Parliament are not enough in some ways or haven’t been used in others. It’s no wonder that many people just don’t bother to vote any more when this is the standard of our politicians, some days I just want to give up you know that but I won’t. I will continue to try and encourage people to give a vote to the Alba Party because no one else is going to hold Sturgeon and the SNP to account, I am not interested in SNP games anymore, I’ve had enough of that now.



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10 Responses to Jaw Dropping eh right!

  1. 100%Yes says:

    Sturgeon isn’t a friend of Scotland or Independence, she’ll go to court to be included in leaders debates for Westminster but will appose Alba Party being included in Scottish debates. To be honest I can’t wait for the day the SNP is out of office and out government and even better I can’t wait until we are Independent and the SNP is finished as a political party for good, this is what Sturgeon has done to a party I’ve only ever voted for in my entire life.

    • 100%YES

      Yeah I am getting to that point as well now with the SNP/Sturgeon/Loyalists. I ran a little twitter poll and 50.7% were against Alex Salmond being on the STV debate, all SNP loyalists and one even aggressively demanded I take the poll down, I had a wee laugh at that guy. I am just sick of all the games now, we have had enough of that and it is time for serious action on independence and unless the SNP and Sturgeon are held to account in Holyrood people better get ready for another 5 years of much of the same and that is just depressing. I have also been warned to stop my questioning of Sturgeon and the SNP, year right, they get the same treatment as the unionists in Scotland but the unionists are just sitting back right now, saying little and rubbing their hands watching Sturgeon destroy the SNP and damage independence. They probably dream about her at night and are secretly funding the SNP.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


      • 100%Yes says:

        Sturgeon & loyalist have got the ball but are make no leeway towards the goal line (Independence). I really do hope Scotland sake Alba Party get members into the Scottish parliament so people can finally see how committed Sturgeon is to Scotland being a sovereign state again.

        • 100%YES

          If Alba could get 3 MSPs that would be something to build on as I am convinced this is all about 2026 now and having a strong Alba to stand on the list and the constituency because I really don’t believe the SNP will do much about independence. If Sturgeon is saying 2024 for a potential referendum, well that will get taken through the Courts and who knows how long that will take, the SNP won’t even allow their members to debate independence, I have no faith in Sturgeon at all and she will be asking for more mandates in the 2024 GE and the 2026 Holrood Election, when is enough enough.

          Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. duncanio says:

    It’s pretty clear to me that the SNP leadership are quite content with the current arrangements.

    They can use the British Unionists to vent their faux outrage and use this as red meat to throw to the Sturgeon Loyal and Truely Blind Brigade.

    I think they have taken the epigram, popularised by Alasdair Gray, to “work as if you live in the early days of a better nation” and are attempting to shape a country with their bastardised version of equality.

    Whether the nation is independent or not is secondary. A nice to have, if you will. But it had better not get in the way of the day job of establishing their nightmarish vision.

    I am supportive of ALBA and will vote SNP 1 / ALBA2. The super-majority, if achieved, may or may not advance Scotland’s Cause. I would hope it would, given those involved, but we’ll have to wait and see.

    The SNP only get my vote this time around in order to keep the British parties out of power. That is not a great endorsement – it’s not meant to be – but the Brits in power at Holyrood would be really catastrophic for Scotland. So the SNP as placeholder it is (on the Constituency ballot).

    But it can be guaranteed that their will be no further advance made if the SNP get elected without anybody there to keep them honest. And remind them of the party’s proclaimed number one objective.

    • Duncanio

      We do badly need Alba to hold Sturgeon to account and if the rumours are true that Westminster is to amend the Scotland Act to specifically exclude referendums then what do you think Sturgeon will do about it if there is no one there to hold her to account, my bet a big fat nothing other than more never-ending mandates. I am also really disappointed with the campaign so far, it is all old Labour and promising to give poor folks a lot of stuff with no indication how to pay for it and very little about independence and how to get it, maybe the SNP have been in power too long now because if they are not actively fighting for indy then is there any point of them. I will vote Alba as I have reached my end point now and I suspect that once people have been let down the 24 GE and 26 Holyrood elections will see the finish of the SNP as a Government so we will hopefully have Alba to pick up the pieces.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  3. Step21 says:

    Fake outrage sums it up. Actually, drop the outrage bit, fake covers it.

    This is an engineered devolution stushie designed to keep the faux independence hordes happy. All it shows is the limits of devolution. Unfortunately there is no strategy to do anything about getting independence which is the obvious solution. It’s just more window dressing. Change the curtains in the empty house.

    It’s not worth getting vexed about. Who cares anymore?

    Alba for independence. Any other party for the status quo.

    • Step21

      Exactly, I am going Alba and not going SNP at all for lots of different reasons but you are correct it’s just window dressing and reminds of Scottish Labour over the years in every election. The SNP won’t do anything about independence, in fact it looks like they are not even talking about independence in this election other than an occasional sound bite, a lot of Surgeon loyalists are in for a huge let down in the next few years that is for sure.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  4. AB says:

    Still hopeful that folk will turn against her leadership when she and her team do F All to advance the cause of Independence next term.

    My mate has speculated that an Irish Free State arrangement might be getting cooked up in the background with the British state keeping all the bits of Scotland they want to keep and their placemen and women running the rest.

    It would not surprise me.

    I have to say that I am fairly down about our overall prospects as they currently stand.

    • AB

      After seeing some of the quotes on social media last night from the debate I am resigned to the fact that it is devolution we are getting offered. I was not voting SNP anyway and was just going to spoil my constituency vote but for this election I no longer care if the SNP are elected or not to be honest. We need to look at 2026 and beyond now for a proper independence party so I might as well have a serious look at the manifestos when they come out and that might get me to vote for a party but certainly not the SNP, their recent record is pretty much failure across the board from the economy to education to gender to freedom of expression. They are taking a huge risk because the more people actually look at their record and what they are proposing going forward, many might just decide not to vote or take it somewhere else, what a sad place we find ourselves in. I will vote Alba on the list and hope they can get a foothold but I worry for Scotland now I really do.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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