They are all Hypocrites

A lot of people in the Nicola Sturgeon camp have been calling the Tories hypocrites due to their threat of a vote of no confidence in the First Minster and some Labour supporters in England are saying the same. Hypocrisy in politics is not new here in Scotland, as it is all over the world. Do a simple google search and you will find people who believe that Boris Johnson is a liar, Keir Starmer is a liar, Willie Rennie is a liar, Nicola Sturgeon is a liar, Douglas Ross is a liar, Anas Sarwar is a liar, Patrick Harvie is a liar . Sadly our politics are infected with it on a weekly basis, we saw it yesterday when the SNP members of the Harassment enquiry released their statement regarding the leak of part of the conclusions from the Committee, “We have also heard clear, consistent evidence that the First Minister had no knowledge of concerns of inappropriate sexual behaviour by Alex Salmond before November 2017.” it seems they don’t get the hypocrisy or irony in their making a statement, they are all at it and it shames us really but I am happy to admit I am guilty of hypocrisy from time to time, however, not too many people care about what I have to say, politicians, well they do have to be held to a higher standard or it all falls down.

The other day I wrote we have to show that the democracy we crave will be held to a higher standard than the democracy we leave behind . I really believe that and that is why I think Nicola Sturgeon should resign as First Minister but if she doesn’t we have no right to challenge, and slate, any of the other hypocrites and liars in the politics of the UK. Politicians and public servants have to be held to a higher standard because the power they hold affects every one of us. We have to be able to have even a little trust in the people who make our laws, preside over our courts, provide law and order on our streets, work in our government, work in our political parties, prosecute crimes on our behalf. Right now I don’t care about Boris Johnson and his lies, I just don’t. I am concerned about our Government, the Crown Office, Police Scotland, the Civil Service, and Nicola Sturgeon because it is now clear there has been a litany of lies and right now we need to get our own house in order, that is a simple fact.

The loyalists to the SNP and to Nicola Sturgeon can live in all the denial they want, what we cannot allow them to do is take that denial and damage our Government, our Parliament, our Institutions and the cause and case for our Independence. They are damaging that cause, they are making that fight harder to win, they are giving the unionists the perfect out and they can say “look, you are no better than we are”, the unionists can now drag our cause down to their level, that is what Nicola Sturgeon and the loyalists have done, the SNP have done, the Crown Office and Police Scotland have done because I will say it again, we have to show that the democracy we crave will be held to a higher standard than the democracy we leave behind, don’t let these people destroy our dream or our chance at something better. But don’t listen to me listen to Jason McCann when he says,

First Minister’s present refusal to accept the fact she has been caught red-handed, has driven a wedge right through the heart of the independence movement. Rather than accept the validity of the case being made by a number of pro-independence bloggers and other activists, the leadership of the SNP has mounted a campaign to both vilify and marginalise those who have worked tirelessly over the past decade to make the case for independence and build up the movement in a hostile media environment dominated by British government-aligned outlets. This monstrous behaviour — a profound betrayal of our greatest democratic values — has resulted in a situation in which a growing number of people now feel alienated from their political leadership. It has affected a break in the solidarity of the movement; turning pro-independence activists and campaigners against one another. It has endangered all of the political achievements we have made since devolution and threatens to undermine the entire campaign for independence.

Don’t allow the hypocrites in our politics to destroy our dream.

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15 Responses to They are all Hypocrites

  1. pauline says:

    Thats what it feels like for me now ,a destroyed dream , especially now with the present SNP leadership. Took myself off Facebook because l can no longer tolerate the St Nicolas disciples . Although maybe I’m just getting auld and my tolerance levels have decreased with age lol . Somewhere in my heart l live in hope hopefully that will remain and l don’t give up completely.

    • Pauline

      I just think we keep at it, independence is bigger than any of those people and they might be happy to vote for liars and their comfy life styles but we don’t have to. I am not giving up, I will keep giving them grief when I can as much as I will give the yoons until Sturgeon is gone. She is a barrier to everything now but at least we can see her true colours now and we know she has to go and if that means she takes the loyalists with her all the better. If she doesn’t go we find another party and support that while we keep going. Don’t give up, we are better than that and I felt the same as yourself but I’ll be damned if I let those liars make me give up.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. pabroon says:


    I’m becoming ever more impatient with unconditional Sturgeon supporters, they are so blindly beholden, so completely overcome… They’ve achieved a weird, placid zen-state, in to which no reality can intrude. Everyone else has been manipulated except them – presumably because they have some unique insight we don’t.

    I cannot abide that level of pig-headed stupidity. They seems to have maintained the surety of spoilt adolescence. The adults are all wrong, because they just are.

    There has been an all but total volte face, they’re deploying exactly the same tools unionists did back in the day. If you criticise anything they say, or *dare* to criticise NS, they accuse you of ‘aggression’ and of being abusive – and most ironically, of being a fucking unionist all along?!?



    • Pa

      They just cannot accept that the person they put all of their faith in, all of their dependence on, is a liar and has led us all down the garden path. They can’t accept that because if they do they have to accept they have been played for fools, so they just dig the hole deeper. I won’t accept it no matter what they call me or say about me, I’m done with the corruption in our politics no matter who it is but I won’t go after the unionists when our house is just as bogus as theirs and the Sturgeon loyalists don’t seem to understand that at all. I am not giving up though, I will keep at it, I will keep the pressure on in my own little way and if any of that helps get Sturgeon and her little MeToo club gone the better. She is now as much a barrier to independence as Johnson is but at least we know that she has to be gone.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  3. lintonbairn says:

    Thanks Bruce, an interesting article that articulates the pain felt by many, myself included. Some of my pain will of course different to others – same for us ask of us. For example, even although there are clearly things that NS, the SNP, the Scottish Govt and the Scottish Parliament have done that are wrong, I worry that we may be trying to achieve some kind of political utopia before we move on to Indy. If so it don’t going g to happen. Politics is messy, people are messy, the Indy movement is messy. We are all ‘messy’ and if we look around us and ourselves , it’s hiding in plain sight.

    I genuinely don’t believe that the longed-for paragon of political and leadership is out there waiting to ride to our rescue any time soon.

    Sometimes better the devil you know is the best option.

    • Lintonbairn

      Politics is messy but I don’t think we can accept the lies of anyone just because of who they are. Sturgeon is a liar, that has been proven now, and that makes her no better than Boris Johnson and if we accept that because of the cause then we are no better than they are. We will never achieve a utopia I agree but if we start from a higher base maybe we can make it a little more difficult for those people to corrupt our parliament and lie as a means to an ends. I have also had conversations with so no voters who will never vote YES if all they get is the same as they get now, we won’t be able to convince them and we need them to win. I don’t have any answers but a start would be Nicola Sturgeon gone, the SNP leadership and certain staff members gone. I am not going to vote for them because I can’t, I hope the decent MP/MSPs can sort out the SNP, if not them many of us will move on to someone who will take our cause forward and actually do something about it, not do nothing for years in my opinion. We can’t win independence with these people in place, someone will come along, they are out there.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  4. I always used to say to folks who complained that they are all the same these politicians that I believed that the SNP was genuinely different. How wrong I was.

    Certainly we should hope that in a new Scotland politicians will act according to principles of the common good rather than in crass self interest, but as long as we are still chained to the perfidy of Albion we cannot really expect them to be anything but perfidious, venal and self interested.

  5. kurikat says:

    I am new to your blog, only found you through Roddy’s prism. I agreed with so much of what you said. And obviously I agree entirely on not voting for corruption. 54yrs I have been voting SNP, knocking on doors when we were being laughed at. But I am a Jacobite at heart, & INDEPENDENCE has always been something I felt every country should have. No matter their size or their wealth, every nation should run it’s own affairs.. The SNP way back then as Rodney said, ran every election as a PLEBISCITE.. Now it is a dirty word to the leadership of today..She prefers to go cap in Hand to a country that does not give a shit about Scotland, other than to use us as a dumping ground for all their filthy nuclear waste, or testing poisons out on our remote islands. Taking every Penny from every assest this country has been rich in. And now comes the biggest insult, all Scottish produce or exports must be covered in the filthy Union flag..

    I only joined the SNP when Alex Salmond became leader, up until then, as much as I knocked doors for them, delivered leaflets for them, I was not one for JOINING political parties. But I knew long before he became leader, watching him in WM, he was one of the most articulate politicians this country had ever had. And just like Jimmy Reid, he lived & breathed for not just Scotland, but the PEOPLE also.

    I have only disagreed with Alex on one thing, and that was bringing the Police forces of Scotland all under the one banner of “Police Scotland” I still disagree with that policy..

    All of his years in WM, & they couldn’t lay a finger on him, the most investigated Politician if ever there was one. The Unionist press. Would have surely found out if he were the SEXUAL PREDATOR his (dear friend of 30yrs has & IS still constantly accusing him of being) But the worst they could come up with was liken him to HITLER in mocked up front pages, even MUGABE.. Proving the Scottish press are also corrupted.

    It was a great feeling watching MY party put the people before greed, WM with their bedroom taxes, fracking, prescription charges raising like council tax year on year..Pupils being forced to pay to attend UNI, something everyone of those politicians got free. this was not all Tories either, lots of things started with BLIAR, then the Tories with the backing of the lying LIBDUMS.. picked up the batons & ran with them..So it is not just TORIES in WM it IS WM that is rotten..

    I honestly admired what our leadership was doing for Scotland. I also admired Sturgeon, met her, spoke with her, & honestly believed she was as devoted to this country as Alex was. She was the perfect shoo in when he stepped down..

    (Something I wish with all my heart now, he never did)

    I knew things had changed by 2017 when we went into an election with the word INDEPENDENCE banned from being spoken about, There wasn’t even a real fight put up, she either took the 2015 election for granted or she wanted “People” who won seats in 2015 to lose their seats.. Because by then, we were hearing that Dugdale was advising all labour supporters to vote TORY in seats where the Tories came second to the SNP, & Labour had NO chance of beating the SNP.. And Alex Seta was top of their list. That election should have been the one that had the biggest fight of any election happening..

    I think now looking back, Sturgeon got what she was wishing for then, & that was Alex Salmond losing his seat, her only upset was A Robertson lost his also.. A man I have also met especially during the run up to the 2014 election, when he, on doing his tour of halls to supposedly promote Independence, shouted down everyone in attendance that used the word FREEDOM in referring to what they wanted from WM..

    He wanted us to all be NICE, be polite, that is how we will win said he, stop shouting FREEDOM, STOP slagging WM..

    So when he lost his seat I was glad to see the back of him..

    I attended a few of Alex’s EDINBURGH fringe shows, including the ones he took on tour, And during one of those shows, although he did his best to never speak about what “Nicola should do” the audience wanted to know why with that change in circumstance happening due to BREXIT & us being DRAGGED out of the EU, because of an English vote, why was there no fight back happening in Scotland to get us the hell away from WM rule..

    In the end he said… Well, when you look at WM today, and the mess they are making of this BREXIT, there really has never been a better time for Scotland to GO..

    And that I am sure was what bothered Sturgeon. She knew if he got back into Politics he most certainly would be pushing for INDY.. As it turns out during some calls & conversations with her he was indeed trying to push her to go faster..

    Alex is not perfect, NOBODY is, not even St NICLA, but at least he had the decency to admit to the one discretion that was true, & one that happened YEARS before LONG before the me too thing came to light. That was the drunken sleepy fully clothed cuddle, where He absolutely was out of order. He knew that, hence why he apologised to that woman, & also offered to move her to another office with NO loss of income, she chose to stay working WITH him..Why would you do that if someone attacked you, left you traumatised? The reason surely has to be she still felt safe around Alex Salmond..

    And that was why it went no further, nor did she want it to go further. Then when the stitch up started, she was approached and brought into that, I am sure she resents that today.

    Because I know if I was on the jury, I would be questioning WHY a woman would go upstairs to her bosses bedroom, in the first place, & then partake of booze, (yes we have heard the heating wasn’t working downstairs) So say Goodnight & leave. You do NOT go upstairs & into your BOSSES bedroom.. That is why I think that was found to be NOT PROVEN..

    Alex did lay down on the end with her, both fully clothed, both tiddly from the wine, both tired from the LONG days work. He claimed it was a drunken sleepy cuddle.. Now after accepting his apology all those years ago, and continuing to work WITH him for years afterwards, it was a case in court of he says, she says, and her story grew arms & legs thanks to the lying torags called civil servants that were setup to get as MANY women as possible to make complaints.. And with Alex Admitting to that discretion all those years before, & Apologising for what happened. That just had to be brought up in court..Thankfully there were enough common sense woman on that Jury to see the WIDER picture..

    If the media could not find anything on Alex to destroy him during his long career at WM, nor during his time as Leader from 2007 to 2014.. Then that’s because he is NO HARVEY Weinstein, no Jimmy Saville.

    Yet to listen to St NICLA, he is worse than them all. His dear trusted friend needed him gone for good so he could never return to political life, so 13 of her “closest” friends, aids, civil servants, were put to work to GET HIM.. And if not for their own stupid cock ups, & a jury of women, they almost succeeded. She cared about him so much, she still ruined his reputation, practically bankrupted him, broke the heart of his poor wife Morag, & all so ST NICLA, could continue taking centre stage, & lavish in the adoration of other countries at her open & honest transparency UPDATES on COVID. It beggars belief that a virus that has killed so many has actually saved her…FOR NOW..

    The SNP are now so corrupt, even the ones who have just sat there allowing all of this to happen, because their CAREERS come first. I find I detest each & everyone of them… They have RUINED the only decent party Scotland has had, but worse, they have set YESSER against YESSER, & May still yet have ruined Scotlands chance of becoming an INDEPENDENT country.. For that, I will never forget nor forgive them..

    • Kurikat

      It was nice of Roddy to allow me to express an opinion on his website, I enjoyed talking to him as I had been reading Barrheadboy for a while and listening to Prism. I am with you regarding independence and it sounds like our journeys have been very similar overall. I am a fan of Alex Salmond the politician, don’t know him as a man but did meet him during the referendum in 2014 and found him to be engaging and patient, he appeared to have time for everyone and the allegations against him, and how they were carried out were disgusting. The collusion between the complainers, the Government, Crown Office and the SNP was disgusting to say the least and Sturgeon has her hands all over it. I don’t know who the complainers are, I can guess as many of us can, but I haven’t made any effort to find out, the fact that most of them work for Sturgeon allegedly says it all. How some of those allegations are not being investigated for perjury is beyond me, surely the same rules should apply to all sides, but obviously not in the new SNP Scotland.

      I was also a member of the party until early 2016 when I started to have concerns about Nicola Sturgeon and the direction of travel. This was also around the time that Wishart started his nonsense and the likes of Alyn Snith started having a go at indy bloggers etc who were actually trying to win the independence arguments but to them we were just something they had stepped in. They took us all for fools, especially Sturgeon and Murrell, played us all. As I said I think Sturgeon and her disgusting husband are involved in every part of this and it isn’t about the women it is about power, and the total arse they have made of the SNP, the independence debate and promoting Sturgeon’s MeToo garbage. She has more interest in men dressing as women and going into women’s toilets than she does freeing Scotland from Westminster and all of the MP/MSPs who are sitting on their hands are complicit. I think she should resign but she won’t, she has no decency and the party is now dependent on Westminster money to pay their staff their fantastic salaries having wasted the members money on lawsuits being made against the likes of Smith. It is a disgrace and I hope the members really look into these two and find out what really has been going on.

      I have also been getting some grief about blogging about it but we cannot have a go at Westminster when our own corruption goes unchallenged, people need to wake up and start to really consider the evidence and the actions of Sturgeon, if they did that with an open mind they would see what we see, corruption and liars at every turn. She has to go before it is too late in my opinion but wither way I am not voting for the SNP as long as she is still in charge.

      Thank you for your comments and all the detail. Bruce


      • kurikat says:

        Agree with every word Bruce, HR is now as corrupt as WM, yet the cultists still want to blame WM for everything. Yes the Tories are rotten to the core, but Scotland does NOT vote Tory, we have voted into government to work for Scotland the SNP. And it is the SNP party that has let us down, has brought shame on our country, & has possibly put INDEPENDENCE back another 300yrs.

        I say the SNP meaning the party, although we know the fault at least started with the leadership of Sturgeon, her nasty wee hubby, her Deputy FM, and lost all of her civil servants and aids in her office.

        But we can NOT let those on the back benches or worse those on that harassment Committee walk free blameless. They are in their jobs because we the people of this country voted for them. They therefore work for US, not the MURRELS or Evans or the Crown Office.. They in my opinion are even more of a disappointment to me, that Sturgeon has turned out to be..

        I remember the Spring 2015 conference,Alex had only stepped down in the Sept, he was of course standing in the 2015 GE.. He had his book to sell, he had been the man that gave us the chance of taking our Independence, he was the man that built the strongest ever SNP party. He was the man that increased the membership plus brought in business people as big donators to the party. Yet he was regulated to the corner of a floor in the hall, to address the audience. St NICLA said her bit, and walked right off the stage, she at the very least could have & SHOULD have allowed him the stage, even introduced him, with him being the closest person to her outside of her own family, her best friend of 30yrs. But the lights on the stage were turned off, the mics were turned off. And it took the members in the hall audience, to shout loud enough to tell him to GET UP ON THAT STAGE.. He actually looked lost, he didn’t know what to do..

        But in the d they were forced to turn the stage microphone on for him light up the stage & he got to chat with HIS friends & members in the hall.. I knew then, that something was NOT right about that nasty little woman.. I never for a minute dreamed just how nasty she could be or even become.

        But you are right, she would destroy the whole party, the movement itself, even the country, if it means she gets to stay in power or walk away without a charge brought against her.. Forget the METOO movement, with St NICLA it is & always will be, ME ME ME…

        • Kurikat

          The way they have treated Alex Salmond should shame every one of them who was involved, trying to write the greatest leader the party ever had out of it’s history should have sent alarm bells ringing. I despise what Surgeon and her loyalists have done to the SNP, and to the fight for independence, and all of those MP/MSPs who sit on their hands and say nothing, they are cowards, elected to do a job and fight for independence but what do we get, 52 Pension Pete’s and a blowhard in Blackford, shocking is being nice to them. Trying to frame Alex Salmond was the final straw for me and I will not wheesht for indy, I would rather rot in hell than give that party my vote now as it stands. If they called a plebiscite they could maybe get me to hold my nose but they won’t as they are not serious about independence as enough people now know. Sturgeon has to go and take her creepy husband with her but she won’t, they both will cling on for grim life until they are found out or have destroyed everything but will have more than enough in the bank to disappear and live whatever way they want. I despise them now.

          Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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