My Opinion on Alex Salmond.

Millions of words are going to be written about Alex Salmond’s appearance before the Harassment Enquiry yesterday in blogs, papers, and on social media and most will be more informative than my own ramblings but here is my opinion for what it is worth and if anyone is interested. I will admit from the outset that I have always been an admirer of Alex Salmond as a politician and his role in shaping Scotland and of course his leadership in taking Scotland very close to independence.

Alex Salmond appeared for 6 hours yesterday, 6 hours ( I watched every second). Some of the people called before the committee can’t even manage an hour or bother to even appear in person. It doesn’t matter what you think of Alex Salmond personally he was impressive yesterday, he knew what he was talking about, he knew the chronological order of events, he knew policy and a little law. He never allowed himself to be flustered by what I thought was just plain rudeness from Maureen Watt SNP MSP, and Alasdair Allan SNP MSP and he even helped Alex Cole Hamilton Liberal MSP (and to be honest one of the most useless MSPs ever) get himself out a hole.

I thought Andy Wightman Independent MSP didn’t really ask anything all that important but he wasn’t his usual woke self and did give Alex Salmond room to offer help but more of that later. Linda Fabiani SNP MSP did not interrupt as much as I thought she would and didn’t try to block as many answers as I thought she would either, she was polite and courteous. Jackie Baillie Labour MSP was again the most effective at getting to the point and asking good questions, as was Murdo Fraser Conservative MSP. Stuart McMillan SNP MSP didn’t really contribute anything to our understanding of events, neither did Margaret Mitchell Conservative MSP.

I don’t think that Alex Salmond showed there was a conspiracy against him but he did show that there had been incredible levels of incompetence of the leadership of the Civil Service in Scotland and the Crown Office and is 100% correct in calling for both Lesley Evans and James Wolffe to resign, the Scottish Government were very quick to support Lesley Evans last night calling her leadership excellent or some shit, that will show badly on them yet again as both should be sacked at the earliest opportunity. Alex Salmond was not able to show directly that Nicola Sturgeon was involved in the whole process but I do believe that he showed she had misled parliament. My own opinion remains the same, there is no way that Nicola Sturgeon does not know every single part of this. I also believed Alex Salmond when he said that he had evidence of a concerted effort by senior members of the SNP to get him, that I think will result in either them going as the pressure mounts in the longer term or more thousands of members leaving the party.

Alex Salmond showed that the investigation was flawed and tainted by bias, even against the ham-fisted efforts of Maureen Watt and Alex Cole Hamilton to try and get him on to the ground of the MeToo Movement, they really are idiots if they didn’t think he would see through that stupidity. He did show that the leadership of the Crown Office in Scotland is of serious concern to us all and needs to be looked at urgently, and he was right that a Police investigation should be launched into the leaks to the Daily Record but we all have a good idea who did that if you have been following events. He even reminded the the Committee that Parliament is not here to serve the Crown Office and that it has to stand up now and be the Parliament that we deserve and we demand, they are the highest level of Government in Scotland and for any department to block them should be of serious concern to us all, as should the Government blocking the release of legal advice that the Parliament has voted for twice, democracy matters.

I think Alex Salmond has made Nicola Sturgeons appearance next week very uncomfortable indeed if Jackie Baillie and Murdo Fraser are on the ball, the SNP members will ask little of any relevance and will resort to form in protecting their leader. I think Nicola Sturgeon does have questions to answer , especially around her disgusting husband and when she officially knew of what was going on, I don’t think she will be able to answer them all that well and we know that Jackie Baillie can get under her skin, and she is no Alex Salmond, her temper could show.  I thought Alex Salmond was a genius at the end when answering Wightman and pointing out that given how many people have refused to release evidence, given that James Wolffe has refused to answer virtually anything and the contempt that has been shown to the Scottish Parliament all they have to do is call his Lawyers and the Committee can have every single bit of evidence by Monday, wow, never saw that coming and the question now is do they have the balls. I suspect there will be many in the SNP, including Nicola Sturgeon, hoping they don’t.

I have been writing for a while now that I believe that certain people wanted to keep Alex Salmond out of a return to politics and that it got out of control to the extent there was no turning back for the Scottish Government and they were willing to send an innocent man to jail. I still believe that Nicola Sturgeon has been aware of everything from the beginning but I don’t think that can be proven, although I still believe she has to go for the sake of the indepdence cause, she is a barrier now and add in the poor policy making and the state of the SNP Party under her watch only the Nicola cultists can’t see it for what it is.

I don’t know if Alex Salmond will ever return to politics, he is 67 now, but I am glad he had his say, he showed that he is head and shoulders above any politician in my lifetime no matter what you might think of him as a person. He was found innocent and he deserves that to be at the front and centre of all of this. The Government handled this whole issue deplorably, the leadership of individuals with the Civil Service and the Crown Office has cost this country millions of pounds, they have brought our Parliament into disrepute and they have shamed us all, they HAVE TO GO, and for the Scottish Government to support them is just digging the hole deeper.

Next week will be interesting indeed, I hope that Sturgeon, Murrell, Evans, and Wolffe are held to account. I think Nicola Sturgeon will stumble on for a while yet, she might even defy Parliament if she is found guilty of misleading it and breaking the Ministerial Code but as far as I am concerned she has to go as well, the SNP will certainly never see a vote from me again until there is a serious clear out of the Government and the leadership of the SNP Party. Alex Salmond, in my opinion,  still has a role to play in our fight for independence,  that is clear, only he knows if he will play a role or not, but I hope he does because no matter your opinion of the man he can still help us achieve our goal if maybe not leading us to it.

Just my opinion, I am just an ordinary (and somewhat boring) man with an interest in politics. I don’t write all that well, I just write what I think and believe in the same way I discuss it, I am not the sharpest when it comes to politics but I try to be honest and not too bias.


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16 Responses to My Opinion on Alex Salmond.

  1. Dave Albiston says:

    That’s exactly my take on the inquiry. I didn’t intend to watch as these things can be tedious. But I went to listen to his opening statement and stayed on for the whole 6 hours. The man is in a different class to any other politician. Compare with the recent hysterical shrieks from the current First Minister.

    • David

      It shows what is seriously missing from the independence debate, compare Alex Salmond to Nicola Sturgeon, she is not anywhere near his league, I suppose no one is really. I am delighted he got his day and got to speak his mind, I am glad he handed the SNP MSPs their ass on a plate, especially that horrible Maureen Watt. Her contempt was disgusting and just highlighted all that is wrong with the SNP now. I think Sturgeon will have a really difficult time next week and the photo that someone posted of all them all sitting watching in Bute House was also illuminating to say the least, the whole dirty scumbag lot of them. I really hope Nicola Sturgeon gets found out I really do, she is in this all the way as far as I am concerned, there is no way she does not know everything. Throw in the crap policies of late and the whole independence debate and the sooner she is gone the better.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. 100%Yes says:

    All I can do is come here and tell you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. What a fantastic performance from Mr Salmond I wasn’t going to watch but I’m glad I did. There is no doubt in my mind of Mr Salmond’s commitment to the people of Scotland and to his country. A man 66yrs old and he showed every single person who’s go before the Inquiry that’s this is how its done and his performance was perfect and flawless, lets wait and see what Mrs Murrell will say and do and if she can contains her mouth for the dislike of Mr Salmond. And on to another subject does anyone know what Jason Michael McCann taking about and if I had to pass my view it’s that Alex is coming back to politics and not with the SNP.

    • 100%Yes

      It will certainly get interesting if the committee use all of their powers and just demand the evidence no matter the corrupt Crown Office say, I also they do call Alex Salmond lawyers as well, time for that man to get some pay back and I don’t care what anything thinks about that view, how he has remained calm and kept his dignity the last 3 years is amazing. I would also love to see come back but that will be up to him and I really do think that Nicola Sturgeon will not get as easy a time next week as she would have been hoping, well not from Fraser and Baillie, the only 2 that been competent throughout. I was wondering what Jason was hinting at as well, we will just have to wait and see, it could be Salmond joining AFI or ISP, if that happens the SNP will haemorrhage votes on the list for sure but hopefully it is something worth the build up. Looking forward to see Wolffe, Sturgeon next week if I can, they have a hell of a lot to answer for.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  3. You and I saw the same six hours – barring visits to the wee room and a couple of phone calls.

    I was particularly interested in his body language.

    In relation to the evidence that he would like to present, but is legally prevented from doing so, and to the withholding of evidence and attempts to withhold evidence that evidence is being withheld, he is furious, and quite rightly.

    In relation to the criminal case against him he is equally angry, but clearly also broken. It is significant that any question about his “past behaviour” was answered with the same response, referring to two judges two court cases and a jury. When asked if he was sorry this was his response too. Which is taken to mean that he is unapologetic for his crimes. If he had apologised he would of course admitted his crimes. This continuous repetition of the court case in the media is quite wicked.

    In relation to conflict with Nicola, I thought he was also polite and non confrontational, only offering opinions based on documentary evidence. The hissy fitting of Ms Sturgeon at every opportunity to deny all accusations against her seem rather hyperbolic. All loyal SNP members of both parliaments, coincidentally I’m sure, proudly displaying selfies with Nicola at their Twitter and Facebook profiles. The wagons are circling against him and he knows it.

    I agree too with your assessment of the committee members. I have never seen Andy W in action and was expecting him to be more confrontational. I was also expecting Murdo Fraser to be much more of dick. Jackie B was certainly best. And Cole-Hamilton really is an idiotic waste of space.

    Thank you.

    • Duncan

      I think that will feel like a huge weight off his shoulders now and we may see a revigorated Alex Salmond soon. I would love him to get involved in one of the list parties but that is his call but I don’t think Nicola Sturgeon will be sleeping well this weekend, especially now the Committee are using their full powers to get a lot more of the evidence, especially about that disgusting man Peter Murrell. I don’t think he could have mentioned anything about the accusers at all, it would have given the likes of the disgusting Maureen Watt a chance to go down that road. I have no idea if he could have behaved better but he was found not guilty of all charges and we accept that, well not Sturgeon as she has disgusted me this week with some of her comments, I really hope she is gone soon for lots of reasons, taking her husband with her. I have been blogging about Nicola Sturgeon since 2016, was a decent FM for a while but never a leader and not serious about independence but I think that is clear now for all to see apart from her cultists. Baillie has been by far the best unionist on the committee, it’s just a pity she can’t use that talent for decent politics and not the broken UK.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  4. Jimmy says:

    I think we need Alex to take up the final mile of the Independence cause, when the current lot fall, or are booted out. Won’t he make a great first President of Scotland, though?

    • Jimmy

      I certainly think that would help but who knows if he wishes to get involved again. He did well though and I am glad he got to have his say, just shows how much better he is than Nicola Sturgeon can ever hope to be.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  5. Alan Morrison says:

    My hope is that Alex joins the ISP and heads their candidate list for the NE. Ideally Cherry, Hanvey and a few others would then leave the SNP to also join the ISP, heading candidate teams in other regions. Independence supporters would then have a clear choice in May, SNP for the constituency vote and ISP on the list – knowing the ISP would do all they could to keep the SNP honest. We’d in turn see a massive independence majority in Holyrood.

    • Alan

      He would certainly raise the profile of ISP for sure and would have a good chance of winning in the North East, certainly would get my vote. I know some people who are not voting in the constituency now due to Nicola Sturgeon, her husband, bad policy and how they have treated Alex Salmond. I don’t see me voting SNP in the constituency if there isn’t some real change, the leadership of the SNP disgust me now to be honest and I don’t think they will deliver independence anyway, I never knew that they put a Section 30 order in the referendum bill, what is that about. All Westminster has to do is say no, they then have to go re-write the whole bill and try to get it past again, delaying everything by years. I have no faith in Sturgeon at all, she is taking us all for fools.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  6. Pauline says:

    Totally agree with you Bruce . I watched his submission . He was calm and collective because he was clearly telling the truth. Be interesting to know what those messages contained as they clearly were offensive in whatever they contained . My heart went out to Alex , he’s been through hell and continues to be throughout even though the Court proved his innocence . Will we get the truth , that remains to be seen .

    • Pauline

      A true statesman and everything Nicola Sturgeon is not. He was definitely emotional when he talked about the messages so they must contain some horrible things for him to react that way. He was brilliant though and wiped the floor with the SNP MSPs, especially the disgusting Maureen Watt. It certainly makes Nicole Sturgeons evidence more interesting, I think she definitely misled Parliament but she might tough it out and if she does there is no way the SNP get my constituency vote, I cannot vote for her anymore or her policy agenda, I think she is taking us all for fools, I can’t support that. ISP on the list and if there is major change before May I might change my mind on the constituency but I doubt there will be any change though. I am really happy that Alex Salmond got to say his piece, 3 years of hell, an innocent man persecuted by the SNP, disgusting.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  7. A says:

    I thought this was a fair, accurate and well written article. It mirrors the known facts of this affair. Compare this with the pro NS spin of much of the MSM by a media that despises the SNP. It is all very interesting. I for one am willing to take a hit this may for the truth to emerge for two reasons. Something is going on in Scotland today that transcends the Salmond issue and I do not like it. and the narrative that states that it is a done deal and that we are on our way to Independence with Nicola Sturgeon I believe is obviously fraudulent.
    I want the truth and that means all the evidence held by COPFS being examined by a judge and the results being made public with charges to follow.

    • A

      Thank you and I don’t disagree at all. Why have the media not milked this for everything it is worth, why not more pressure on Sturgeon, unless of course they know the best way to save the union just now is for Nicola Sturgeon and her cult to stay in charge. I could live with a set back now, even a unionist Holyrood, that would focus the minds of the soft no’s and don’t no’s for sure and would also give the SNP time to either sort itself out or for the yes community to find a new party to support, one that actually sees independence as the number 1 priority for Scotland. I also agree that all information should be released, I am sure there is a way to do that and still keep the accusers secret, although I don’t actually agree with that either once someone is found innocent of all charges, especially this lot who keep trying Alex Salmond in the public court. I have made no secret that I think Nicola Sturgeon knows everything and has from the start and I also think she should go and take her disgusting husband with her, he has after all ruined the SNP as a party while she has pretty much split the country as leader and no she had not handled Covid-19 any better just communicated better.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  8. A says:

    Nicole Sturgeon will have to stand down. When that happens I believe a review of all her public appointments should take place.

    • A

      I think she will try to tough it out no matter what is found against her in the various reports but it is just a matter of time now I think. She is over one way or the other, what we have to guard against is the likes of Angus Robertson becoming leader, he is just as useless with a disgusting woke wife.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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