A Grumpy Survey: The Results

118 people responded to the survey so thank you all very much for taking part, the results are as follows and I do apologize that the images are not better but I haven’t figured out a way to make them clearer from google forms but I will keep working on it.

Q1. How will you vote in the constituency vote in the May Holyrood Elections? 76.5% (88 respondents) indicated that they would vote for the Scottish National Party in the constituency vote, 2.6% Scottish Labour, 2.6% Scottish Liberal Democrats and 0.9% the Scottish Greens. There was also a mix of won’t vote, spoil paper, will not vote SNP until leadership changed, write something rude. I am currently floating between spoiling my paper or just going for the candidate I think would best represent me in my area due to my current feelings on the SNP and current policy and actions which I have already blogged about.

Q2. How will you vote in the list vote in the May Holyrood Elections? 38.3% (44) indicated that they will vote for the Scottish National Party, 35.7% (41) indicated Independence for Scotland Party, 8.7% indicated the Scottish Green Party and Alliance for Independence Party, 1.7% the Scottish Labour Party, 0.9% the Conservative and Unionist Party with a mix of pro indy, solidarity, undecided etc. Personally I will vote for the Independence for Scotland Party on the list. Interesting to see ISP doing so well but I have no idea if that % across the regions would manifest into seats.

Q3. How do you think the Scottish Government has handled the Enquiry into the failed harassment complaints against Alex Salmond? 65.5% (76 respondents) believe that the Government have handled the Harassment Complaints Enquiry very poorly, 22.4% (26 respondents) poor, 7.8% (9 respondents) ok, 0.9% very good or good, and 2.6% don’t know. I voted very poor as I really believe the handling of the complaints has been a disgrace and has really damaged the standing of the Parliament and definitely the Government to the extent that it looks like there is more to this and a potential cover up taking place in the eyes of many.

Q4. Do you accept that Nicola Sturgeon did not know about any of the allegations against Alex Salmond until April 2018 as she has claimed? 11.3% (13 respondents) believe that Nicola Sturgeon did not know about any of the allegations made about Alex Salmond with 88.7% (102 respondents ) believing that she did know about the allegations against Alex Salmond. I personally voted that Nicola Sturgeon did know about the allegations against Alex Salmond, given everything we know about Nicola Sturgeon, how she has been as leader and First Minister and the fact her husband is Peter Murrell Chief Exec of the SNP, there is no way I would ever accept that she did know about this from the very beginning.

Q5. If the Harassment Enquiry looking into the handling of the allegations against Alex Salmond or the Hamilton Enquiry looking into wither Nicola Sturgeon misled Parliament find that the First Minister did mislead Parliament should she? 64.3% (74 respondents) believe that if Nicola Sturgeon has misled parliament then she should resign while 35.7% (41 respondents) believe she should not resign as First Minister. Personally I voted that she should resign, you cannot be caught lying to parliament, Henry McLeish had to resign for far less than what Nicola Sturgeon could be found guilty of so for me there is no case where she can remain as First Minister as that would just damage an already damaged parliament even more than it is now.

Q6. Do you think the Scottish Government has handled the Covi-19 Pandemic? 42.2% (49 respondents) felt that the Scottish Government had handled the Covid-19 pandemic good, 22.4% (26 respondents) very good, 19% (22 respondents) ok, 12.1% (14 respondents) poor, and 4.3% (5 respondents) very poor. I personally voted very poor because I believe that money has been put before lives, maybe the government had no choice on strategy given we get pocket money from Westminster, but I think we should have locked down sooner, we should never have re-opened the schools last year as that added to the second wave and cost lives, the border should have been closed. Too many mistakes were made even after the lessons were clear from the countries that did well in containing the virus. I do think the Scottish Government communication to the public has been better though if not the handling.

Q7. In his trial for sexual harassment Alex Salmond was found not guilty of all charges. Should the identities of complainers in sexual offences trials still be protected after a not guilty verdict? 55.3% (63 respondents) do not believe that the identities of complainers should be protected after a not guilty verdict with 44.7% (51 respondents) believe they should be protected. The law is clear that they should be protected and we just have to accept that. I voted should not because I think that could protect accusers who may have committed perjury and an offense and I also think if we are to protect the complainers we should protect the accused until there has been a guilty verdict. We should not try the person in public before their trial which could also influence a jury which has to be selected if it is all over the papers as it was with Alex Salmond.

Q8. A plebiscite is the direct vote of all the members of an electorate on an important public question such as a change in the constitution. Should the Scottish Government make the May Holyrood elections a plebiscite for Scotland becoming an independent country? 73.3% (85 respondents) believe that the election in May should be a Plebiscite on Scotland becoming an independent country with 26.7% (31 respondents) believing that it should not be a plebiscite. I personally voted it should be because Westminster in my opinion are not going to agree to another referendum any time soon, especially if they believe they will lose. However I do not think the SNP have the guts to do that but I would love to be wrong but the party is currently infected with careerists and gradualists, possibly even people who do not even support independence.

Q9. Do you agree with positive discrimination measures in the selection of candidates for election? 77.4% (89 respondents) do not agree with positive discrimination to select candidates with 22.6% (26 respondents) agreeing that we should have some positive discrimination to select candidates. I personally voted no as I think members should be allowed to select from all candidates and voters should not have people fostered on them from a selective list which may not have selected the best candidate because of disability, colour, or gender. I can accept that minorities get to go forward for selection by local members but not given preference, that for me is undemocratic.

Again, sorry for the quality of the images. Google forms have changed their programme and you now can’t save as Jpeg and the quality is now less which is really annoying so I will need to do a bit of research into it and see if I can improve the image quality in future. Thank you for taking part, I always find it interesting to see what others think and there have been a couple of surprises for me especially Q6 and 7.

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4 Responses to A Grumpy Survey: The Results

  1. Making the images clearer: could you not just zoom in with your browser and then take screenshots? Then crop out the bits you don’t need.

    • David

      That is pretty much what I do but when you transfer to wordpress you just lose some of the focus so I need to have a think or have a chat to one of the media workers at work and see what they think, tell them it is for work of course 🙂.

      Thanks for your help.


  2. panda paws says:

    I think the reason q7 was a surprise was that there wasn’t an “other” option and forced to choose between yes and no I chose yes but it is a qualified yes. Yes if after an acquittal they either appeal or get on with their lives. No if they repeatedly use anonymity and access to the media/captured organisations to suggest that the defendant was guilty and the jury was wrong. The Faculty of Advocates are raging that the jury trial result is being undermined – I read their piece as a stinging rebuke to the FM.

    I also think the defendant should have their anonymity protected unless found n guilty and they don’t appeal.

    The results were very interesting especially q3 re the list. The list parties aren’t polling well in the opinion polls but folk that read the pro indy blogs are more switched on, not low info voters. I wonder if the new list parties will do better than expected. It only takes 14-17k SNP list voters to switch and a list party gets a seat and there are enough pissed off SNP (former) members to make that happen.

    • Panda Paws

      I saw FMQs and I thought Nicola Sturgeons comments were a disgrace, I think we are starting to see the real Nicola now that the pressure is on and the pressure is on even if she gets through this time either way as a lot of eyes have been opened and if the SNP is nearly broke well that is down to her and her husband. Yes in future I will provide more options, I don’t do many survey’s but will def keep that in mind, they are just a bit of fun but I do always find them interesting all the same. I totally agree that in accusations of the nature that Alex Salmond faced then everyone’s identify has to be protected because it is not fair at all and it could influence a jury but I think most people who are switched on can see the Crown Office has been corrupted by Wolffe and incompetence, why NS allowed him into the Cabinet I don’t know and the more I learn he appears not as esteemed as we were led to believe. The list parties will be an interesting one, I think they will get more votes than people think but if it will be enough to win seats is anyone’s guess, I think if people were more informed by our media they might as people who vote Green don’t know how woke they are now. I also can’t stand James Kelly now either and his whole pop up party shit, it is so disrespectful of those involved. I liked him when he stuck to polls but now he has become a bit of a prick to be honest and I don’t read him as much now unless it is about a poll.

      Thanks for commenting and taking part. Bruce


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