Comment : If this happens

I was chatting to a friend last night and said to him that ” I bet they still don’t publish the evidence “. Should that scenario come about today or over the weekend then I would hope/expect all of the other members of the committee to resign immediately from the process, I would expect Alex Salmond to refuse to attend and give evidence, I would hope that the decent members of the Scottish Parliament (if there are any) would demand a judge led enquiry and I would hope that many of us would sit up and think about what we believe in, our moral compass, the truth, justice. Should the scenario that Stuart Campbell thinks could happen happen then we are facing the biggest crisis in our Parliament and Government since 1999 when it came into being.

We cannot build a new Scotland based on corruption, deceit, and lies. Devolution is not enough, many of us know that, but how do we move forward supporting a party whose leadership are corrupt to their core, that they will deny truth, that they will deny honesty to protect what will be clear for the world to see is corruption at the highest level, corruption that would even make a Tory Politician blush. I have made no secret that this whole affair disgusts me, from the claims that took Alex Salmond to court that a jury rejected as not believable, to the court protecting the accusers when there is an argument to suggest maybe the testimony should be getting investigated. To the Crown Persecution Service, Police Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, Peter Murrell, Linda Fabiani, Lesley Evans, maybe it is time for an independent investigation into the whole affair by another Police Force, another Crown Prosecution Service.

I never expect all that much from our politicians these days, being 52 years old I have learned that very few of them are decent people there for the right reasons. When all we ask for in our politicians is honesty and integrity, when we want them to find common ground to make Scotland a better place we get tribal warfare, incompetence, lies, vested interests and the people who lose the most are the most vulnerable in our country or the many of us who just want a chance, the chance of a better life, the idea that the state is there to make our lives that bit better, our laws just, our policy that reflects the Scotland we want to live in.

Our Government, and many of our politicians, have corrupted our Parliament and they have corrupted their own party. They have taken the view that the views of basically the trans lobby, of people who were found to be unbelievable in a Court out weigh the views of the rest of us. We see members of a Government, and Andy Wightman, deciding that we are not smart enough to decide for ourselves what the truth is as they strive to protect a First Minister, a Civil Service that on the face of it look corrupt beyond measure, who appear to many to have lied under oath or in our parliament to both protect themselves and to potentially send an innocent man to jail.

Can we support that? If you ignore that because only independence matters at any cost are you a part of the problem? Is your devotion to Nicola Sturgeon, a First Minster who has not taken us closer to independence in any shape or form, enough for you to accept lies and corruption? If you are willing to set aside all that we know, all that we have heard, all that we read, all that many of us believe are the basics we deserve from our Parliament and our Politicians then we maybe don’t deserve to be independent because these people are the worst foundation to build it on, the worst possible people to trust to build that fairer Scotland many of us strive for.

I have a dilemma with my constituency vote in May, not my list vote but I have decided this morning that if the SNP members, with the help of Andy Wightman, deny us the opportunity to get some sort of truth, then I cannot see myself voting SNP and risk keeping in power some of the very people who disgust me, whom I don’t trust. I know I will be called a unionist, that I was never an SNP voter, that I don’t really want independence, that I am a plant, a troll. I can live with that because I have to live with myself and when I tell my 13 year old to always tell the truth, the same as I told my oldest children, am I saying to them but only the truth if it doesn’t harm you or doesn’t stop you getting to where you want to get to, no I don’t think I can do that.

Not voting SNP in May will be one of the hardest decisions that I might ever have to make but given where we are now I can’t see that I might have any other choice because as I have said, these people disgust me to the pit of my stomach and I don’t want Sturgeon, Wishart, Blackman, Robertson, Dornan, Fabiani, Smith, Blackford, Yusuf, Swinney having any say in my future because all they care about is their own futures, their little minority cult of trans lobbyist’s and protecting people who may have lied to put an innocent man in jail, how can anyone support that.

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17 Responses to Comment : If this happens

  1. Not voting SNP will be pretty easy for me. You could count on the fingers of one hand the number of MPs and MSPs that have found the backbone to speak up about any of this and state that the party has moved too far away from what its core objective should be. They’ve (mostly) all got far too comfy becoming The Establishment, finding themselves the dominant Scottish political force in both parliaments.

    You can almost SMELL the New Labour reek of entitlement that comes from them.

    I always vote for what I want. I used to vote SNP where I lived in Edinburgh back in the 80’s when they were a long way behind in 3rd place. If I heard it once I heard it a thousand times – “Vote Labour to stop the Tory getting in!” Trouble was, I didn’t want either of them. I wanted the SNP cos I wanted independence. Now I still want independence but there’s no point voting SNP any longer.

    • David

      It is a real dilemma for many, I have had a few texts this morning since I posted agreeing with what I have said and a couple not. I just can’t believe how far they have fallen so quickly but the corruption stinks and how can some of us vote to keep that in place. I want independence as much as anyone and still hope to see it in my lifetime so at least I know my kids have a chance at something better but keeping some of this lot is not better, might as well vote Tory because they are as disgusting as many in that party are. I don’t think the committee will do the right thing but to be honest I am past that now anyway, they disgust me to the pit of my stomach and I take my vote seriously and who represents me seriously so I will either spoil my paper or just vote who I think will represent me the best but not someone who supports Sturgeon and her cult, I can’t do that anymore.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. Quite so. My constituency vote will probably go to the SNP because I would rather like to see Willie Rennie given a stout kick up the arse. But there is no way SNP is getting my list vote.

    I think your remark about tribalism is particularly apposite. Scotland reverting to character depressingly and predictably. Opinions are right or wrong not on the basis of reason or example but because of whose team the person offering them supports; if the other gang/party/team says it’s true it must be false.

    The aspiration of inclusive nationhood is dashed by tawdry selfishness. The choice is now between this and more of the same from the Brits.

    • Duncan

      The aspiration of inclusive nationhood is dashed by tawdry selfishness. The choice is now between this and more of the same from the Brits.

      I agree and I really don’t have any answers. I totally understand about Willie Rennie, what has that man ever done for Scotland that has been a benefit to anyone. I totally accept that the decisions that people, who take their politics seriously, have to make in May is so difficult and with tensions running so high it doesn’t make that decision any easier. It is for people to vote how they wish of course but I am so disgusted now by what I have learned, and I don’t know it all and haven’t even made any attempt to find out who is all involved as some have, but to even think about giving a vote that keeps Nicola Sturgeon in place along with some of the others and her cult I think would be impossible to swallow. I am at the stage where I think I can take a step back to maybe get people in place who actually want independence as I now question if some of them do that is for sure, but I still cannot get my around the fact that they tried to frame an innocent man to block his return to politics, you just can’t get lower than that and I hope some day the whole truth does come out as this has stained our nation and makes us look no better than the Brits.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


      • Thanks Bruce.

        A bit of me still holds out hope that there are sections of the SNP standing above this nonsense; for long as Ms Cherry remains a member, this seems to be bourn out. I was a firm supporter of Stephen Gethins who was kicked out as MP here because the Liberals and Tories formed an informal alliance. His ex-constituency manager is now standing as MSP and because he is a reasonable bloke he will get my vote. I believe that Stephen became quite disaffected and is happy now with his academic position where he has been able to write a book, which I look forward to perusing.

        I very much like your idea of asking people if they really are interested in independence. The movement has always been a broad church containing all shades of political opinion. It should remain so. The challenge should be to all independence supporters to be able to bury their differences and stand together. If there are any exceptions or exclusions then there is no independence movement; only the usual factions.

        Thanks for responding 🙂

        • Duncan

          I do think that most people who believe in independence will keep believing either way and the issue becomes how we get there. For many they see the only avenue being the SNP and you’re correct there are good people like Joanna Cherry, and Angus MacNeil, but how long will they last as long as the majority of the elected SNP politicians don’t say anything at all for fear of being targeted or for their jobs, if that is what they fear then they should not be there because it is more than a job. I don’t have any answers, I wish I did, but right now I feel disgusted with Nicola Sturgeon and those around her and for me a vote that potentially keeps them in place in the hope the members might bring about change condones what they have done and what they are doing and I can’t be a part of that I just can’t.

          Thanks for commenting. Bruce


          • For me Ms Cherry has become a kind of canary in the coal mine. I thought her piece in today’s National was well expressed and open, but I imagine there will be pile on because she wondered about the exclusion of the words woman and lesbian. (From my own experience, I recently received information about new medication in which it is explicitly stated that somebody taking it should not try to get another person pregnant. Another person!) She has already said she is considering not standing again. Whether this is code for something else remains to be seen. We’ll see.

            Thank you for well expressed opinions and courteous discussion 🙂

            • Duncan

              I haven’t read it (don’t by the National anymore) but did see something a while back that Joanna Cherry was thinking of not standing in 2024, that would be a real loss but I would not blame her. To be honest I suspect Joanna Cherry and Angus MacNeil will have the whip removed soon anyway, things are going to get a lot worse in the SNP before they get better, I suspect. They are destroying Scotland I wait with bated breath the new Hate Bill that many suspect will shut down blogs like this as having an opinion that the SNP don’t agree with so therefor will be a criminal offense in Scotland. I am getting pretty close to just saying F the SNP.

              Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  3. Brian says:

    Agree with pretty much everything you say here, Bruce.
    My god, that it’s come to this.
    Hopes of a lifetime dashed by a bunch of corrupt people who call themselves politicians.

    • Brian

      It really is so sad, at a time when we need an independent Scotland more than anything for our kids and grandkids we get corruption of an order that would make a Tory blush. Even if they release the evidence and Salmond gets his day I am well past supporting Nicola Sturgeon or many in that party, they disgust me to be honest and I think they are in for a surprise in May. They might win, they might even win big but they will have lost a lot of good will and it will be last mandate that Sturgeon gets for sue but I cannot bring myself to vote for someone who keeps them in the places they are, I would not be able to hold my nose tight enough.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  4. Bill Cochrane says:

    I am 67 years old, have believed Scotland should be a free country since I was 13. I have voted SNP all my life without exception but with all that is happening, if nothing changes between now and May 6th, it will be very unlikely the SNP will get my vote. I am at this point a member of the SNP but that will end as per the above stated timescale if this mess is not sorted.

    • Bill

      I don’t think you are the only one, the SNP might win and might win big in May but I suspect it will be the last mandate if Sturgeon remains in charge. The party I knew died a while ago and I left in 2016 when I saw what was happening with Sturgeon and the power grab of the leadership, I had enough then. It has just gotten worse culminating in the Salmond issue, GRA and the Hate Bill which threaten blogs like this because if your opinion is one the SNP don’t approve of you will go to jail potentially. I certainly won’t vote for anyone in May that keeps Sturgeon in place so if there is not a major clean out of the leadership and the party my vote is gone and that is that, people can say what they want about me but truth matters, decency matters, good policy matters. The SNP right now disgust me to my stomach and the MPs/MSPs just hiding away and not expressing an opinion, cowards every one of them.

      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. Bruce


  5. Alan D says:

    And so you finally come into the open. I’m saddened by this.

    The answer to your questions is, Yes. I can overlook many of those things because I look forwards to the days we could be electing Prime Ministers of Scotland. The first ten years of independence, that’s when we can clean our own house up and restore normal proportional democracy politics.

    Doing this now is like redecorating your bedroom in the UK’s house. There’s no point trying to expunge corruption from Scotland because of UK-wide corruption. Until we are free of that, nothing can meaningfully be done about it.

    Bye, then.

    • Alan

      Swapping one corruption for another makes no sense to me. If we go into an independence referendum with a group of people many of us view as corrupt you are not going to sway the don’t knows or the soft no voters. You will be asking them to trust the already corrupted to suddenly change and deliver, who is going to buy that.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. twathater says:

    @ Alan D you state that you are willing to accept the situation we find ourselves in now (corruption and lies) to achieve a better country , can you PROVE to me and others that Sturgeon and co are going to provide the means to get us there , not some vague promises of a draft indy ref bill which afaik is NOT even prepared yet, why is Sturgeon so against a plebiscite election when a majority of people favour it, why has Sturgeon NOT taken any legal action re the sect 30 order for the past 4 years yet she and her cabal fight tooth and nail against Martin Keatings and our legal challenge, yet now in the fabled 11 point plan she said she would not rule it out, as she said previously, yet did NOTHING about it , and if she will call a indy ref without a sect 30 as she proclaims WHY hasn’t she done that same thing in the last 4 years
    If Sturgeon wants independence why since 2014 has she done nothing ,nada,zilch to produce ANYTHING to educate and convince NO voters and UNDECIDEDS to vote YES
    TBH Alan D without being overly disrespectful it is people like you who are the threat to independence, who are more interested in keeping the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon in power DESPITE all the evidence of their failures and corruption aligned with their abysmal protection of Scotland, I am not and never have been a member of ANY political party but I am an avid independence supporter who is outraged at the THEFT of my dreams by a leader of a cabal of deviants and frauds

  7. Jimmy says:

    I sent my letter of resignation to S.N.P. headquarters last week, after an incredible amount of deliberation, informing them that I had no faith in the leadership and that I was extremely unhappy with the direction they were taking re. divisive policies. I told them that my list vote would be for any other Independence supporting party, and that I MAY vote for them in the constituency, depending on how things go between now and May. I’m not hopeful. I don’t have the words to express how disappointed and angry I am with this bunch, obvious people excepted.

    • Jimmy

      I have already decided I can’t vote for them in May any longer, I just don’t support their main policies anymore and I am disgusted by what they are doing to our country. I just cannot vote for a candidate that keeps Sturgeon and her poliburo in place. I will either not vote in the constituency or spoil my paper and go ISP on the list. I will always support independence, that will never change, but maybe taking a step back and getting people in place who will actually fight for it is the way ahead and there is a part of me that thinks maybe Scotland needs to suffer one more unionist Holyrood for the soft undecideds to see that the only hope is independence. I think thousands more will leave the party and that is down to Sturgeon and the corrupted individuals she has surrounded herself with, I just cannot vote for that and the likes of Wishart, Blackman, Blackford in Westminster. Unless there is serious change before May they no longer have my support.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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