Covid-19 has arrived in my household

Well what I thought was a really bad cold has turned into a positive diagnosis of Covid-19. I got tested this morning after my wife was taken to hospital for observation with Covid-19 during the night, we both thought we had a bad cold or at worst the flu. I have been fighting this since the start of last week and it is different for everyone. I had the usual runny nose, sore head, hot and cold temperature but worst of all really terrible muscle ache and feeling knackered all the time. I have not had a cough so far, or a sore chest, but was a little breathless last week. I am living on paracetamol just now and drinking lot’s of water, which does appear to help but mines could get worse before it gets better. I just want to encourage everyone to stay indoors, if you have to go out please wear a face covering and socially distance from everyone, this thing is real and it is not nice, please keep yourself and your families safe.


I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in hearing what having Covid-19 is like as we have all heard so much about it. The stories we have heard have tended to be at the extreme end of the scale but what is it like to actually have it. My experience so far is constant hot and cold, paracetamol is so important even though I hate taking them. By far the worst so far has been fatigue, I have never experienced anything like this before ever. I must have slept for about 16 hours yesterday, I could hardly keep my eyes open at all, that is just a horrible feeling and when I am awake I have sore muscles and joints, very much like you can get with the flu but very annoying. No sense of smell or taste and just a little breathless when walking up the stairs. My wife has the whole coughing and very short of breath thing and to be honest that looks and sounds a lot worse to me, while not a little scary. So basically we have my wife upstairs in quarantine, myself downstairs in quarantine, and our 13 year old son stuck in his room pretty much (not a lot of change there) but having to wear a mask every time he comes out of his room and wash his hands every time he touches something. Although he has not complained about living on dominoes yesterday as we were both just so out of it. The NHS have said my infectious period should end this weekend (as I started showing symptoms last week) and I am free to resume going outside but only if I have no symptoms, can’t see that being the case given how I am feeling right now I think I will be indoors isolating for a time yet. We have all heard the negative stories in the media about track and trace, well my experience of track and trace has been excellent. Very patient, happy to call several times to get the information, more than happy to provide advice on where to find the information for anything you need. I have found them helpful to be honest. Anyway away to actually try and move around a little and grab a shower if I don’t fall down lol.

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24 Responses to Covid-19 has arrived in my household

  1. That’s horrible. 😦 Fingers crossed for you both.

    • David

      Thanks, wife should be home tomorrow and we just need to follow the rules. I
      Just hope I’m passed the worst which was bad enough but time will tell.

      Thanks and please stay safe.

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Alan D says:

    Oh no. Get well soon.

  3. 100%Yes says:

    Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    • 100%YES

      Thanks, just need to stick to the guidance and do our best. Wife still in hospital but might get out the next couple of days, it really is flu x 5 me and I think that makes me one of the lucky ones.

      Thanks for commenting and please stay safe, this thing is not nice. Bruce


  4. capnandy1 says:

    It’s a horrible illness. Get Well Soon and Take Care.

    • Capnandy1

      It really is, it is flu x 5 and I have been lucky so far. Wife has it worse but should be home in a day or two as improving. Would not wish it on anyone to be fair.

      Thanks for commenting and please stay safe. Bruce


  5. Gordie says:

    All the best to you both. Hope you are both better soon.

    • Gordie

      Thank you, wife still in hospital for observation but could get out the next day or two. I have the whole fever, fatigue, muscle ache and no sense of smell and taste thing but so far breathing has been fine so actually feel lucky and hopefully as bad as it gets as it is definitely not nice at all.

      Thanks for commenting and please stay safe. Bruce


  6. panda paws says:

    Oh no. Get well soon to you both.

    • Panda Paws

      Thanks, it’s definitely not nice. Wife still in hospital for observation but could get out next couple of days if breathing improves. I appear to have the whole fatigue, muscle ache, loss of sense and smell thing going on just now so fingers crossed that is as bad as it gets as that is bad enough and would not wish on anyone.

      Thanks for commenting and please stay safe. Bruce


  7. trispw says:

    What awful news, Bruce.

    I really hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Panda Paws has mentioned this on Munguin’s Republic. We’re all thinking of you, and Munguin himself sends you and your wife his best. Who could ask for more!!!

    Get well soon. But take it slowly. Post viral fatigue is horrible.

    • Tris

      Thanks, wife was in Ghana for a family emergency and was tested before she left and tested before she returned to the UK and was negative but when she arrived back in the UK said it was a joke. No temperatures being taken, no social distancing, no masks, no enforcement said she was really shocked and that is where she got it, at Heathrow. Said in Ghana it was totally different, one plane disembarks at a time, two people off at a time, very strict rules, UK nothing. She is getting out of the hospital this afternoon as oxygen levels are back to normal but has to stay in bed for the rest of the week as gets breathless very easily and I have to be in a separate room even though we both have it as we can actually make each other worse until we are through it. I have so far the temperature thing, muscle aches and fatigue, no sense of smell or taste, it really is flu x 5. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

      Thanks for commenting and please stay safe this things sucks eggs for sure. Bruce


  8. Brian says:

    So sorry to hear that Bruce. We wish both of you well.

    • Brian

      Thanks, it is not nice I can say that. Wife has been hit really bad with it while avoided the really bad cough or the worst of the breathlessness but I do feel it just walking up the stairs, wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

      Thanks for commenting and please do stay safe.

      Sent from my iPhone


      • trispw says:

        How are you feeling now? Is your wife home and how is she.

        Our best to both of you.

        • Tris

          Thanks for asking, wife is home and quarantine upstairs and I am downstairs. Feel a bit better today in that I don’t feel knackered, still a little breathless, a bit of a temperature and no sense of taste and smell but at least wife has sense of taste back. I think there is light at the end of the tunnel and today, according to the NHS lady who called, is my last infectious day so I am safe to go out once my symptoms are virtually gone but I will leave that until after the weekend as I am still having the symptoms. But light at the end of the tunnel and definitely something I hope I never get again.

          Thanks for asking and please stay safe. Bruce


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