The Hole that keeps getting deeper

Saw this today on a news feed and to be honest it does not look good at all. The article really does ridicule the Scottish Government with comments like ‘collective memory loss’, ‘this has led to accusations of ‘coaching’ answers so that they do not necessarily provide the information being asked for’. The report goes on to say four of the six civil servants giving evidence have been forced to correct or clarify their evidence after their appearances. In one case Barbara Allison, director of communications and ministerial support, spent two weekends and two working days to prepare for two evidence sessions, but faced criticism after she twice claimed under oath that she had not received a text message from Ms Evans, in which she wrote ‘battle maybe lost but not the war’, on the day Mr Salmond won his judicial review.

I appreciate that most Governments probably do this but at a time when the Scottish Fishing Industry is on it’s knees, at a time when many feel that this enquiry is just not getting to the truth of what went on, who knew what, who did what, who made the decisions this is a really bad look and adds more fuel to the fire. The report goes on with a source close to Mr Salmond told the publication: ‘The bill for the cover up continues to mount. It can hardly be said that they are getting value for money given the woeful performance of mandarins in front of the committee.’

James Hynd, the government’s head of cabinet, Ms Evans, and inquiry lead Judith Mackinnon also spent hours preparing to provide evidence, parts of which they later had to correct or clarify. Alex Cole-Hamilton, the LibDem MSP and a committee member said he was ‘astonished’ that government had spent over £50,000 on prepping civil servants only for them to provide ‘patchy at best’ testimony ‘considering the collective memory loss’. He added: ‘It also raises the very real concern that these civil servants are being coached – that their answers are not natural, and once again, we might not be getting the full truth in our work.’ A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: ‘It is completely untrue that Scottish Government witnesses have been coached. It also seems that following the concerns raised by many in the Scottish Parliament that the investigation into wither the First Minister misled Parliament will include that issue with James Hamilton QC saying he had received ‘written statements and other information’ in recent months and confirmed he would investigate. In a letter sent to MSPs last night, he said he believes Miss Sturgeon’s ‘reporting of the relevant meetings to the parliament’ is within his remit and will be covered by his inquiry.

It is getting harder not to disagree with Wings Over Scotland that the noose in tightening and it is getting harder and harder for the Scottish Government and Civil Servants to hide, that is a good thing for the Parliament and for those of us who want a better Scotland not a mini Westminster but the more that comes to light the deeper that hole keeps getting.

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2 Responses to The Hole that keeps getting deeper

  1. Brian says:

    At a time when my Special Needs daughter has to go to a govt Assessment interview in order to get very modest financial support, I read that highly paid civil servants get special coaching to be interviewed by MSPs at an enquiry. And that me and my wife, as taxpayers, have to pay over £50,000 for this. There is no question in my mind now. Sturgeon and her husband absolutely have to go. Now.

    • Brian

      I think more and more people are starting to feel the same way, not that they are anti Nicola Sturgeon but just feel that she has led the party now for 7 years and it is time for change and that this enquiry is just making it more urgent now. I find it all so sad really as none of this had to happen, rather than properly consider the allegations against Alex Salmond they immediately assumed he was guilty and jumped, that is down to poor systems, the wokes who have infected the SNP, and Nicola Sturgeons own feminist agenda, and maybe some fear that Alex Salmond might make a come back. I think the Wings articles and the case against the likes of Craig Murray, but not the media who did worse, shows that our judicial system is well broken now, the protection of the accusers with no indication of any look at how every charge could fail, as Wings has also written articles about, does not show anyone in a good light. I also think we are entitled to know how much this has all cost, there are a lot of people out there who either can’t get the support they need or have to fight for every single penny and they are spending not just the £50,000 but hundreds of thousands more, it is a crime if you ask me and a moral disgrace.

      Thanks for commenting and please stay safe. Bruce


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