GRA through the back door?

The Gender Recognition Act is one of the more controversial pieces of legislation the Scottish Parliament had tried to get passed in recent years and has been shelved for the moment under the basis of the Covid-19 pandemic and not the fact that it has proven to be controversial with a lot of articles on sites like Wings Over Scotland, even 88.1% of people were against this bill in my own little survey in October 2020 or there about. Today when surfing the net during my break I saw this headline on an American site and thought I’ve not seen this reported anywhere in Scotland. Personally I think we should leave things as they are just now as I am not so sure the Scottish public are ready for such a change or even understand the potential ramifications of it, I am not even sure I do either to be honest, and we have all seen the pile on that takes place with the Trans Lobby on Social Media if you come to their attention but this does look like GRA through the back door if the question is not even asked, I know we get asked how we identify as a person now rather than ask what sex we identify as but changing the census might jut annoy a lot of people.

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