Circling the Wagons?

Alex Salmond is due to appear before the Holyrood Committee looking into the handling of the harassment claims made against him, and the subsequent collapse of the Court Case costing the tax payer hundred’s of thousands of pounds, on the 19th of January and it looks like the wagons are circling. Iain Blackford has said that Nicola Sturgeon “acted in an honourable way” after former colleague Alex Salmond reportedly claimed she breached the ministerial code by misleading the Scottish Parliament. Alex Salmond claims Sturgeon’s evidence over when she knew about the allegations was “simply untrue”.

A Scottish Government spokesman, unnamed of course, has said “The First Minister and the permanent secretary stand by what has been said to Parliament and in written evidence to the committee. “The permanent secretary has also already provided detailed answers in person to the committee and will provide further oral evidence on Tuesday. I find that statement interesting when you consider that Leslie Evans, Peter Murrell, Barbara Allison, Judith Mackinnon, and James Hyde have all corrected or clarified their evidence after appearing before the committee. The Scottish Government spokesman goes on to say “We should always remember that the roots of this issue lie in complaints made by women about Alex Salmond’s behaviour whilst he was first minister, aspects of which he has conceded. “It is not surprising therefore that he continues to try to divert focus from that by seeking to malign the reputation of the First Minister and by spinning false conspiracy theories.

Interesting that they are trying to divert from the major issues here to try Alex Salmond again in the public court, what are they trying to hide? Remember Alex Salmond was INNOCENT of all charges against him but now even the Scottish Government are trying him in the court of public opinion.

I don’t know if we will ever get to know the whole truth, certainly the courts in protecting the accusers (whom the jury did not believe in the trial on a single claim) are denying the enquiry important evidence. I have also watched some of the committee hearings and the leadership from Linda Fabiani SNP MSP has left a lot to be desired and it breaks my heart to say that the most effective in getting any answers have been Jackie Baillie Labour, Hamilton Liberal Democrats, and Fraser the Tories.

I do think there is more to this case, I do now suspect that Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell knew more than they are saying and we deserve the truth. It is sad that this comes at such an important time for the YES community and none of us want to take shots at the party but we cannot move forward with this hanging over us. I appreciate there are the Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon camps but put all of that aside, the truth matters.

Grouse Beater has an excellent article posted yesterday and I encourage you all to read it, he writes so much better than myself, I’m jealous lol , but please do read his article. We are getting close to the end of this disgraceful period in the Scottish Governments overall decent time in Government. The focus has to shift to independence and certain people have to go and go now, if that includes the First Minister I have no problem with that I really don’t, it won’t be easy to see change but as some circle the wagons we know that change is coming.

Just read this post Wings Over Scotland , again I would encourage you all to read this as it does paint an interesting picture that we have not heard to date.

2 Responses to Circling the Wagons?

  1. twathater says:

    TBH Bruce I am beyond angry , that this shower of incompetents and science deniers has the bare faced chutzpah to attempt to minimise and divert attention from the verifiable evidence from Alex Salmond by once again TRYING to insinuate wrongdoing on his part . It just shows the desperation of people who have no morals or integrity and it is even more worrying in just how far these people are willing to go to retain the power that we have entrusted them with

    I sincerely hope that this blatant misuse of the law which has cost taxpayers millions will necessitate a judge led inquiry that will hold all those involved to account , and I hope that prison sentences will be part of their punishment

    In the interim all senior persons involved Evans , Allison , Lloyd , Sturgeon , Comer , Richards and all the others , if their intention is to leave to possibly avoid recriminations their pensions should be frozen and ONLY become payable IF they are innocent of participation in wrongdoing , or if they agree to name names , they cannot be allowed to profit from this misuse of power

    • Twathater

      Yeah, social media went into overdrive yesterday trying Alex Salmond yet again in the court of public opinion, I had so many indignant woke women on my timeline. Apparently I am a misogynist with no one being willing to accept that if Nicola Sturgeon lied to parliament she has to go no matter her gender and because Alex Salmond accepted that he may have been inappropriate on one of the occasions, the one where the other person accepted his apology and remained working for him, he is really guilty end of. I suspect that once the report comes out some people will retire, with a full pension of course, they certainly will never accept they have done anything wrong that is for sure. It is really sad that all of this has come about and Nicola Sturgeon, who has done an overall decent job as First Minister, has either been played or let her own prejudice take over, that is a sad legacy but no one is bigger than independence and that includes Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond. I think it is time for a wee clear out of the SNP, Swinney, Sturgeon, Blackford, Blackman, Wishart, Smith – time for all of them to maybe go now as they are a hindrance in my opinion to the cause. They maybe all want independence but their lack of urgency will cost us independence, now is the time to be on the front foot not waiting and hoping that Johnson self destructs or the English vote for their own independence first. I also agree there should have been a judge led enquiry into this mess because Fabiani has been really poor in my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting and please stay safe. Bruce


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