Masks, the List and Hunger

Hi, how are we all this morning? Well I hope. The weekend goes so quickly when you are back at work that is for sure. I am off at the end of the week for two weeks and I must admit I am looking forward to that just so I don’t have to be on the laptop as much.

Had a little look at the headlines this morning and the Daily Record are back to the border issue. To be honest I am bored with this now, Nicola Sturgeon is not going to close the border unless England ends up back where it was in April and that is unlikely to happen, I hope. The unionists accuse the First Minister of just stoking division, have they seen this Tory English Government, the hypocrisy is unbelievable some days it really is. They really have no shame at all do they. The attitude about borders is just so little England and not just in relation to Scotland but everywhere, unionists argue there is no border in the UK but then get all their knickers in a twist when the First Minister threatens to close the border that they argue we don’t have so what is it?

There were 19 new cases of Covid-19 in Scotland yesterday but English figures are getting harder to find now but there have been a couple of hundred at least with a new out break at a farm in Herefordshire at the weekend. This leads to the Metro going with the on-going debate around the wearing of masks and face coverings. Munguin’s New Republic has a good article on this amid the on-going confusion not being helped by the likes of Michael Gove who says people should use their common sense, yeah right, while buffoon Johnson says wear them. Westminster has been a total joke with every bit of advice they have given since the start of this crisis and they just get worse rather than better as each day goes on. The simple fact is wear a face covering in enclosed spaces and on public transport, end of.

The whole SNP 1 and 2 vote thing has raised it’s ugly head again this weekend following John Swinney saying that if you want independence vote SNP on both the consistency and list. Now that just won’t result in an SNP majority at Holyrood unless the vote is of 2011 proportions and that is very very unlikely. Jason Michael has a good article on this and well worth a read but first things first, vote. Secondly, voting for the SNP on the list in most cases is now a waste of time as it will not return many SNP MSPs if they win the consistency vote first, certainly the case in my area so I will go for Green or ISP on the list, probably ISP if they have a candidate in my area. The key to next year is to return as many pro YES MSPs as possible and I would not expect the SNP to say anything less than vote SNP 1 and 2 if they are asked, but I would hope they would just shut up and not confuse the issue any further than it already is. Next years election is about independence, that is the end of it now. The unionists and their Westminster Government have made it that way with their total disgraceful attitude.

The Independent have an online article about the number of children being admitted to hospital with malnutrition, there have been 2500 cases since April. That is a national shame, a disgrace, and a result of Tory Government Policy. They blame Covid-19 for the rise but let’s be honest here, this English Government that governs us all is a horrible nightmare. Tory MPs don’t care if children go hungry, they don’t care if families have to use food banks, they just don’t care. Government figures also show that 7.7 million adults in England have cut down on potion sizes or missed meals since April, and food bank use is up 89%. What kind of country do we live in, how in any way is this not front page news in every paper. Has England became so uncaring that this is the new normal, we know that there are many wonderful community activists in England because people would be starving in the street if there weren’t but what will it take for people to understand what a Tory vote means, how short memories are in England of the harm and destruction this party cause every time they are in power. I hate the Tories I really do, this Tory Government are the scum of the earth, who votes for these bastards.

Sorry for the rant there but come on, malnutrition in children in this day and age in England. Anyway I hope you all have a good day, wear a face covering and take care.

2 Responses to Masks, the List and Hunger

  1. Lulu Bells says:

    Enjoyed your rant :-). Perhaps we should try moving the great big signs that say Welcome to Scotland a few miles south, I suspect England might recognise the border then.
    Malnutrition in our children, any children, is appalling and you are correct this should be more newsworthy. Food collection points in all our supermarkets in this day and age. I was raised in a very poor family where there were occasions we had nothing to eat, no electricity, I cannot bear it that there are children still living at that level of poverty in this day and age. Its a disgrace and the extremes of wealth are pretty disgusting.
    As for the voting issue, it does my head in, I have read much and watched the videos, I just get it and then lose it again. It is made worse by the fact that there are people who know what they are talking about on either side of the argument.
    Have a good day and enjoy your holidays when they come.

    • Lulu

      There were times in the 80s where our meals were beans on toast, I think my parents went without at times as well. I think it is a disgrace that we are still in this place today, I blame the unionists 100% for this. Labour for becoming the Red Tories and the people who vote Tory, what do they think will happen when they elect a Tory Government. How short memories are, the Tories never improve anything other than make the rich richer and feather their own nest. If independence doesn’t happen soon then it won’t happen and I do worry about the leadership of the SNP and this whole hoping England collapses approach rather than have a strategy. I will be surprised if there is a referendum before 2023 as I just don’t think they have it in them. I do know that if they fail to start to act soon then my vote goes elsewhere or a spoilt paper as I am not just going to give them mandate after mandate while people are starving that’s for sure. If the SNP don’t act what is the point of voting for them as they become just the same as Labour of old.

      Thanks for commenting and stay safe. Bruce

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