Something Different: Bond – A Grumpy Survey

I haven’t done a something different for some time now but have been watching the Daniel Craig Bond films this last week, leading up to the new Bond film being released later this year, so I wondered who is your favourite and least favourite James Bond actor and favourite and least favourite James Bond movie.

I have always liked the Bond movies, even though they are filled with nightmarish Britishness, bit of sexism in the movies up to the 80’s at the very least and undertones of racism sadly in the early movies also. The first Bond movie I saw was the Spy Who Loved Me around 1980 on betamax video lol. My brother taped that and Star Wars, or had the videos, and I used to watch both a lot. There have been 24 Bond films plus two non official ones staring David Niven and Sean Connery.

My favourite James Bond actor is Daniel craig, he played the character close to the books and pulls it off well overall and my favourite James Bond film is Skyfall because it keeps you going for the whole film and is pretty fast paced. My least favourite James Bond actor was probably Timothy Dalton as he doesn’t really get it for myself and least favourite Bond movie was A View to a Kill, bad from start to finish but a great theme song by Duran Duran.

There was talk earlier this year about Bond being played by a woman but there is no way that would work at all for me. Some things should just be left as they are and this is one of them. There is also speculation as to who should replace Daniel Craig now that he has confirmed he will not make any more Bond films. I think it all depends on what kind of Bond you want. If you want a rough and ready Bond then maybe it is someone like Tom Hardy. If you want a smooth and sophisticated Bond then someone like Tom Huddlestone I guess would fit the bill or a bit of both you might go for Idris Elba although he has said he feels too old to play the part so who know who will get it really or when.

A James Bond Survey

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2 Responses to Something Different: Bond – A Grumpy Survey

  1. Brian says:

    Best Craig movie… “Casino Royale”. Venice and Eva Green. Who could ask for more?

    • Brian
      I thought it was a decent first Daniel Craig Bond film, especially the start with the chase. It was a good spy film with Bond trying to bankrupt the terrorists without knowing it was really Spectre. Good first outing for Craig.

      Thanks for commenting.

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