Headlines Friday 26th June 2020

Good morning, Friday way hay. Been for an early walk to make sure I actually did and increased my steps, slightly, actually feel good that I made the effort and did it. Tackled a few hills so the legs will pay for it later but it’s a start I suppose.

The National go with the Nazi banner put up near Nicola Sturgeons home. What is it with some people, the unionists, and the far right in Scotland that they think this is in any way funny or adds to the debate. We all get frustrated at times, we might say something rude occasionally on social media, but what kind of mind does it take to spend money to create a banner like that, and which company makes it without questioning the content on the banner. The unionists, in my opinion, are definitely getting more afraid now of the debate. They are ramping up the violence, the bile, the hate. The next independence referendum is going to be more aggressive, more angry from the unionist side. We need to be ready for that, Police Scotland need to be ready for it and stop appeasing these knuckle dragger’s.

Liverpool FC won the English Premiership last night and in keeping with social distancing guidelines thousands upon thousands of Liverpool fans descended on Annfield to celebrate. What the F is going on in England? On the night that the World Health Organisation announced there were now 9,500,000 cases of covid-19 worldwide but probably more and there had been at least 500,000 deaths probably more. When the USA announce that some states like Texas will probably have to go back into lock down because cases have exploded again due to people ignoring the advice thousands of football fans take to the streets in Liverpool, many taking their kids with them. I cannot see how England avoids a second spike, we see it here in Scotland on a lesser scale as well though. The Glasgow Times reports Police Scotland having to kick thousands out of Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow, bloody hell people wake up and stop being a total minter to all of us.

The Herald go with the issue of NHS Scotland waiting lists taking years to get back on track, now I take the years thing with a huge pinch of salt but there is no doubt an issue building here. I usually go to the Dentist every 3 months as I have weak gums and I am now at 6 months and could really do with my deep scaling even though it hurts like you wouldn’t believe. I really hope the Scottish Government find a way to get the NHS in Scotland opening up more as people do need health care. The Daily Mail go with the Scottish Government maybe raising taxes. Kate Forbes has said that without additional borrowing powers the Scottish Government will have to look at everything, including tax, she did not say at any point she was increasing taxes. Just a typical SNP bad headline with no relation to the actual truth, we all know what we are up against with the media in Scotland, it’s just lie after lie.

Anyway looks like it might be a nice day today with a little rain. Mid 60s is just perfect for myself as I really don’t like it too hot and a little rain is fine as well. I hope you all have a great day, take care and stay safe. Don’t be like the knuckle draggers, stay home other than exercising, work if you must, visit to the store, stick to the guidance please.

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4 Responses to Headlines Friday 26th June 2020

  1. Brian says:

    Bruce, banners like that should just be treated with contempt and then forgotten. They achieve nothing. The relentless snpbad in the media is the concern. It has become something of a cliche now, but I’m sure it still gets through to some. And it’s ramping up (to use a favourite Hancock expression).
    Good to hear your fitness regime is “ramping up” too:-)

    • Brian

      You’re right the banner is just stupid but I do think the unionists and their media are starting to get a little afraid now and I am not so sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. One of my friends thinks it is a good thing as it will show don’t knows the true face of British Nationalism but I thought only if gets reported, and it won’t. I also think Police Scotland have got to get the finger out as well as they certainly appear to treat marches very differently and come across as the unionists personal Police force. I used to be very fit years ago but as I have gotten older it all fell away. I have put on some weight, not a lot but some, and I just haven’t been active enough so trying to get walking to be a daily habit that I do everyday without thinking now, just to do something no matter how little.

      Thanks for commenting and stay safe. Bruce

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  2. capnandy1 says:

    Bruce. Snap. I do feel your pain with regard to the scaling. I was due my appointment when the lockdown started. I’m not looking forward to my appointment with the Hygeinist.

    • CapnAndy

      Totally, I need the appointment but dreading it at the same time, the wee brushes just don’t do it after a while for me. I was due in April and just have to wait on a letter now, hopefully soon.

      Thanks for commenting and take care. Bruce

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