Lock Down Day 38

  I thought this morning I would have a wee skeck at the papers and they are all pretty much doom and gloom today and in some cases that’s understandable. The Herald sticks with its SNP bad mantra as we would expect, on the day that Boris Johnson will be slated for the failure of the UK to test 100,000 people per month for Coronavirus the Herald get in first with the SNP failing by 90% of the figure allegedly quoted by the First Minister. Testing is vital as we know from our European neighbours, and it’s correct to challenge the First Minister and the SNP Government, but it’s the fact that we know this is about an SNP bad hit to make sure that some people can see that as far as the Herald is concerned Scotland is as shite as the UK if not worse, no worse.

The Dundee Courier goes with the deaths in care homes, as does, The Scotsman. Deaths in care homes are a national shame, there is no doubt about that. Can you imagine the fear elderly residents are going through every day in their care homes. Lets be clear this is down to the Westminster Government and how badly they have handled this crisis from day one. I do blame the Tories and I do blame the scientists, once this is over both have very serious questions to answer and a public enquiry must be held to get to the bottom of how badly they have screwed up and how many people have been killed. If a Government should fall it should be this one, I would also hope that the media are held to account as well, I would not shed a tear if all of the dead tree press went under our media is so broken in this country now. Television is not any better in the UK, I watch EURO News on YouTube more than any others now as the BBC / STV / SKY have been shockingly bad. I need to figure out a way to have Broadcast Scotland pinned on my Firestick to watch that at 7pm when I can.

The Telegraph are expecting Boris Johnson to extend the lock down or at the very least to say that the current conditions like social distancing and gatherings are to remain in place for a while longer. That is to be expected when you see that over 26,000 people have lost their lives in the UK since this crisis started. The UK is on track to be the hardest hit country in Europe and will be second only to the USA when this is all over. No surprise that the USA led by Trump and the UK by Johnson and the Tories that many lives have been lost. It truly is a scandal of epic proportions, they have got to be held to account or we are just as guilty as they are if we let them off with this.

I saw on Twitter that David Mundell is confused by the Scottish Government urging people to cover their faces in enclosed places like public transport and stores because his English masters are not recommending this. Mundell must be the thickest politician on the planet if he doesn’t understand that face covering can’t hurt and may even help a little bit, Mundell is the Scottish cringe in one little horrible man.

Well day 38 of the lock down, still working from home and still bored but I still believe that there needs to be some lock down for a longer period due to the ineptitude of the Westminster Government. I don’t think schools can go back anytime soon to be honest, no football, concerts, community centre’s etc for a bit longer. It may take to well after the summer before we can have anything like a gathering again. I certainly trust the Scottish Government in the main to do a better job at handling this than Westminster and fully expect them to put Scotland first but I still don’t like or trust Jason Leitch at all. He is a liability and should not be on the front line. Well sorry this is a long grump this morning, please stay safe and stick to social distancing and lock down when you can. I know it’s tough on all of us but we have got to stick with it, one death is too many.

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7 Responses to Lock Down Day 38

  1. Brian says:

    fair comment

  2. James Sinclair says:

    Grumpy is that deaths FROM Covid19 or deaths WITH Covid19 ? The flu is a Coronavirus as is the common cold.

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    • James

      As far as I can see it’s deaths from Covid 19. Most of the news outlets are reporting the same figures so I assume it’s official Government figures but it will be underplayed I suspect. I think that once this is all over the figures from the UK will be one of the worst in the world, there is no way they are telling the truth in my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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  3. trispw says:

    The whole care home business in the UK is a scandal.

    Care homes should be a part of the SNHS. They should not be private companies

    But they are run for profit. They already had to be bailed out a few years ago by both Scottish and Uk governments. They should have been nationalised at that point. You may remember that to make enormous profits they sold off their buildings and rented them back form the new buyer. But when there was a drop in demand for places (which they might have foreseen but didn’t) they didn’t have enough income to pay the rent. What businessmen! However, in fairness they probably all have British Virgin Island accounts with more money than even Munguin has.

    As for facemasks, it appears that the official line from the Tories’ Scottish branch, including the barely sentient Mundell and the branch leader, is that people will be confused if they have to wear them in Scotland but not in England.

    I think they must think we are all as thick as they are.

    Firstly, Nicola made it very clear that it was a recommendation. Not a law, not an order. It was, she said, based on the best advice she can get (and I would add that President Macron, Taoiseach Varadkar (who is a medical doctor), Dr Merkel (a scientist), and several other leaders are recommending that face masks, although not foolproof by any manner, are likely to be helpful. (That’s why medics so often wear them. My dentist, for example, always wears a mask).

    If I were sitting next to someone on a bus and they were coughing, I’d be very glad if they were wearing a mask, because at least some of the stuff they were coughing out, would be caught in the mask instead of on me, or on the surrounding furniture.

    But no one has said you have to wear a mask. Not here.

    If they are thinking about people who are crossing the border in a day’s work, I repeat it is NOT AN ORDER. If you don’t wear one in Scotland you won’t be hanged. If you do wear one in England, you won’t be hanged.

    Where, I ask again, unless you are simple-minded, is there room for confusion?

    They didn’t call him Fluffy Muddle for nothing, did they?

    • Tris

      The care home situation is a scandal and I totally agree they should all be run as part of the NHS/Social Care system in Scotland, hopefully we can move to that system in future. When I think of the money Westminster has wasted in the last 40 years it is truly frightening and yet people still vote for these pricks even though they know they enrich themselves and their mates, disgusting country and as corrupt as they come. I haven’t wore a face covering outside as of yet at the supermarket etc but my daughter has started to wear one when she has to go out and I have a couple of face coverings in the car. I don’t think it would do any harm in any shape or form, this is about the herd mentality to keep the cull going and the fact we don’t make anything in the UK anymore and the Tories don’t want to get more criticism for the lack of ppe if the public start buying it, Mundell is a joke, who votes for the likes of him. I don’t think the SNP have done great the last couple of years on the constitutional issue but as far as this crisis is concerned they made a huge mistake following Westminster at the start but recently I have been happier with their response now that they appear to be putting Scotland first as they should have from the start.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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