Comment: Unionists Just Don’t Get It

I’ve noticed that the unionists on social media have been going into meltdown the last couple of weeks. From Nicola Sturgeon missing six COBRA meetings that she wasn’t invited to, to the talk of borders between Scotland and England, of being better together in a crisis to Broadcast Scotland getting to ask a question at the daily briefing. Unionists are really having a hard time during this Coronavirus crisis, they can’t stop talking about independence at all.

They don’t get it though do they. Independence is not about money or borders, it’s not about allegedly being better together in their opinion, allegedly pooling and sharing, about how crap Scotland is under the SNP, it’s not about any of that at all. It’s about democracy or the lack of. It’s about Scotland making all it’s own decisions and living or falling by them. It’s about elected politicians in Scotland being accountable to the people who elect them, it’s not about having Governments imposed by the electoral wishes of voters in another country. Wings Wee Blue Book showed us that we just don’t really have a voice when it comes to the UK wide elections, we get Tory Governments that we don’t elect, we haven’t voted Tory in 60 years in Scotland but we have had Thatcher, Major, Cameron, May and now Johnson with red Tories Blair and Brown in between as imposed Prime Ministers.






People like Jackson Carlaw are so subservient to the British state that we will never get anywhere with them at any point, they are not interested in democracy, they don’t even understand democracy. I question if many unionists are even Scottish and how they hate that when you raise it with them. This crisis has shown me certainly that independence and democracy are more important now than they have ever been, Scotland needs to chart a different path and be accountable for that path. It’s not about money or the economy, it’s not about pooling and sharing allegedly, it’s about my vote and that vote in Westminster elections doesn’t matter, it doesn’t count, that is what the unionists know but don’t care about. Unionists would have Scotland under the heel of basically English voters and an out of touch establishment, they really don’t get it that Scotland is in fact a country, they don’t get that many of us, maybe most of us are Scottish not British. They don’t get that we have had enough, they just don’t get it.

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4 Responses to Comment: Unionists Just Don’t Get It

  1. Anonymous says:

    This debate has nothing to do with independence. It is to do with the First Minister acting outwith her powers and illegally. If we should be indpendent or not is another discussion, this is bugger all to do with the SNP YES project.

    We are not currently indepdnent, we are the UK at the moment, so what is being proposed is a nonsense. I am pro indy myself but I am also pro law and due process, this is not it.

  2. Gordie says:

    She hasn’t. It would be done on request. That was what the FM said. Approach the UK government. Scotland is a country in its own right. We have our own law and we have our own police force and we have the right to protect ourselves and we have every right to demand that the SG do everything they can to limit this disease. Spain is banning non essential travel between its regions and they are doing it because they need to do it, Italy is the same. If the UK government bans non essential travel between the Scotland, England ireland and Wales and brings in screening at the ports and airports that would be fine with me? If the Scots government requests the same thing then that would somehow be rediculous? Aye right.

    • Gordie

      Sadly there are too many jockholme syndrome suffering Scots who will just spend their whole lives on their knees. No matter what the Scottish Government try to do it will never be good enough, tomorrow it will all be about masks and how Nicola Sturgeon has put NHS and Care Staff at risk as people panic buy, total nonsense but it will be the headlines tomorrow for sure in our shitty media.

      Thanks for commenting and stay safe. Bruce

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