How does Independence move forward?

I’ve been thinking about this the last couple of days and wondered how do we move forward with the campaign to restore Scotland’s Sovereignty. We know that there won’t be any large marches or gatherings any time soon. We know the unionists and their friends in the media are going to play up the corona virus crisis for all it’s worth, they won’t have any shame when it comes to using anything to keep the YES movement at bay, even the death of hundreds or thousands in Scotland.

We know that they will shift their focus away from NHS Scotland staff and hospitals because it will open up their role over the years of austerity and how unprepared the UK was for this crisis, plus the public just won’t have the NHS being attacked any more, but they will do their best to criticise the SNP in how they have handled it, while screaming from the top of their lungs about pooling and sharing. They will scream now is not the time as we have seen Jackson Carlaw doing as recently as last week, he has no shame at all, I don’t even think the man is self aware.

So where do we go from here?

Would a ramped up online campaign help, all of us hitting the online unionist media as much as we can, Facebook, tweeting crap like Question Time, individual journalists accounts on social media. Every time they spout their crap they get hundreds of responses with links, photos etc showing where they are talking shite, make it as difficult and uncomfortable as we can for them to tell their lies. Do the same with unionist politicians, the PM, all of them. A concerted social media campaign that is unrelenting, they can’t block us all can they. I appreciate that it is limited but it is something.

The SNP need to be clear as well that this issue has not gone away, no matter what the unionists say they cannot abandon even temporarily the fight for independence in any way . This crisis and it’s impact is horrible but it cannot be allowed to be used to shut down the debate, we can’t let it beat us or extinguish our desire for Scottish Independence. The fight to restore our sovereignty will have to change, we will have to think differently with a different strategy maybe but the fight needs to go on. Does anyone have any other ideas on how we move forward?


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4 Responses to How does Independence move forward?

  1. Brenda Steele says:

    I have a Saltire in my window along with sign about this year being the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath – and a Gaelic slogan. It will be up there till December 31st.

    Last night on Broadcasting Scotland there was a piper playing for the NHS in Scotland. I’d like to see musicians out every Thursday to play their appreciation for them. Small things, but a start.

    • Brenda

      I saw most of Broadcast Scotland last night and I try to remember to watch as it’s very good. I think everything will help and if we can get more people on social media, blogging, emailing and writing to MPs and the papers it could be a way to go for a little while. I use blogging and social media mostly but open to any ideas of what I can do more that might help.

      Thanks for commenting and stay safe.


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  2. Gordie says:

    I think we need to get everyone together and agree on a manifesto for an independent Scotland then campaign relentlessly on it. Central bank, currency, national energy company, rules for banking and finance, land reform, everything and do it without the leadership of the SNP. SNP members and pro-indy MSP’s and MP’s will take part in it and then go from there. We need to take this thing not muddle on until we are ground down by the State and by an SNP leadership telling us to calm down while they fight for the scraps for us and bend the knee on nationhood.
    Just use the SNP for winning elections in the system as it stands but do the work work ourselves on what we will need for the country. This of course should have been lead by the SNP back in 2016. it is a disgrace that this has not already taken place. Whatever the reasons it didn’t. Create a forum, all the yes and other pro indy groups get involved and elect delegates to that forum and choose our polices after a debate. The we campaign on them fundraising as we go.
    If Nicola sturgeon’s entire energies are taken up by being FM which they may well be we need to bypass the SNP leadership and ignore the long grass measures treating them with the contempt they deserve.

    • Gordie

      I don’t disagree with much of what you say. I hope the SNP don’t just re-do the white paper as it didn’t work, it was too big and most people couldn’t be bothered looking at it. What we will need is something like the Wee Blue Book that Stuart Campbell produced, more bullet points but very concise for the reader and it has to get put in every door. I also agree that the SNP can’t be the lead, this might result in two campaigns as they will want to be the lead given how top down they have become in recent times. I would rather have a figure head like Lelsey Riddoch or someone like that to lead the campaign, I have seen some people say Brian Cox but while he is good he doesn’t think great on his feet in interviews. I also agree that policies need for the campaign need to be agreed with the YES movement as it means ownership is shared. A lot of food for thought, thanks for that.

      Stay safe. Bruce

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