This is the correct decision

I totally agree with extending the lock down for another 3 weeks.

We don’t appear to have reached a peak yet and the more people we can protect from getting this virus the better. The risk I suppose though is people getting bored, I saw a lot more people out today sadly. I’ve done well this week but will have to go shopping tomorrow but will keep to social distancing.

There will also be a heavy cost to the economy. Dundee City Council are considering furlough some staff and I get that I really do. The council budget is taking a hammering and taking advantage of this makes sense as long as they ensure they make up the 20% the government won’t cover. This disease really is showing how unprepared the UK has been, a lot of lessons need to be learned. The SNP have been caught out a few times , esp with business grants. They are starting look tired and wasted 3 years trying to save England from itself.

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4 Responses to This is the correct decision

  1. George says:

    I would advise everyone to step up their precautionary measures over the next three weeks as individuals are going to flaunt the guidance more and more. Plenty in our society will believe that they have had enough of the lock down and that anyway they know better.

    • George

      I agree, I went to the store early this morning to try and avoid the crowds and was surprised how busy it was. There was also a lot of people outside waiting to get in also. I am trying to do one shop per week, not always easy but really trying but people are going to start going outside more just as we hit the peak so I agree with you 100% that it’s time for us to step up our own precautions now.

      Thanks for commenting and please stay safe.


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  2. Black Rab says:

    I imagine that people feel that tomorrow should always be similar to today, and that this near fortnightly lockdown is an aberration and now it’s time to end it. Your right though, we have no idea if we’re anywhere near peak infection.

    • Black Rab

      Personally I just think another 3 weeks is the best plan, we need to keep infection as low as possible as this thing kills, especially men over 50. I wouldn’t go any longer than that as we do need to try and get back to a sense of normality if we can. We might need to keep the school closed until after the summer, football also, pubs and night clubs might need to be kept closed. I would probably keep libraries and community centre’s closed for a little longer but some shops etc should be able to open up, car dealerships etc should be fine but we will need to keep social distancing and we might have to be wearing masks also. The Tories have handled this badly I think and it has shown the folly of austerity but they will get back to normal as soon as they can and the poorest will be the ones to pay, although we have got to make sure we don’t forget and we don’t allow the yoon media off the hook either.

      Thanks for commenting, stay safe. Bruce

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