Lock Down Day 8

I was working yesterday and went in today but have been taken off the rota as my wife is working in a hospital on a cancer ward and someone has to be home to look after our son, I’m the least important in this scenario. But I just want to say again a huge thank you to the cleaners, the bus drivers, the youth workers , the shop workers who are out there doing their jobs. They are legends too.

56% of people don’t think others are taking this crisis seriously enough and I have to say I agree. We have seen the tubes in London but even driving to work today I still saw people, and children, out and about. I know lock down is tough but what don’t people get. Please stay indoors and we can win this battle with a better result.

It appears that ardent Brit Ian Smart, whom I had never heard of until recently, has been having a personal meltdown at the word Scotland in the Scottish Government updates by the Scottish First Minster to the Scottish people. This man is supposed to be a lawyer, really. I think I might start to follow him on twitter as his British meltdown continues, I really hope he’s ok and someone reaches out because this lock down is really getting to the man.

So I think in the main we are doing pretty good. The coronavirus probably hasn’t reached its peak yet in Scotland and we can help by staying indoors. I’m doing ok and trying to keep anxiety at bay, most days I do pretty good. I am so sorry for all the people who died and I still think Westminster acted too slowly but we will get through this.

Stay safe.

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4 Responses to Lock Down Day 8

  1. marconatrix says:

    Keep safe GSM, and all of you here …

  2. Robert Nugent says:

    Think I will follow smartie just to find out if he is really a Lawyer
    The society will have views on his Statements
    But he personally is entitled has his own views !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Will revert back once i know

    • Robert

      He is certainly entitled to his own views that’s for sure. The man is BritNat all the way and why are they so much nastier than even the worst YES supporter. I just don’t get their devotion to the British State and their absolute hatred of Scotland, jockholme syndrome in action.

      Thanks for commenting and please stay safe. Bruce

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