Lock-down Day 1

So it took the Government long enough, I totally support the lock down as I do believe it will save lives and help the NHS to cope better as more and more people get infected. The lock down will also help us avoid the virus or passing it on, not everyone will even get the virus thankfully, some won’t know they have it, most will survive but those who are vulnerable will have a tougher time fighting this. I really hope that all of us don’t get it and if we do it is very mild. However, I do think we should have acted sooner to curb the spread.

Anyway I am working from home and this started late last week and it has been ok so far. I have taken annual leave for next week so at least I won’t have to log on and do whatever is available or has been sent out from my employers. I could get called in to support other work as I work for a local authority and that’s fine as well, if I can help I am more than happy to do that as long as I don’t put my family at risk. Today I went to the store early hoping that it wouldn’t be too busy, not worried about panic buying, I don’t do that and was only wanting to pick up a couple of things for the kids, mainly I wanted to avoid other people if I’m being honest. There were a few people there but it wasn’t busy and people were at least trying to keep their distance from each other. There was some food in the store but not well stocked with meat etc but I didn’t want any anyway and hats off to the store workers who are keeping the stores open, they are heroes too as they put themselves at risk.

I don’t plan on doing the exercise thing to be honest as I have a garden and will just go there to stretch my legs by walking around in a circle or something. Like many people I have never really paid much attention to these health issues all that much as they never seem to really affect me or my family but I am not ashamed to admit this one scares me. Maybe it’s because I am getting older, my Mum and brothers are getting older, and we have all seen the scenes from Italy, if that doesn’t scare you nothing will. I also couldn’t believe the news of all the people out and about at the weekend, how stupid could you be. People do need to get real, I can’t think of anything more serious right now than the fight against this disease. I hope it doesn’t take months and months but I can’t remember a health situation as bad as this one.

So please stay home and stay safe, we are all in this fight together and we have got to take it seriously. This disease affects young and old, it doesn’t care who it hits and you have got to do what you have to do to stay healthy and safe. I know it’s hard to feel trapped and it’s only day one but we have to, let me know how you are all doing if you have the time and any good ideas you have for the boredom.


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