If true he has to go

Many of us will have read the headlines on social media regarding Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson special advisor, and the fact that he allegedly said that the UK had to protect the economy and if old people died so be it. Here is the article below.

If this turns out to be true then surely that man cannot remain as a tax payer funded special advisor, the very idea that we can sacrifice the elderly is disgusting, I don’t care that he changed his mind he still said it allegedly. I don’t know a great deal about this guy but what I do hear is pretty horrific, it’s time special advisors came under civil service control.

I get that politicians need advisors to help inform policy, but they appear to be gaining far too much power in this country. They are not elected and the fact they are not employed through the civil service makes them untouchable, not good enough. Things need to change in this country, if the Corona virus is changing our country then let’s take a chance to change our politics for the better.

Stay safe.

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4 Responses to If true he has to go

  1. 100%Yes says:

    The Tories got away with 120,000 poor people dying because of there welfare cuts and no one blinked an eye lid and the press have never reported it, there hoping they can do the same with old folk.

    • 100%Yes

      It feels like they didn’t really have a clue at the start and have now only acted because they were under pressure to act. Time will tell how it all works out but this virus is really serious and I do fear an Italy type situation. Couldn’t believe the amount of idiots out and about yesterday, what don’t they get.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. David Cameron's Secret Love Child says:

    agree he has to go
    we tried to prevent mass closures etc but selfish people just not listening or even worse they don’t believe the dangers. No option but for lock down

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