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It’s getting real now in so many ways.

Schools – Will close Friday and may not open again until after the summer holidays, that is huge and raises a whole other set of issues like vulnerable young people and free school meals. I work with young people and in the last 12 hours my job has virtually stopped as far as face to face work goes. I fully expect to be involved in other duties, maybe delivering food etc but time will tell. Young people might think this announcement is exciting today but give them 3 months of virtual lock down and that will change quickly, yeah it’s getting real.

The Economy – The announcements by the Government have certainly been welcome but they don’t go far enough, what about people who rent, what about people on benefits, on zero hour contracts. Surely it’s time for a universal basic income for all people to ensure that people don’t starve any more than they do now. If we can print money for the banks we can print money for the people.

Homeless People – I have heard that hostels are closing, that is truly frightening and Government action in this area is urgent now. We know that some of our most vulnerable people live on the streets and many thousands since the Tories got back in 2010. I don’t have the answers but there needs to be a serious discussion that’s for sure. Surely we can’t have the potential for thousands to be ill and dying on our streets.

Borders – Are closing all over the world and this makes sense in many ways. This virus has to be stopped and I have had people say the actions to date are an over reaction, I would have thought so myself a while back, but not this virus, not this time. Governments are bringing in laws to allow them to take more control and we should expect more draconian measures as the situation gets worse and we will just have to live with it and hope that it is not abused because there are always some who will look to take advantage, especially within politicians.

Alex Salmond Trial – I tend to never comment on these things in the main because we just don’t know the truth and I am always sceptical of our courts but I would encourage everyone to follow Craig Murray . His coverage to date has been fascinating and well worth a read.

Supermarkets – Are beginning to act, took them long enough, I suppose they have made their additional festive levels profits. Now we will see reduced opening times and limits on what people can buy, about bloody time.

The World is Changing – There is no doubt about that now and like the Great Depression, the World Wars, the Financial Crash this has the potential to result in the same level of change, change in how we work, in how care for ourselves, how we live and our planet. Tourism, travel, working from home, none of that will ever be the same thing. Will good come from it maybe, if it gets us to think abut our world and think about others then maybe.

It’s getting real now.


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