Self Destruct

I read the Wings article today and what came to mind was the question, are the SNP in self destruct mode?

It just feels to me that there are things that didn’t need to be happening in recent times. The fight for another Brexit referendum, the speech that the First Minister gave last month, and now the hated gender recognition act. All of this is adding up in the eyes of many voters now, read the Wings article and you can see the anger that’s out there, and I sympathise I really do. We also had Mhairi Black taking a drag queen with a questionable social media history to a primary school to read stories to children , where is the judgement here, who on earth thought that was a good idea.

You have to wonder if the party is having a wee civil war because recent decision making has not been good and is splitting yes voters down the middle which can’t be good at all. I was chatting to a fervant Nicola fan today who is sure that Westminster will give in and allow another referendum, I asked what if they don’t and the answer was trust Nicola, really.

I do think that someone needs to take charge because right now the SNP are looking tired, they are looking complacent, and that can only hurt the cause not help it.



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