Well Done Scotland

So the latest unelected head of state poll from YouGov has been released and well done Scotland.

Sadly 62% in the whole UK would still like to keep this undemocratic nonsense in place. As to be expected most are conservative voters but sadly so do most of Labour and Liberal Democrats as well.

Only 44% of Scottish people want to keep this fairy tale undemocratic nonsense in place so huge well done to my fellow Scots.

Scotland definitely bucks the trend with even Wales supportive of the current situation but this does demonstrate that Scotland is changing and changing for the better. This also shows us that we are a different country from the other home nations, we are charting a different path and I suppose all of these little things add up as we push for our independence.

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2 Responses to Well Done Scotland

  1. marconatrix says:

    It might just be that the Queen is seen by many as a better choice than risking some jumped-up ex-politician as head of state / dictator? “Always hold on tight to Nurse, for fear of meeting something worse!” ???

    • Marconatrix

      I sometimes think it’s a mix of ignorance of our political system, being royalists, and fear of change. I have always thought that the head of state should be elected as without that we will never be a democracy in a true sense and we should never accept that, but I was pleased to see the Scottish numbers as it’s not that long ago that a majority in Scotland supported this nonsense.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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