I’ve been chatting to some yes voters and the feeling right now regarding our constitutional state of affairs is drifting towards apathy.

While it’s maybe not exactly the definition of apathy above there is certainly a feeling in some that without a clear path to action on the constitutional question they might as well not vote, I totally understand where they are coming from.

Apathy is a feeling as strong as any other feeling but apathy is also an attitude, a very dangerous attitude, one that can creep up on you. We all experience apathy from time to time, about our job mainly but at times about our circumstances. There is a danger that our current lack of direction on the question of our political future runs a big risk. I saw some of what Jackson Carlow has been spouting since he became branch manager of the Tory and Hate Party in Scotland and I didn’t care.

I don’t care what any unionist has to say anymore , they represent things that I can’t get my head around or pretty much even understand. Unionists for me are in need of help from their self harm, it’s just that their self harm hurts us all. Unionists spend so much time on their knees that they lost themselves a long time ago but by their very actions, their lack of belief in themselves, they inflict a political system on me that makes me borderline apathetic, it’s probably the whole point in the first place, make me and others not care anymore.

33% of those eligible to vote in December didn’t vote at all. While Scotland was the only country that saw an increase in the number of people voting I’ve had conversations where people have said it could be there last time at the ballot box.


Pessimism in our current state of affairs will lead to apathy in the medium term if things don’t change. That is the point I’m trying to get across I guess. Whatever happens in the next couple of months the SNP have got to come out with a clear plan. They need to show that they in fact have one, if social media is any judge they are losing members, that is down to pessimism on their lack of direction and that will lead to apathy, a resignation that this is as good as it gets, that will lead to an apathy to vote.

When I’ve been having these conversations I find it more and more difficult to encourage now, to try to point people to inspiration because it’s something I’ve not felt since Nicola Sturgeons non speech. I dread to think that I might wake up one day feeling apathetic about our political future, I’m not there yet but some nearly are and that is something we need to be very careful of.

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3 Responses to Apathy

  1. 100%Yes says:

    To be honest if Sturgeon was removed as leader I wouldn’t miss her one little bit, as she has done nothing other than spout a lot of Labour propaganda vote for the SNP to protect our place in the EU or Independence. Lets remember SNP leader allowed the Tories to get a majority as did the Lib-Dems when the Labour was willing to push for a further referendum on the EU. Nicola spend 3yrs for what, shouting about keeping England in the EU and the reverse has happened she kept Scotland in the UK and taken us out of the EU. And now there is talk of waiting and hoping that Holyrood election will give the Pro Independence parties a majority and then well be given a section 30 order, you heard them on QT stating there would have to be a majority of 80%. I can understand why people wouldn’t want to go out and vote what is there to vote for.

    • 100%Yes
      The election was a mistake in hindsight but I do understand how some people are feeling right now, I think many have had enough of politics and politicians. I always try to get people to read the various blogs, Indy car etc but I’m sensing people are reaching the end of their patience.

      Thanks for commenting.

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