A Government of the People

So the man of the people Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a new Cabinet and I wondered if they were of the people, did they follow a working man and woman path, are they able to be called one of our own. I’m just going to look at where they came from and not go into too much detail:

Boris Johnson Prime Minister Eton and Oxford University.

Rishi Sunak Chancellor of the Exchequer Oxford and Stanford Universities.

Priti Patel Home Secretary Essex University.

Dominic Rabb Foreign Secretary Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Michael Gove made up job Aberdeen University and Oxford University.

Ben Wallace Defence Secretary Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Liz Truss International Trade Secretary Oxford University.

Matt Hancock Health and Social Care Secretary Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Gavin Williamson Education Secretary Bradford University.

Oliver Dowden Culture Secretary Cambridge University.

Alok Sharma Business Secretary Salford University.

Robert Jenrick Housing and Communities Minister Cambridge University.

Therese Coffey Work and Pensions Oxford University.

Robert Buckland Justice Secretary Durham University.

Anne Marie Trevelyan International Development Oxford Polytechnic.

Grant Shapps Transport Secretary Manchester Polytechnic.

George Eustice Environment Secretary Cornwall College.

Alistir Jack Govenor General of Scotland Glenalmond College.

Baroness Evans Leader of Lords Cambridge University.

James Cleverly Tory Party Chairman Thames Valley University.

Jacob Rees Mogg Leader of the House Oxford University.

Mark Spencer Chief Whip Shuttleworth College.

Brandon Lewis Home Office Minister Kings College London.

Suella Braverman Attorney General Cambridge University.

Stephen Barcley Chief Secretary to the Treasury Cambridge University.

So there are 25 members of the cabinet.

19 are male (76%). UK Population 49.2% are Male.

6 are female (24%). UK Population 50.8% are Female.

4 are from ethic minority backgrounds (16%) UK Population 18.1%.

21 are white (84%) UK Population 81.9%.

Privately Educated (52%) UK Population 7%.

Attended Oxford and/or Cambridge University (52%) UK Population less than 1%.

So there we have it, a Cabinet that could not be any further removed from the population than you could find anywhere. A cabinet of white privileged males with a serious lack of representation from women, ethnic minorities and the population at large. Not only don’t we live in a democracy but we are subjugated to a ruling elite that has ruled for hundreds of years, you might get a vote but with the help of the media, job insecurity, poverty you are manipulated to vote in a way that keeps the 1% at the very top. They control the law, the media, the Police, your health, your education, the food on your table.


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2 Responses to A Government of the People

  1. trispw says:

    Every time they do a reshuffle (and incidentally, it’s only 2 months since the election, why is there a reshuffle?) the cabinet becomes more and more remote from the ordinary person.

    Though, to be honest, I doubt it much matters what any of them thinks. The only one in the cabinet that matters at all is Dominic Cummings (Exeter Collge, Oxford- First in Ancient and Modern History, which must have pissed on Boris’s chips, because he only got a 2:1 if I remember rightly).

    Yes, I’m YES! 🙂

    • Tris

      I’m not so sure about Cummings, I don’t doubt he has a lot of influence, all special advisors do but I don’t think Johnson is as thick as many think he is. Cummings is a shield and the Tories will dump him as soon as he becomes a big liability I suspect. For me the new Cabinet is just a right wing, untalented bunch of mentalists to be honest. When I look back to the 80’s when I first got interested in politics the standard of MP has fallen so badly it’s unbelievable. I was no fan of Thatcher but she had people around he who were of a better standard, hate everything about them and everything they believed in but how many of that cabinet today would get into a Thatcher Government, not one.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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