It’s always the poor

I am under no illusion that climate change is real, just look around you, watch the news, read the reports. Climate change is the most pressing problem the world faces moving forward into a new decade and the decades to come.

I was listening to a discussion on the radio this morning around climate change and the potential solutions, or actions, that will need to be taken in the short term. Climate change already effects the poorest the most right now, we know that.

The depressing thing this morning about the discussion was the solutions being put forward. The discussion suggested the increase in the cost of petrol which would also increase the cost of public transport, a solution that impacts on the poorest the most. The panel suggested we all start using the trains, who can afford to use trains everyday if you are Joe blogs. They suggested the end of cheap flights, thus making the cheap holiday unaffordable to the Joe blogs of the world. It was suggested we eat less meat, eat local produce, wear local made clothes, all great if you have the money to afford them. Buy an electric car, seen the cost anyone.

Now there are simple things we can try to do which might help,

However, the solutions being put forward impact on the poorest the most as do the effects of climate change. There was no discussion around higher taxes for private planes and super cars, no discussion around corporation tax and tax avoidance to then invest in solutions. No discussion about centralization where most of the decision makers travel back and forward to London every day and mostly by plane, no discussion about poverty pay and exploitation. The debate is being led by the people who will do the most to ensure that the solutions impact on them the least, in my opinion.

I don’t have the answers, I wish I did, but when the discussion is centred around how to change the lives of those with the least then nothing will change. We know that Scotland could be self sufficient for energy through renewables yet we have to pay to get that energy onto the national grid making it more expensive making more money for the few while increasing energy bills for the poorest , so you see my point.

When I listened this morning I just thought they don’t really care, they don’t really get it, I’m not saying I do get it but I do believe that any solutions put forward will effect me and mine more than the ones sitting higher up that’s for sure.

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