Save Me from Pete Wishart

I know I said I was taking a break until the new year but that was until today when I read an article by SNP MP Pete Wishart in The Dundee Courier with the rest of the unionist media falling over themselves to publish it as well, the man is a recruiting poster for Better Together.

Pete ‘ Hold Hold Hold ‘ Wishart is urging independence supporters to stop talking about potential strategies for gaining independence like illegal referendums (as in a referendum that Westminster doesn’t like but the SNP have several mandates for), for dissolving the union (which is the whole bloody point of independence), UDI’s (Unilateral Declaration of Independence), or for the Plan B called for by Angus MacNeil SNP MP at the October Conference for fear of upsetting unionists and turning them away from the idea of independence. According to Pete we should all accept that we have to play the long game. Not that long ago Pete was telling us all that we can’t go for independence until we have a mythical 60% in favour for a long time in the polls.

According to Wishart the way ahead is persuasion and that the party MUST resist the urge to go quickly as it will play into Westminster’s hands. What doesn’t this man get, another referendum won’t happen quickly because the SNP don’t have the guts to call one without approval from our colonial masters, that approval is not coming anytime soon given the Tories now have a majority and will probably be in power for another 10 years.

What should we all do then Pete? take a yoon for coffee and a cake, grow old and die while hoping our grand kids get permission to hold a referendum in the future. Does anyone know any unionists who might change their minds on the issue of independence, I don’t, if anything they are more entrenched than they have ever been and have circled the wagons around the Tory Party as their last unionist hope. Those colonised unionists are not changing their minds. The polls are not going to change anytime soon either, that won’t happen until we are actually in a campaign and have the chance to fight our corner and put across the arguments as we go to the polls to make the decision.

There are some undecided s out there, and there are many people, people who independence would give hope to that don’t vote, those are the people we need to reach and we won’t do that by waiting, we will convince them by educating them and by helping them to register to vote and getting them to the polling station. What doesn’t Pete Wishart get, the unionists will fight tooth and nail to stop another referendum. It’s because they know they can lose and they want to take as much from Scotland as they can while they can and people like Pete Wishart are Christmas every day to the unionists. Taking the pressure off plays into their hands.

I have had a go at the likes of Wishart before and will continue to do so, this man is far too comfortable in his cosy wee life in Westminster and if he is not willing to get off his arse and fight for a referendum as soon as possible he should make way for someone who is. I blogged after the general election that I was resigned to having to play the long game but not because of any strategy by the likes of Pete Wishart but because of the likes of Wishart and many in the SNP who just won’t go for it but would rather play by the British rules, and we all know how that will turn out.

No Pete we need to keep the pressure on, we need to keep the issue front and centre, we need to keep EVERY OPTION on the table. We might be stuck in playing a longer game than we would like but we will not stop discussing the options, we will not stop looking at every angle, even the ones the SNP don’t like or the unionists don’t like, we will keep fighting and if that upsets Wishart and the unionists who cares. Either get on board or get lost Pete Wishart.

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9 Responses to Save Me from Pete Wishart

  1. Marconatrix says:

    Quite right, but what a pity that it even needs saying, in SNP circles at least. I would have thought Brexit counter to the wishes of a Scottish majority would have finally clinched the issue … apparently not?

    • Marconatrix We are stuck in a long game just now but it’s not through choice. The likes of Wishart make me sick, does the man even want independence at all. We need to keep every option on the table or we might as well give up now. Half my family are Ghanaian and they didn’t get their independence by playing by British colonial rules, they took it. India did the same, they took it. We will have to take it if we can’t get some sort of agreement with our colonial masters, taking options off the table as Wishart wants is Christmas every day to the colonists.

      Thanks for commenting and a happy Christmas.


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  2. Alan Morrison says:

    I agree with your opinion on Wishart. But I am still hoping Sturgeon calls the referendum next year as she has promised. I have been willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, as you know, but if she fails to deliver simply because Bozo says ‘no’ and there has been no referendum this time next year my SNP membership will be cancelled.

    All the best for 2020 when it comes. I wish you and all your readers, health, wealth and independence!

    • Alan I think she will say a lot once Westminster refuse another referendum and may threaten to call one once the referendum bill has passed Holyrood and then I would imagine it will be the courts by Westminster if she does or they could just change the Scotland Act. She can then say she has tried her best and we need to see what the courts say. I don’t envy her at all but something needs to happen.

      Wishart I’ve never liked, he’s too comfortable where he is and while it’s ok for him to say hold hold hold that does nothing for those suffering every day under the Tories while the SNP play by British rules at Westminster. They should be disrupting the place, walking out, not sitting mumbling under their breath about how bad it is then stay there. I sometimes think we are cowards, we don’t want it enough to really go for it. That’s the damage done by being colonized.

      Thanks for commenting and a Happy New Year when it comes.


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  3. Gordie says:

    I’m from his constituency and while the article had a lot of stuff in it that I would not disagree with there is growing disquiet amongst local branch members with his cautious approach and his bawbag ‘father of the house shite”. As for a referendum we hold being illegal. Shite. The idea that we need to beg for permission to be independent sticks very deep in the craw. The reality is that we need a majority of public opinion in Scotland to hold our own vote. We don’t need permission for that. The sticking point is the punters opinion. You don’t sway punters opinions by pushing the line that we need to beg our masters in England. Does Pete Wishart need to go? Aye, we need people with belief in Scotland to represent North Perthsire and fire in their belly and a desire to settle up down there. Hopefully we won’t have to go through another Westminster vote but if we do then Pete Wishart should not be allowed another go.

    • Gordie We’re in a long game either way because of the process. I understand that but not for the same reasons he does but to try and stifle the discussion because you don’t like it is not good and will do more to alienate the yes side and embolden the no side. I’ve never been a fan of his anyway but he needs to just be silent now. He is so comfortable in Westminster, like many others, he is doing more damage than good in my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting and Happy New Year when it comes. Bruce

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