The Year That Was

So here we are at the end of another year and I am strangely enough another year older, go figure.

Well what a year it’s been eh. Theresa Mayhem went and just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Tories go and elect Boris Johnson (racist, liar, misogynist) leader of the party and thus Prime Minister. Brexit remains the main focus for Ingerland and Ingerland then goes and elects a Tory Majority Government, a vote won in working class, neglected, and poor areas of Northern Ingerland. People with nothing elect a party and a government that has ensured they have nothing on top of universal credit, cuts to disability and the list goes on. Ingerland in many areas has lost it’s collective minds. The worst is yet to come for them and us all, and they cant even see through their collective blaming of foreign people and people of a different colour or religion for all their woes while the Tories laugh at them.

Labour in Ingerland faced the most bias media onslaught that I have ever seen in a general election led by the state broadcaster the BBC. Jeremy Corbyn was never going to be allowed to win, he was portrayed as a racist, a terrorist sympathiser, an idiot , incompetent, old and that was just from the Tory red part of his own party. Labour in Scotland did what they do well, lose while sticking to their unionist blairite mantra of loving life in servitude. The Liberal Democrats elected the worst possible candidate as leader, the Tory Jo Swinson, neither a Liberal or a Democrat who then had a manifesto that was neither Liberal or Democratic so came 4th again, who would have thunk it. Maybe Swinson was a Tory plant to ensure their majority.

The SNP won the election in Scotland taking 80% of the seats, of course this was portrayed as a loss by the media and the unionists who added up all the votes and the views of people at Tesco Riverside in Dundee to decide that the SNP do not have a mandate for a second independence referendum. In fact all yes voters should just go away because they lost when they won and anyway Alex Salmond said it was once in a generation in a tv interview making it clear it was his personal opinion while also saying that the next mandate comes from the next general election, which the SNP also won. I still don’t think there will be another referendum next year though, or in 2021, but hats off to Nicola Sturgeon, she is a winner. Those on the YES side, be they marchers, SNP/Green members, bloggers, all need to get ready to keep fighting, keep the pressure on. No matter what the unionists want we are not going away, we are never going away, ever and they better get used to it.

Unlike Nicola Sturgeon’s successful year Dundee FC got relegated from the Scottish Premiership and are struggling in the Championship. They appointed yet another rookie manager in James McPake who on the face of it really doesn’t know what he is doing but they have won their last two games but have runaway leaders Dundee Utd next and they have already beaten the Dees twice. I fear the worst in the derby to be honest and I must also admit I’m just not all that bothered any more, too many years of crap and failure have taken their toll on me.

The best movie I saw this year was Joker with Joaquin Phoenix, what a truly excellent movie, very dark but so well made it was an experience and I don’t say that lightly. I also plan on going to see Star Wars during the holidays and have avoided the reviews so far or reading anything about the movie. The best album I heard this year was Liam Gallagher Why Me Why Not, a really good album from an unlikeable singer but you cant have everything.

I’m looking forward to Christmas Day. I have my family at my house during the day to spend time together and I look forward to that every year the most. We then have friends coming up in the evening to celebrate Christmas with us so it will be a long day but one surrounded by family and friends and for that I am very thankful. There will also be the food and the laughs. I do appreciate that when I will be surrounded by the people most important to me like my three amazing children Rebeckah, Kofi and James while many will spend Christmas alone, or not in a great place and I wish that wasn’t so I really do.

I will avoid the news, the Windsor party political broadcast and anything said or written by the liar Laura Kussenberg of the BBC, legendary Tory and BBC propagandist. So as I log off for the remainder of this year I just want to thank everyone who has read my ignorant and ill thought out blogs this year. To those who have pulled me up about brexit and my opinions I hope you will continue to do so, and for those who comment and share their opinion I hope you will continue to feel that you can do that and add to what is an important debate, the future of our country.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.

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10 Responses to The Year That Was

  1. David Cameron's Secret Love Child says:

    another year without a wig, criminal

  2. East Neuker says:

    Thanks Bruce, have a good one.

  3. capnandy1 says:

    Have a Lovely Christmas Bruce and Best Wishes for the New Year. Live Long and Prosper.

  4. capnandy1

    You too.

    Happy Christmas.


  5. Lanark says:

    Still reading and enjoying your posts. Looking forward to plenty more in 2020.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family.

  6. George says:

    Blog on bud, blog on.

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