How to lose votes in Dundee West

So Dundee West Chris Law SNP and Tess White Conservative candidates chose to not attend a hustings in Dundee West this week.

Now I voted for Chris Law in the last election, was with gritted teeth, but I voted SNP because I want independence. I also know a few folk who felt the same but this time a few are having second thoughts. There is a feeling that Chris just does not work as hard as he could for Dundee West, I’ve never seen him personally around the doors and only get a leaflet at election time.

There was no explanation as to why both Chris and Tess did not attend but it’s not a good look. While the SNP continue to soar in the polls it does feel like some of their recent internal issues make it look like they are taking that vote for granted. As I have blogged this election so far has been underwhelming to say the least and believe it or not I am still undecided as to how I will vote as it’s a Westminster election.

If my vote is purely about independence then I will go for the SNP, but if it’s about who will best represent me as an individual then Daniel Coleman of the Lib Dem’s would win hands down. I am lucky to know Daniel well and I know he would be by far the best MP for Dundee West, the only really issue is that Daniel is a Lib Dem and the party right now are neither.

So I won’t know until I turn up at the polling station how I’m going to vote on the day but I do wonder, regarding Chris Law and my one leaflet through the door, if the SNP actually want my vote.

16 Responses to How to lose votes in Dundee West

  1. Brian says:

    Good post. From what I can gather, you are not the only one with these feelings about their SNP MP. All I can add is that Libdems won’t get us independence. SNP might, so I’m voting SNP. Then when we get it I can judge who is best placed to represent me.

    • Brian Yeah totally, if anything you would think the Lib Dem’s as a party would take a line of being for the union but accepting the Democratic right of Scots to support independence and take a common sense approach rather their rabid approach to the subject.

      I’ve also never taken to Chris Law so I am aware of my own bias even though I voted for him the last time. But he is not doing himself any favours, I know people who wish it were Jimmy Black they could vote for and if Chris wasn’t SNP he would struggle to be elected. Daniel I know very well and would be a fantastic MP and a Lib Dem who would not toe the party line, in fact he would probably get in trouble for refusing to. Right now I’m totally split between my strong independence belief and Daniel as it’s Westminster.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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  2. bjsalba says:

    In my area the Courier is SNPBaaaaad. Is the Courier your only source? Where else have you looked? Who organised the hustings and how much notice was given to the candidates? My MP was unable to attend one husting because he already had other committments for that date.

    I have had a shed load of Conservative and Lib-Dem leaflets through the door (all by post according to my postie) at substantial expense. We know the Conservatives have had big bucks mostly from the London Financiers, Hedge Fund Managers and the like. Presumably the Lib-Dems have benefitted from the influx of exconservatives bringing with them some of the other big donors.

    SNP has activists delivering leaflets. I know because I have been involved in my constituency.

    • bjsalba As far as I’m aware, from an inside source, candidates were asked two weeks in advance. Chris also didn’t attend the previous hustings in the constituency that had been arranged with similar notice. That does make myself, and many others , believe that the vote is being taken for granted. Leaflets, I’ve only had 1 from the Tories, 1 SNP, 3 Labour , 1 Brexit and 0 Lib Dem’s. The courier is Tory here as well but I did check it out before I blogged. I’m still split on how to vote and independence is my number one priority but there is also that part of me that doesn’t like to feel like vote fodder and right now I feel like that I really do. I also want the best person to represent me and that is where it gets tough. I’ll decide on the day I guess.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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  3. East Neuker says:

    You are in real danger of making a very bad decision, as you did in the EU referendum. If the SNP vote does not hold up in this election you can forget independence. I will curse you, as I did for your leave vote. You will be Boris Johnsons little helper, just like then. I know nothing about Chris Law, he may be useless, but a vote for Jo Swinson’s horrible stuff is probably a vote for a Tory government which will crush and subjugate Scotland.
    You didn’t believe me last time, but, please, please believe me now. I was right then and I believed I’m right now. You can vote for whatever you like In an independent Scotland, but voting Lib Dem now is just a big Xmas present for the British state. They are viscerally opposed to Scottish independence. Is that how you want to vote?

    • East Neuker Chris Law will win big and independence will more than likely be the way I’ll go buy EN, the party need to be very very careful though. They are in real danger of becoming Labour in some areas and that’s a bigger risk than people like me posing questions or trying to hold to account. I do fear for them moving forward.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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  4. Gordie says:

    I would still rather top myself than vote for an agent of the British state.

  5. Tina Chalmers says:

    You don’t think Chris Law is a good mp. Why? Have you needed him to do something for you? Have you approached him about any issues? You might not vote for the snp . Ok, fair enough. However independence is a bigger cause than any individual. It’s what Scotland needs to survive. Don’t like Chris then fine but to give up voting for Indy because of that is unbelievable. Get independence then sort everything out.

    • Tina
      I haven’t had to contact Mr. Law for help but have expressed an opinion to him via email. I base my opinion on his performance in parliament which I watch quite a lot of, I know pretty sad. I also look at his profile within the community and the amount of reaching out to voters etc. Independence is the overriding issue and will probably get my vote when push comes to shove. I would never give up voting for independence in any referendum but my feelings are that the SNP are starting to feel a little like Labour, they hang people out to dry and they have certainly been infected by an intolerant youth wing if twitter is anything to go by, those things will do more damage than my expressing an opinion on them in a blog that asks some questions.

      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.


  6. Alan Morrison says:

    I took my time to reply. I am almost 50 and have never voted for anyone other than the SNP. I cannot contemplate voting for anyone else; until we are independent and I then expect the SNP to splinter. So in your place I would vote for the SNP candidate no matter how bad they were. However I have also prided myself that in a world devoid of talented, ethical politicians the SNP seemed to be the last bastion of hope. An Ark, if you will, of talent and morals that will rejuvenate Scottish politics post independence. So the current trend disturbs me, not only of your thoughts on your own MP but others too. However this does not change the underlying hope. Only by separating from the toxicity of Westminster will all avenues of Scottish life improve, including politics.

    • Denis Bell says:

      If any parties take ‘seats fro granted’ without putting work in the ground where their electorate put them in to represent them then the ‘deserve what they get’ (2015 election Results showed that 56 down to 35)

      …my answer

      ‘….So have you tried to make any contact with Chris…..? He may well proffer good reasons…? Remember that our MPs and MSPs are under attack from 3-4 parties and MSM all the time; they are doing a lot of distraction defending, counter-attacking all the time….
      Anyway it’s your choice who and what you vote for… but if it’s ’personality and in-your-face-presence’ then you might not be thinking ‘straight’? …’

      • Denis
        I’ve only ever contacted his office to express an opinion and I didn’t really get a response. I am more inclined to contact my MSP to be honest as most issues that would effect myself are Scottish ones than UK ones. As I have said to Alan the point is really that it is dangerous for Chris to taje the vote for granted and the constituency. I’m not saying he is doing that but that is the image being put across and that is a dangerous thing to do in Dundee, the City has a host of problems and the Council hangs by a thread, any perceived laziness will lose the City to the yoons.

        Thanks for commenting.

    • Alan
      I’ve always voted SNP in national elections most of my life also, I am 50 years old. My point with the blog is really that I do not want to see the SNP become another Labour and they are pointing in that direction to a degree with the whole gender debate, Neale Hanvey being an example, plus Chris Law had a very low profile in the constituency and in Dundee right now, especially Lochee, that is a dangerous game to play. Dundee is YES City but Dundee as I’m sure you’re aware, has a multitude of problems in the City. The SNP have done some good things and some not so good things but they hold the council by a thread and if MPs get deemed to be lazy and taking the vote for granted, rightly or wrongly, they will lose the City and we will be back to a 3 party unionist coalition.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. ArtyHetty says:

    Wow. Lib dems, = yellow Tories. Tuition fees, that OK? Prescription charges, that ok? Privatised SNHS, ok? FRACKING SCOTLAND’s beautiful land and sea, OK? Because your Libdems, would ensure that not only would Scotland NOT get a snifter of independence, but Scotland would be destroyed, economically, environmentally, and societally. The message that I also heard in 2017, ‘I will vote for blah blah because the SNP will win the seats anyway’ is downright stupid. Propaganda really works, if it didn’t the Britnats would not practice it! This GE election is absolutely crucial for Scotland’s actual survival as an autonomous country, crucial to a continuing and functioning Holyrood that works FOR Scotland, and especially for the young and their futures! SNP are the ONLY PARTY WHO HAVE ATTEMPTED, AGAINST HUGE ODDS, TO REPAIR THE DAMAGE OF 300+ years to their country, as a result of colonisation by the bullying, selfish, nasty brutal English elites. Be in no doubt, the English elites, (and in fact some people in civic society in Eng will be quite happy to see it happen) cause real hardship in Scotland, they hate you, they hate Scotland, especially since the SNP became the party of choice, since Scotland woke up to Labour, ie, red Tories totally faking their so called socialism for self gain. Lying scheming troughers left Scotland in £billions of PFI debt and did nothing for the country, Libdems would be the exact same. The Britnats are raging that Scotland is now standing up for herself! They will do everything in their power to ‘beat the SNP”, and that means, to beat the people down, again!

    Vote for the party this GE, not your friend in the yellow Tory party, and if you don’t think C.Law is effective enough, write and tell him until you get a reply. Does he hold surgeries at all? Go see him!

    Vote SNP, if not, and Britnats win more seats in Scotland, ( and its not impossible) and Brexit Tory England takes a wrecking ball to Scotland’s economy, don’t blame anyone but yourself when your local GP or hospital slap a huge bill on you for minor treatement, should you ever need it, or your NON privatised water becomes undrinkable due to fracking.

    I did not know you had voted leave in 2016.
    That’s me away from this blog.

    • Art Hetty The chances are I will vote SNP but out of all the candidates Daniel, in my opinion, would be the hardest working MP. I also said the draw back is he is a Liberal Democrat, but it is what it is. My reasons for voting leave today are as valid as they were in June 2016 Over a million Scots voted leave and roughly 30% of them members of the SNP. They are not going away and their concerns are as valid as any remain voter. Most people I speak to who voted remain know little about the EU and when you point out both the good and the flaws they then consider their vote. The EU has fundamental flaws, not least the average 6 billion a year in fraud, the euro still serves the big two , MEPs still don’t publish expenses, the accounts continue to not be signed off for 20 plus years, the council of ministers still make decisions behind closed doors, Catalonia. There is a long list and when I considered my vote I decided that the EU currently is not a huge difference from Westminster in many ways and needs reform but refuses to reform. I don’t expect you to agree with that that’s fine but my arguments are equally as valid as any remain ones. Of course it’s up to yourself wether you read the blog or not, I would say prove me wrong by arguing your case but either way that’s you for taking time to read it as it is just my opinions and the idea has always been to express them and to encourage others to express theirs whatever they may be.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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