Anyone Bored Yet?

Is it just me or is this General Election campaign already the most boring ever? Labour and the Tories are promising to spend squillions on either infrastructure or the NHS, no idea of how they will pay for it, although they could always just cut benefits again to make the poor pay even more for the services that they use while giving higher earners a tax cut to not pay for the very same services that they use.

We’ve had the Tories agree a deal with the other right wing basket case party, offering Farage a peerage in the house of the dead, to not stand against them while former Tory MPs from the Labour Party are urging Labour members to vote for the Tory Party, while Corbyn is in Scotland making a real pitch for votes by telling voters the SNP are as big a failure as the Tories, real vote winner there.

Meanwhile the SNP make stopping Brexit their main campaign focus, with independence a quiet second

while the Liberal DEMOCRATS say they will cancel Brexit without a vote if they win power as they will have a mandate while Labour, the Tories, and Liberal DEMOCRATS will deny Scotland another independence referendum even though the SNP HAVE a mandate and the voters in Scotland say they want one.


You just can’t make this shit up anymore can you, so yes a bit bored with the lot of them to be honest. What a shambles.

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2 Responses to Anyone Bored Yet?

  1. David Cameron's Secret Love Child says:

    SNP need 45 or more MPs to go for indry ref 2, any less is a loss and win for no vote in a vote.

    Simple majority not enough.

    Do not agree with my party policy on rescinding article 50 outright.

    • DC
      I would think the SNP have a chance at 45, possibly more if the polls are to be believed. Not saying that makes anther referendum any more likely though, that one will end up in the courts me thinks.

      Thanks for commenting.


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