A Labour Question the Results

I asked a couple of Labour Party related questions the other day and 50 people kindly replied, here are the results below.

I must admit I thought a higher percentage would be tempted to vote for Labour again, it just shows how betrayed people feel by the Labour Party and nothing could get them to vote Labour again no matter what.

I agree with this one, Labour may not influence past voters so much but if they did come out for independence it would make a big statement to the media and would certainly be interesting. So anyway just a little survey with an interesting result in some ways. Thanks for taking part.

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4 Responses to A Labour Question the Results

  1. Marconatrix says:

    But then if pigs could fly we’d all get shat upon from a great height … 😉

  2. David Cameron's Secret Love Child says:

    it would be interesting if Labour came out in favour of indy, they may have seen their vote go down but it will always be about 15%, which is a lot of people.

    I think in Scottish Poltics we are lucky to have a wide range of parties in Holyrood, now polling with respectable amounts of the popular vote. Everyone deserves representation, even tories.

    Having worked there, despite what the media says, all the MSPs actually get on well and a lot of things are passed without serious debate or disagreement. I think Holyrood is a good example of what a chamber ought to be like in the 21st Century.

    My problem would be in an indy Scotland only having 1 chamber, we would need something else, the committees alone aren’t enough to hold government to account in my opinion. That said I do not want a situation where one house simply frustrates the other, nor would I want a President of Scotland.

    • DC
      Labour are finished as a force in Scotland and coming out for independence would let them start to recover but they won’t and will just linger in a slow spiral of despair for years to come. Holyrood I think is better overall compared to Westminster but not perfect. I think their should be a second chamber of some kind and I would have the presiding officer do the duties of a head of state in the event of independence.

      Thanks for commenting.

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