F*** Sake

So Boris Johnson and his Tory party want a general election, Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party want a general election but only if a no deal brexit is set in stone, the SNP and the Liberal Democratic Parties want a general election but just not on the same day that Boris Johnson wants one, and it must include the right to vote for 16/17 year olds and EU Citizens, clear.

The voters mostly want another referendum, some want a general election and a quarter don’t know what they want, clear. Leave voters don’t want a general election while remain voters do want one.

The debate that is on-going right now to decide if there should be a general election in December are of course debating Brexit. Everyone appears to be saying they are going to vote against the motion to hold an election that they claim they want, so why the f are they debating it in the first place. Democracy, or the joke that passes for it in the UK, is laughable. The politicians who currently sit in Westminster deserve our disdain and our disgust, why do we even bother to vote!



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4 Responses to F*** Sake

  1. raymelvillegmxcom says:

    We bother to vote, because if we don’t the militants, and I don’t just mean left wing here, the extremists will vote, and that would suit the Brexiteers down to the ground. We must use it or lose it.

    • Ray
      You’re correct but watching that shambles last night makes me wonder why so many of us still do, the standard is pretty much rubbish now in most of the parties and it is embarrassing watching them debate, the world must be laughing at us all for this standard of debate.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    Since 2016 the leader of the SNP (Sturgeon) has been shouting about Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit and for the last 3yrs has been marching and traveling to England to stop a no deal Brexit, so why in 2019 would the SNP leader want a GE, when if the Tories get a majority not only will we have a hard Brexit but Scotland will be at a disadvantage against NI and we would have left the EU and what has the last 3yrs been about because it hasn’t been about Independence. The Tories have no majority at the moment, the PM is boxed in but yet the SNP and the Lib Dems have allowed the PM to remove himself from the locked box in order to have a GE when the only benefit I can see from a GE is the SNP get more MP and its not used to seek UDI. If the FM has a master game plan then she is the only one who knows what it is, because a section 30 order will not be given and the Labour party will not be able to form a government so what next for Scotland, we have to just sit and wait for the sky to turn pink with blue dots. If this is Sturgeon master game plan its the fucking worst I’ve ever seen.

    • 100%YES
      I share your concern regarding the strategy, or lack of, I have blogged about it a few times. I am seriously worried that the whole fighting to keep England and Wales in the EU against their will has been a total waste of time, no matter of we want Scotland to remain in the EU, that has not been the focus has it. If the SNP balls this up and we end up with another Tory Government I think the SNP will pay a price for that, I certainly won;t be willing to keep voting SNP just for it to be a mandate after mandate, at the very least if they still control Holyrood then a debate to Repeal the Act of Union should be a minimum.

      Thanks for commenting.

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