Once in a Generation

We are often told that the referendum in 2014 was once in a generation, that it doesn’t matter if the SNP have a mandate for another referendum because it’s once in a generation, well this only applies to the SNP it appears.

Alistair ‘ the liar ‘ Carmichael was chatting to Mike Graham on Talk Radio today when is once in a generation not once in a generation well worth a watch and a listen as it appears that it’s only once in a generation unless you have a clear commitment in your manifesto to say otherwise, and of course unless you are a Liberal. I despise the Liberal Democrat leadership I really do, they are as nasty as the Tories have ever been, they are sneaky, and they are manipulative liars, at least the Tories lie to your face.

This clip needs to be shared far and wide, and needs to be thrown in the face of every Liberal who dares utter the words once in a generation.

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2 Responses to Once in a Generation

  1. g m says:

    Aye good old Alistair. Can always count on him not to be able to keep muckle going in his heid at the same time. Jo Swinson will and Alistair are made for each other though I think she would end up abusing the relationship in the end up.

    • gm
      The man is an idiot but at least he has given us a stick to beat them with and to post and show every single liberal who goes with the once in a generation nonsense and I’ll thank him for that.

      Thanks for commenting.

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