Is the EU deal Dead already?

Well Boris Johnson got a deal:

  • The UK will continue to abide by EU rules until the end of 2020, and possibly longer, to allow businesses to adjust.
  • The UK will still pay an estimated £33bn “divorce bill”.
  • The rights of EU citizens living in the UK, and UK citizens in the EU, will be guaranteed.
  • Northern Ireland will be aligned to the EU single market
  • The backstop- that critics feared could have kept the UK in a customs union with the EU indefinitely – has been removed.
  • Northern Ireland will instead remain a part of the UK’s customs territory, so it will be included in any future trade deals struck by the government after Brexit
  • But Northern Ireland will also remain an entry point into the EU’s customs zone. The UK will not apply tariffs to products entering Northern Ireland as long as they are not destined for onward transportation across the border
  • A joint EU/UK committee will decide which goods are at risk of entering the single market and the UK will collect EU tariffs on them on behalf of the EU
  • The Northern Ireland Assembly – which has been suspended since January 2017 – will get a vote every four years on whether to continue with the new trading arrangements
  • The decision would be based on a simple majority, rather than requiring a majority of both unionists and nationalists to support the rules in order for them to pass. (BBC)

However, Labour have said they won’t support the deal unless it is tied into another referendum with this deal and remain on the paper ( as if the Tories will accept that ), the Liberals could back the deal with a people’s vote, the DUP have said no way are they supporting this deal as it puts the union at risk and the SNP have said that they can’t support the deal as it puts Scotland at a huge economic disadvantage and is possibly the worst deal they could have got as far as Scotland is concerned (rightly so rejecting this awful deal).

So any bets on this deal passing on Saturday, and where does this leave us? Now I suspect that Boris is hoping that parliament rejects this deal outright, and then the EU refuse an extension due to having had enough of the UK and Brexit (I know many think the EU will just agree to another extension), as I have noted before on this blog I really believe this has been the plan all along since the referendum result came in, make the EU the baddies here.

Scotland cannot, and should not, vote for this deal. It could, and would, see trade leave Scotland and cross the sea to Northern Ireland with an even greater economic cost to Scotland. What this deal does do is show the absolute contempt that Westminster has for Scotland and it’s people. They just do not give a shit other than for what they can take, we are a colony in all but name as far as the Unionist bosses are concerned.




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4 Responses to Is the EU deal Dead already?

  1. Brian says:

    Bruce, don’t you think it’s “why are we surprised” time? Badly let down by WM, and no consideration from the EU.. (they’re negotiating with WM, which represents the whole UK after all, so can’t blame EU). And yet SNP conf still lives in a world of asking for S30 order… “demanding” one won’t make any difference. We are in the worst of all situations now, with no immediate plan or ideas.

    • Brian
      Yeah not a good day for Scotland at all and if that doesn’t get the message across of how we are regarded nothing will. I don’t think the deal will pass but if does then it looks like Scotland are in a really bad position that will start to hit home pretty quickly. I’ve never been a huge fan of the institution that is the EU while being a fan of its ideals that it doesn’t follow. It’s a mess and it’s sad and they are all to blame.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  2. Kangaroo says:

    The SNP could propose an amendment to keep Scotland in the Single Market and Customs Union. Otherwise its a rubbish deal for Scotland and another nail in the UK union coffin.

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