Some of us live in the real world

So Harry Windsor is telling us that we should only have two children to save the world,

He goes on to say that

It’s bad enough that this family get so much media coverage in this country but to not pick up on this hypocrisy is beyond the pale. Here is a pampered we spoilt boy, who is flown around the world first class, who when he goes out is followed by six protection vehicles, whose children will be pandered to and live a life of privilege that is disgusting, and at our expense, telling the rest of us how to live. This saviour who not that long ago spent

Who the f does this clown think he is telling us how to live. Why can’t these people just go away, or at the very least shut the f up. His wife had a baby shower that involved her friends flying to New York in their private jets, just what we all do. Who the hell are they to tell families how much children they should have and talking about carbon footprints, their bloody footprint in a day is more than 1000’s of people in a day, a disgusting family with too much influence and even power in this country telling the poor folk how to live, F off.

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6 Responses to Some of us live in the real world

  1. Brian McGowan says:

    words fail me . . . what an utter hypcrite he is… they all are. And the media say nothing!

    • Brian
      They make them out to be relevant but they are about as relevant as a fart in the wind but the sad fact is they have power and that’s just plain wrong. We are played for fools by these establishment pricks every day, at least independence would allow us a chance at a constitution and being a republic.

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  2. Ricky says:

    Birth right privilege , seems to remove any sense of self awareness . They could help save the world and pay their taxes and not have off shore tax havens . Or my personal favourite , abolish the monarchy and get rid of the class system .

    • Ricky
      They should be gone in this day and age, it’s all little England and know your place. They have zero self awareness and they could not give a shit about the common folk, they are a stain on Scotland and the sooner we can get rid the better.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  3. trispw says:

    Sadly, Brits seem to think that what Harry, or any of the rest of them, think, actually matters.

    I seem to recall that his brother banged on about how important it was to have small families and then went on to have a third child because, of course, he will have it fed, clothed, educated and housed by the state for free… none of this third child policy for his likes.

    And what a completely stupid thing to say, that we are the only species that thinks the world belongs to us.

    The world doesn’t belong to us lesser beings. It does appear, however, to belong to his family, who can do what they want, go where they want, and hang the cost, because some other poor bastard will pay up.

    • Tris
      They are leaches by my way of thinking, they always have been. That’s what the wealthy do, they leach off the rest of us and we allow it to because they have made us powerless pretty much. If we don’t vote for independence and build something different because we demand something different then we deserve all we get from those pricks. The older I get the more angry I get and the more desperate I get but those leaches, they just spawn the next generation who will leach fe our children unless we do something about it, it’s our last chance to my mind.

      Thanks for commenting.

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