Who do the SNP represent? I’m starting to think it’s not me.

Twitter was alive tonight with the idea that Ian Blackford, SNP leader at Westminster, had said that saving England from Brexit comes first and independence second.

He didn’t exactly say that he said save the U.K. first and then put independence to the Scottish people. It’s about 23 minutes into the link below.

Politics Live, 23/07/2019: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m00071r7 via @bbciplayer

I really do wonder about the wisdom of the SNP right now, as well as it’s leadership. Any sort of Brexit deal kills independence in my option, and while it’s all very noble of Ian Blackford it is not why he was elected, and if independence isn’t first every time then I question their desire for it.

Now I know people will say be patient, Brexit hasn’t happened yet, trust Nicola and the party. Well I’m sorry the answer is becoming no very quickly. The direction of travel has changed and this is just more confirmation for myself. What are the yes movement not being told because it’s starting to feel like the SNP don’t want independence as much as many of us do. This all started after the Brexit vote and Pete Wisharts magical 60% in the polls. Something doesn’t feel right to me at all. Questions need to be asked and party members need to be asking them.

What more will it take or are we being sold down the river, if we are the SNP are finished and so is independence.

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6 Responses to Who do the SNP represent? I’m starting to think it’s not me.

  1. Robert nugent says:


    • Robert
      It is important to keep asking questions, there are some within the SNP who would accept home rule and I know members who think that some MPs maybe like the life a little too much in London. I don’t care what the unionists are planning, we know their strategy and what they are capable of. What’s important is what we do and that for me means keeping the pressure on all the time. Campaigning for independence all the time is vital, they have got to know we are not going away and the voters need to know in this time of British Nationalism, a horrible right wing bigot nationalism that we are fighting for Scotland and we keep that up. Anything less and we lose, for us to win the wider yes vote have got to keep the SNP honest. That’s what I think anyway but I’d accept the opinion of we need to hold fire and be patient I just don’t agree with it, we have done that long enough. The other colonies that took back their independence didn’t do that by waiting and playing the British at their own game.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  2. smac1314 says:

    They no longer represent me either. You’re spot on. The SNP have shown their willingness to try assuage Brexit to the soft No voters, but no one in Westminster is listening. Time to get ready for Indy. If they don’t then maybe it’s time for a new independence party.

    • Smac1314
      I agree, the SNP have done enough to try and look like the saviours in this nightmare and what thanks do they get, they get slagged off and people like the odious Tory Swinson are hailed as the second coming, when will the SNP ever learn. I think they are testing the patience of the yes vote and there is a real danger in doing that. The other half of my family are Ghanaian, they tell me how Ghana took back it’s independence and it wasn’t by sitting on their hands playing the British game.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  3. Ricky says:

    It looks from the outside as if the tactics are wrong , thousands of people are now saying its time . Events will now dictate what happens in the next few months , the SNP need to step up take the fight forward instead of reacting . From the outside it looks as if within the SNP there are those who want to go now , and use anything in our arsenal to get it done , on the opposite side are the gradualists who seem to be at a standstill , but who hold the balance within the party . The thing they miss is the obvious , the 100,000 + membership that will demand an answer . Plus the Yes Scotland group who have a huge part to play . For me use the rules of the Vienna convention , have a referendum and watch the unionist have heart attacks .

    • Ricky
      What more will it take. I’m getting sick of the SNP on the constitutional issue now and them congratulating assholes like Swinson and Patel, it makes me sick and it makes my vote for the SNP harder to stomach it really does. What will it take for the SNP to get their finger out.

      Thanks for commenting.

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