Voters don’t ever forget

So Jo ‘ the Tory ‘ Swinson is the new leader of the Liberal Democrat’s, Johnson and Swinson, how far have our politics fallen.

But let’s not also forget

Swinson is a nasty piece of work just like Johnson in the Tories and Rennie and Davidson in Scotland. The world has gone mad, the consolation though is she will fail as soon as she comes under serious scrutiny.


  1. smac1314

    Amen to that Bruce. She’s got what she always wanted by being a vacuous, unprincipled piece of human detritus. She’s the very epitome of what politics has become. I can’t stand the sight nor sound of her.

  2. grumpyscottishman

    She will be found out soon enough. I can’t believe that Liberal members have fallen for her crap, she is Tory all the way. This union has to end, Swinson, Johnson and Corbyn, has it ever been this bad.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ricky

    Unfortunately yes they do . Little Miss fracking cash is surely in the wrong party , she has never been Liberal or Democratic .

    • grumpyscottishman


      She is Tory all the way and I get why she is married to a Tory MP. How the members could elect her is beyond me, she is an odious excuse for a human being.

      Thanks for commenting.

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