Something Different: Top 10 Pop Albums

I must admit I like a bit of everything when it comes to music and mostly I’m still stuck in the 80s. Here is a list of 10 of my favourite pop albums but it could probably be more to be honest.

Rio Duran Duran

Released in 1982 and the album that started the band on the road to super stardom, I had got into them before Rio but it’s a great album. Favourite tracks are Rio, Save a Prayer, New Religion, Last Chance on the Stairway and Lonely in Your Nightmare. One of my favourite albums of all time.

An Inward Revolution The Big Sound Authority

Released in 1985 and the only album the band made sadly as it is one of my all time favourites. Not a bad song on it to be honest but I love Soul Man, My Hell Shaped Room, Loveorama, When Things Fall Apart, This House, and Lets Hold Together. Amazing album.

Humans Lib Howard Jones

Released in 1984 at the height of synth pop this is a really good album from Howard Jones. Fav tracks include What Is Love, Hide and Seek, New Song, and Don’t Always Look at the Rain. Still play this album a lot throughout the year.

The Jazz Singer Neil Diamond

Released in 1980 to accompany the movie debut of Neil Diamond this is a brilliant album. The movie didn’t do well but the album was a smash hit. This is just full of gems from Love on the Rocks, Songs of Life, Hello Again, America, to Amazed and Confused. I’m a Neil Diamond fan to a degree and have a few of his albums but mostly his later work.

Songs from the Big Chair Tears for Fears

Released in 1985 and the album that took Tears for Fears global although I had their first album also and liked them anyway. This is a really strong album with songs like Shout, Everyone Wants to Rule the World, I Believe, and Head Over Heels. Well worth a listen if you have never heard it and one of the big albums of the 80s.

Bridge of Spies T’Pau

This album came out in 1987 and is probably regarded as a soft pop rock album but just a pop album for me. Great album overall with a lot of good songs including Heart and Soul, China in Your Hand, Sex Talk, I Will Be With You, and Thank You for Goodbyes. This is a great album of its day and one of my drive to work albums.

Lament Ultravox

Released in 1984 and probably the biggest album the band made. I’m a bit of an Ultravox fan and this album has a few gems on it. Dancing With Tears in my Eyes being the big hit but also included Lament, One Small Day, Heart of the Country, and Man of Two Worlds. Really good album.

The Crossing Big Country

Released in 83 and the album that really launched Big Country. Full of excellent tracks start to finish from In a Big Country, The Storm, Chance, Harvest Home, to Parrohman and Fields of Fire. A really fantastic album if you ask me.

Fame Irene Cara

Another soundtrack but a really good overall album from 1980 and another of my IPod albums. Irene Cara has a few gems on this album from Fame, Hot Lunch Jam, Out Here On My Own, to I Sing the Body Electric to Red Light. A really good album and a decent movie.

The Final Wham

This is a compilation album in the U.K. from 1986 but was just an album in Japan which was the release I bought. This is a great guilty pleasure album with Wake Me Up Before You GoGo, I’m Your Man, Everything She Wants, Freedom, Careless Whisper, Last Christmas, Edge of Heaven to Bad Boys and Club Tropicana. Wham are fun and George Michael for me one of the best song writers ever from the U.K. a brilliant album.

I have mentioned some of these albums before and could have added a few others but these albums are played a lot by myself over the course of a year and ones like An Inward Revolution every month.

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8 Responses to Something Different: Top 10 Pop Albums

  1. Neil Anderson says:

    Oh good god.

  2. Jim McArthur says:

    Hi Bruce,

    There was an issue with my first attempt to post, so if it turns up please just delete this one.

    I’ve only heard four of your top ten – “Human’s Lib”, “Songs From The Big Chair”, “Bridge Of Spies” & “The Final Wham!” – and they are all great pop albums.

    My Top 10 (in alphabetical order – by artist) would be:

    Blondie – Parallel Lines
    Deacon Blue – When The World Knows Your Name
    Del Amitri – Change Everything
    ELO – Out Of The Blue
    Eurythmics – Revenge
    George Michael – Listen Without Prejudice
    Michael Jackson – Bad
    P!nk – The Truth About Love
    Prince – Sign O’ The Times
    Tasmin Archer – Great Expectations

    Thanks for another great post & all the best.

    • Jim
      Haven’t heard the pink album or Del Amitri, have heard all the others. Deacon Blue always tended to be a singles band for myself and never really got into Blondie at all , Prince, MJ Eurythmics are more singles bands for me, there a lot of songs by them I like but I never got into their albums all that much. You can’t beat a little bit of pop though.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ricky says:

    Was that a blast from the teen years , lets see Howard Jones I picked up at the beginning of the year on vinyl for the pricely sum of £5 . Tears for Fears , I have and really enjoy , underrated band and album . Ultravox for me were a bit hot and miss , I have The Collection that came out I think in 85 , which is a good listen . Big Country is one of the bands I loved in the 80’s , Steeltown is my goto album .
    80’s pop albums in my collection that still get the groove on ,
    1 O.M.D. – The Pacific Age
    2 Sting – The Dream Of The Blue Turtle
    3 The Police – Synchronicity
    4 Tracy Chapman – Tracy Chapman
    5 Del Amitri – Waking Hours
    6 The Police – Zenyatta Mondatta
    7 Paul Simon – Graceland
    8 Jean Michel Jarre – Rendezvous ( I know its a stretch calling it pop)
    9 Nik Kershaw – The Riddle
    10 Tears For Fears – Seeds Of Love
    That was difficult

    • Ricky
      Good collection although most aren’t really for me. Steeltown is a good album I must admit. I need to go vinyl shopping as there are a few albums I would like on vinyl again I must admit. Humans Lib is a great album, didn’t get into Nik Kershaw but I think he was pals with Howard Jones and is a decent producer.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. Ricky says:

    Try vinylnet for good old vinyl , you can get some really good bargains , the hunt is worth it .

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