I totally agree

I’m not a member of the SNP so don’t have any say whatsoever in what is debated at any of the their conferences, like virtually all the membership according to friends who are members, but I have a lot of sympathy for Angus MacNeil when he says

Now I appreciate that many people feel the motion Angus put forward was poorly written and didn’t make sense to many, fine, but this doesn’t deflect from the lack of visible urgency in pursuing an independence referendum next year.

Angus also noted that

SNP conferences are renowned for not really debating independence, well not on the main floor, but like previous conferences it feels like the party are actively keeping the issue off the agenda and for the party whose sole existence is independence it’s a strange state of affairs.

I appreciate some will say they are keeping their powder dry, again that’s all good and well, but it does nothing to inspire. Wether the SNP like it or not they rely on the wider YES movement for power, we need each other, however the party appear to be happy to wind up the YES movement with their approach. Angus MacLeod the SNP National Secretary noted

Now when you read the article and Angus’s comments this does not say to me this is a party gearing up for a referendum next year. We all know that Westminster will refuse a Section 30 order, they will have to and the Conservatives are not going to call a general election because they will lose so what the f are the SNP waiting for!

I have made my feelings known that I feel the strategy doesn’t make sense, I also don’t think that Nicola Sturgeon does herself any favours

I am genuinely concerned at the direction of travel and I don’t see there being an independence referendum next year, and sadly think many in the SNP will be happy about that. I also think that failure to deliver next year will potentially see an alternative YES party formed and that will set the whole movement back and that will be the fault of the SNP if it were to happen, right now independence feels further away every day.

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  1. 100%YES says:

    How many times can the yes movement be asked, support the SNP for Independence. I believe its time for the Yes movement to move on from the SNP who have become more of a party for governance then a party for arguing and achieving an Independent Scotland. I have been saying for a long time my opinion in Sturgeon has been of dismay as this is the best opertunity for the Scots to be free from the English rule and a woman who stated its not about one person it fells like that to me and the quicker she gone the better. I was a member of the SNP as was my wife we both paid our membership and give monthly donations to the SNP this was all stopped at the last conference in Edinburgh we now donate to the greens and will not vote for SNP at a Westminster election simple because the SNP ruled out using a Westminster election as a mandate to declare Independence if the SNP sent more MP than any other party and then to start talks in withdrawing Scotland from the union. Quite simply Scotland with Sturgeon at the realm and the Husband in charge of the SNP is on the road to know where.

    • 100%YES
      I have a lot of sympathy for what you are saying, I have actually argued that the next general election manifesto should be clear that a majority of SNP MPs is a vote for negotiations to repeal the Acts of Union, end of. Westminster are never going to agree to another referendum now that it is so close they can lose, the SNP insistence that they will not follow any other path than a Section 30 order is folly at best and stupidity at worst. I have said before that Nicola Sturgeon is an excellent First Minister but she is no leader in the mould of Alex Salmond and the SNP, while the best party to Govern Scotland, are looking tired. Risking the good will of the YES movement is a really risky strategy, the SNP get my vote because I want independence first and foremost and second because the unionists parties are a joke and the thought of them in power in Scotland should scare us all. We can all see the games the unionists play, Alex Salmond court case next year, just happens to be the year the SNP say they want to hold the next referendum, coincidence not. I don’t believe there will be a referendum next year, I think the SNP will ask for another double mandate and they may not get it, at that point they have pushed many too far and they will start to go Green or a new YES Party will form. I would actually be up for a YES Scotland Party that we all vote on the list vote, would keep the SNP honest while sending a clear message to the unionists if a referendum is not held next year.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. bjsalba says:

    No plaudits for either of you. No staying power, ready to give up way too soon. How pathetic.

    • Bjsalba
      I don’t see anyone giving up, what Isee are more and more people asking questions and I’ll keep asking them for as long as it takes. I’m not a member of the party, if i were I would be more direct but I know a few members and believe me the patience is running out. No one should blindly follow any party, that is extremely dangerous and what is pathetic is the absolute lack of a coherent strategy. Next Tuesday the Tories will elect a new PM, the Tories will elect, not the country. That is a disgrace and I would expect the SNP to be ready to play hard ball but they won’t, they will have a little moan in Parliament and do nothing, that is pathetic, when that PM says no to a Section 30 order my fear is they will ask for yet another mandate, that is pathetic so your right there is a lot of pathetic about but I respectfully suggest you direct else where, I’m not the problem the strategy is.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  3. Ricky says:

    Angus MacNeil is right , not to even have a debate on another solution to Indy and how we get the hell out of this union is perplexing , unless a strategy is in place that the SNP feel will win . But if they fek this is up , the YES movement maybe and should become a political party and at every opportunity push 100% no holes barred for Indy . Now if Boris does a Boris , something weird might happen , we know that he has no love for Scotland or devolution and will always further his own career , since the Tory party members don’t give a crap about the union anymore , what are the chances of Boris wrong footing everyone with English independence ?

    • Ricky
      I think the English would vote for independence and not bottle it and I wish they would. I hope the SNP have some super secret strategy but I don’t think they do. I think they are doing a Corbyn, saying enough to keep the members happy but really just hoping the Tories f up and events take over. The problem is we know the Tories will fight like rats in a sack to keep what they have and they see Scotland as theirs. I am genuinely concerned about the direction of travel I really am.

      Thanks for commenting.

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