Just have a wee think about this, this is the U.K. today, some children and families just matter less than others.

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  1. Red Sonja says:

    Hi Bruce, I tried to leave this comment on your latest blog entry. I’m sorry it’s off topic but I’ve been banned from Twitter for talking about it. Four times in two days locked out every time I posted about it. If you want to research further, the link to my blog is in there, just scroll down. There’s the proof. I suspect others have proof too but they’re so trusting of Scotland’s NHS they don’t realise it’s been compromised now. And of course, feel free to ignore this if you like, nae worries. The SNP are, too….

    Yesterday I was banned from Twitter four times. My crime? mentioning the importation of inferior, potentially lethal meds into Scotland’s NHS, rebranded by UKgov as coming from Europe. I have proof. Concrete proof. I’m sorry to hijack this thread Bruce, but if you ever feel like researching the meds issue you can begin here: (scroll down for posts on meds and pics/links) I’m being locked out of social media wherever possible when I discuss this. But the people of Scotland deserve to know the SNP are failing, now, to buffer WM’s damage to Scotland’s NHS. Try asking them why independence isn’t happening to save it. Because with meds *this* dangerous, vulnerable Scots WILL die. I’d have thought Scots knowing their NHS is now compromised by WM would have increased support for independence. The SNP apparently don’t think so and don’t want this spoken about (I addressed FM and various MSPs directly, no response except Twitter lock out). Something is rotten in Scottish politics. And I urge those on regular meds, please, be careful.

    • Red Sonya
      I’ll have a read.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Red
      Read your blog and to be honest I don’t know all that much about medication. The NHS I suspect go for the cheapest option more than we know and rationing of care is obvious, there are stories abound on older people not being given the care they should get because their crime is reaching it to older age. Is this a deliberate act in the part of the SNP, I just don’t know. I think overall the SNP have done an ok job but they are starting to look tired and too comfortable. They are still better than any unionist party but i suspect the good will they have with many in the yes side is running out, the fear is people not voting and a unionist coalition getting in via the back door and heaven help us all. But as far as the NHS is concerned it’s under funded and over stretched in every area and until such time as society is will to give up thing nuclear bombs and tax cuts to corporations and the rich it will always suffer from under funding. Longer term if we’re not careful we will wake up and find we have an American type system which is great if you have money but fatal if you don’t.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  2. trispw says:

    Absolutely bloody disgusted that that pair of wasters get to spend a ridiculous amount of money doing up one house.

    I just don’t have words to say how angry that makes me.

    It’s like they are seeing how hard they can push us before we explode.

    • Tris
      They don’t get it, non of Windsor’s or the clowns at Westminster, they don’t get it. The rise of the right all over the world is due to the politicians and the privileged. They either start to listen and govern for the many or they will pay a very heavy price, we all will. This union is on the edge now, I don’t think it would take much more to tip it over the edge. The Windsor’s are just a symptom of everything that is broken and sick in the U.K. but less and less people are falling for it now but it might be too late.

      Thanks for commenting.

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