So we are being stiffed again to pay for the luxury of the Windsor clan PLC.

The bill will top 3 million as the painting and gardens have still to be done, this is a joke. One of the richest families in the world paying their bills on the backs of the poorest. This has to stop.

Republic have said.

This is on top of the £20,000,000 bill for her Palace in London this year alone and the simple fact is, according to radio this morning, that £70,000,000 has been spent this year alone from the so called sovereign grant. Scotland is a leach for wanting to spend its own taxes but the Windsor’s are an investment.

When will enough people wake up to this nonsense, people are dying in this country, children are hungry, the rich get richer while we continue to get poorer. Where is the tipping point, when do we push back and say no. Scotland has to escape this hell as soon as possible. We don’t live in a U.K. that is either decent or fair, we live in a Victorian age. Enough is enough surely.


  1. East Neuker

    I want a Social Democratic Republic of Scotland, but am sadly aware that a substantial number of Scots are Unionist Royalist arse lickers. What to do? We have to go for independence anyway, and sod their opinions, because they will not change, not even in the face of a Boris Johnson premiership. It’s going to get messy. Are you ready Bruce?

    • grumpyscottishman

      East Neuker Sadly too many, mostly old folk, still fall for this rubbish. Be seen and not heard and all that crap. Independence is the only way we can even begin to challenge this status quo, like my post talks about tonight, the privately educated elite control all the important levers of power and that is what we have to break first. Nicola Sturgeon bangs on about gender balance but she is missing the point, the modern class system is the more important fight in my opinion, until we break those bonds nothing will ever change and we will never get independence but yes I am up for it as best I can.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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