Nothing ever changes does it.

The Guardian ran an article today about social mobility.

I’ve blogged about this before, the privileged report ,and I’m not surprised that the latest report shows that somethings never change.

We shouldn’t be surprised on the back of the latest Windsor rip off of the tax payer. These people ensure they control the law, they control the politics, they control the media, and they control the means of keeping the population in line. I can’t think of many other so called democratic countries who would put up with such blatant elitist systems and consolidation of power in the hands of the few.

Nicola Sturgeon campaigns about gender equality but I would argue that this elitism is of greater importance.

Until the corridors of power are a fair representation of society we will always suffer, we will always be victims, and the powerful and the elite will consolidate their power and influence even more. We really need to wake up to this crap, we have had hundreds of years of this elitist union. We really are a colony, I wish people would take more interest and wake the f up.


  1. Patricia MacDonnell

    I agree totally. Stupid thing is, there’s more of “us” than “them”. So we’re actually allowing it. And ye ken what? I’m SO tired of folks telling me violence never solves anything. Because I’ve come to think Scotland will never be free without an actual fight for it. I’ve come to believe we’ll never be free of *this* stuff unless we take a lesson from the French and bring back the guillotine or somesuch. We’re LETTING them do this to us and believing the ones that tell us the ONLY way to change things is through election and voting. How’s that working out for us? We are all of us, sheep, and the ones that suggest the ways of change that actually have worked in the past are painted black, tarred and feathered and “kept in our place” by those other sheep brainwashed by the very folks you are discussing here.
    I make nae apologies for my opinions, I own them. And folks are free to disagree with them. But one thing I do ken…voting, rigged elections and continuing to allow this won’t change a damn thing. (and aye, if anyone asks if I’m suggesting actually fighting for Scotland’s freedom, the answer is a resounding AYE! and in case anyone questions my courage, shove a gun, sword, anything in my hand (and that includes a megaphone, which is probably displaying my age) and auld or no’, I’d be in the front line, because Scotland LET English politics bleed people and did it without a murmur. That’s not MY Scotland.)
    I used to be Sianna MacDonald on Twitter. I used to hae a blog. I got telt tae shut up, so I did. There’s little point continuing to talk about a Scotland that let your family be evicted because they’re busy believing the SNP “the time is not right, patience, wee whiley yet” but nae date party. Ye have all forgotten you’re Sovereignty, and even those that haven’t, have not the notion of how to use it.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with much of what you say. I would hate to see violence but I totally understand that people look to N Ireland and see that they only get taken seriously by the British because of the threat of a return to violence, no one wants to see that in any shape or form but the threat is there and Westminster know it. I really don’t know what it will take to get enough Scots off their back sides to fight for change, I sometimes think only absolute hunger will get them moving. The British provide enough so people don’t starve enough and they stoke the middle classes ego enough that they don’t care about their fellow Scots or their country as long as they are ok. The fact that they also control all the important levers makes the independence argument so difficult. We have lost the will to fight in so many people and that is jockholme syndrome at it’s worst. I think the SNP are too soft in their approach and while Nicola Sturgeon is an excellent first minister she is not the person to fight from the front for independence in my opinion, the British will get down and dirty and we will need a Mike Russell or and Alex Salmond to be the lead politically and people like Lesley Riddoch the YES movement but we are as far away today from independence as we have ever been if we are not willing to fight them at their own game. You should get back to blogging and social media, you shouldn’t let anyone silence you, it’s only bloggers and the YES movement that keeps the SNP honest in my opinion.

    Thanks for commenting.

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