Something Different: Airport 77

I love a disaster movie, probably because I’m a miserable git, but anyway I thought I would watch Airport 77.

These films were full of Hollywood greats and b actor greats. This one had Jack Lemmon, Christopher Lee, the great James Stewart, Olivia de Havilland and George Kennedy. This was the third film in the series and followed a group of VIPs when their plane goes down in the Bermuda Triangle after a botched heist.

What then follows is a race against time as the Navy tries to raise the plane, while the clock is ticking water is slowly filling up and the plane sits on the edge of an underwater cliff. The film was a success earning around 33 million at the box office which made it a top 20 movie for the year.

As the passengers are being rescued the plane starts to sink again with Jack Lemmon’s woman on board, of course he jumps back on to save the day, which of course he does. While not the best disaster movie of all time a disaster classic all the same.

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