Colonial Tweets

Sadly Scotland Women’s team lost 2-1 to England in the Women’s World Cup. Scotland played well, I thought were the better team but for a dodgy England penalty, but English commentators just can’t help themselves. Like Just Eat Gary Lineker just couldn’t help himself.

Now I’m sure Lineker will say he was just taking the micky, that Scots have lost their sense of humour, but that is the problem. This colonial mindset is no longer acceptable in any shape or form.

We are beyond this nonsense now even if people in England can’t accept it, we will no longer accept this shit. From Tories trying to deny Scottish democracy to the patronising colonial mindset of far too many in England it really is beyond the pale now.

It’s not just about football, Scotland is a cash cow and playground for shooting to these people. The days of ridicule are over and we have all got to stand up and call it out. The days of accepting this, as I said, are over. Unionists will no doubt say that we need to grow up, we’re in a precious union, well that will say more about them than us.

It’s time we left this union, it’s time we become a country again and we can be good neighbours, but equals, we can take the micky out of each other but as equals. The dinosaurs like Lineker need to wake up to the fact or just shut their puss.


  1. Andy

    Was listening to both managers comments after the game, Shelly called it right we played well in the second half but England were the better team overall. Neville on the other hand only mentioned his side and we were called either them or they. Women’s football is growing rapidly and enjoyable to watch them, last thing that it needs is players and mangers from the premiership trying to manipulate into the women’s game all the shit that we hear and see week in week out.

    • grumpyscottishman

      Andy I thought based on the second half Scotland were the better side overall but I’m bias. I’m just bored with the whole England thing, have been for years like most but it’s just beyond the pale now for me. They just don’t get it at all, it’s patronising. I heard some of the commentators after the game and it was the usual pish and they wonder why so many of us are just sick of them now.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce

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